aims to supply you with up-to-date news and insight in the world of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs). This is accomplished by collecting all of the quality MMORPG news in a single location. In addition to news links you will find intelligent editorial articles as well as superb collection of MMORPG podcasts. Visit the comprehensive MMO listing to find details on titles as well as information about the studios and publishers that create our favorite games. The VirginWorlds link library has collected an impressive array of MMORPG-related web resources where you can find more information. is clearly a one-stop-shop for information regarding the massive gaming genre. is not only a place to read (and listen to) news, but also:
  • a hub for new regarding the Massively Mulitplayer Gaming industry.
  • a forum for discussion of MMOG topics
  • a place to publicize MMOG-related articles that you have found or written
  • a resource for adding MMOG news to your site via RSS or Javascript
  • a place to find other websites and podcasts related to MMORPG gaming

Contact Information:
    Administrator: brent[at]
    Skype name: virginworldsdotcom
    Voice: 214-55-MMOG-0
    TwitterID: mmo_brent

Who runs this thing?
Brent runs this thing.

Brent lives in Minneapolis, MN and is a long time MMORPG player, armchair designer, and former programmer. Brent co-founded a game company at age 19, played and worked on MUDS until the wee-hours throughout college, tried to start up another game company at age 22, found EverQuest at age 26, and became involved in the design of a MMO at age 29.

Meanwhile, a career in the IT business grew up in the cracks in the sidewalk, threatening to suck all the fun out of computers. In a desperate attempt to preserve his gamer-self, Brent started VirginWorlds in October 2005 as a blog discussing new MMO titles.

VirginWorlds began as a simple blog about the virtual worlds we're exploring, but soon after the launch of the site, Brent bought an iPod and discovered the world of podcasting. After 6 months of listening to other gaming podcasts the VirginWorlds MMORPG news podcast was started. Somewhere along the line, a few thousand people decided that it was a pretty decent show and Brent was encouraged to step it up a little by making some contacts in the industry. Game conferences, interviews, and a host of new podcasting friends appeared on the scene. The original plan of 'just a blog' has been far surpassed, but the resulting MMORPG community is among the best.

So far so good.