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Sep 19, 2007 21:41:36

Word is out. Raph Koster, key designer on Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies has finally announced what his startup, Areae, has been up to for the past year. I'll be the first to point out that I gave a word for word description of his plans many months ago. Either I'm the true MMO Prognosticator or I'm just real lucky. Or, when I said what I thought he was doing, Raph thought it was so damn genius that he scrapped his other plans and built my vision. Anyway, enough back patting. What is Metaplace?
"Metaplace is a next-generation virtual worlds platform designed to work the way the Web does. Instead of giant custom clients and huge downloads, Metaplace lets you play the same game on any platform that reads our open client standard. We supply a suite of tools so you can make worlds, and we host servers for you so that anyone can connect and play. And the client could be anywhere on the Web."

Need a shorter description? Okay, it is the YouTube for games. It is the Flickr for interactive media. It is Second Life without the suck (perhaps). What can be built with Metaplace? Sounds like pretty much whatever you want. The sky is the limit and Areae is looking to the world for ingenuity and creativity. They'll bring the bowl, you bring the special sauce.

Here is a video of Raph Koster talking about Metaplace.
Here is Slashdot's coverage.
And the VirginWorlds postings so far.
And here is an alien:

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