Site Revamp 2010-02-05 04:25:29 CST
Small usability thing, by Scott
2010-02-05 10:52:17 CST
I noticed you didn't link the logo banner in the upper left to your "home" address of, would be nice as that's commonly accepted by users for navigation.

Also kudo's on doing away with the black background finally, it just made the text more difficult to read, having it white right now makes that really obvious. :)

New Look, by Rik
2010-02-05 18:59:30 CST
Enjoying the new look, Brent.

If you get a moment, could you add me to your list of blogs? I'm currently doing lots of STO stuff and planning an article on my impressions after a week of playing. Would like to have more links to my little blog out there!

Nice Job!, by pacifiermusic
2010-02-06 16:07:15 CST
Site looks great! Check out and see if maybe you may want to include the site in your links. I would appreciate it and I will pop VW into my list of link this evening. Nice job. "Sound for virtual worlds"

Generic Post Title, by Julie
2010-02-06 18:20:33 CST
Interesting art work. Is it original? I like it and the new look. It was startling at first because of the great change in color, but the new site is easier on the eyes.

As far as hanging in their is concerned real life comes first, and merits a good deal of understanding when less important aspects of life must of necessity fall by the wayside, even if for a while.

You are still, and always be "the man" (well maybe after Rob Pardo).


looks good, by sifo
2010-02-07 01:15:51 CST
I dig it. (25 chars......)

Excellent!, by VanHemlock
2010-02-08 19:46:10 CST
Looking good. Clean, sharp and very modern!

Phoenix Rising, by robg
2010-02-10 03:57:16 CST
VirginWorlds is dead. Long live VirginWorlds.

Welcome back. You have been missed.

more tweaks, by Brent
2010-02-14 19:15:14 CST
tweaking continues...
... now if I can just find time to write some code. :)
(and podcast)

drt, by qq123
2010-04-27 04:31:57 CST

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Revisiting a Trailer 2009-10-01 15:07:21 CST
Blur Studios, by Kendricke
2009-10-01 17:08:41 CST
Blur Studios does amazing FMV work.

Slow motion kicks to the face, by Burro
2009-10-02 21:55:42 CST
All the slow mo kicks and stuff would make grinding quite annoying. Darn kids and their new MMO's.

Aion Kinah, Aion Gold, Aion CD-Key, Aion Powerleveling Limited Time Special Offers, by AionKinaOnline
2009-10-11 09:04:34 CST
Aion Online is a fantasy based MMORPG developed by NCSoft. The game differentiates itself from other MMORPGs by bringing the gaming community a new feature which makes it unique, which is the power of flight. In the shattered world of Atreia, players of the two races, the Elyos and the Asmodian battle against each other while protecting their home, Ateria, from their eternal enemy, the Balaur.
Amid the war between the two inhabitants and battles against Balaur in the Abyss, an economic system takes place throughout the world. Kinah, the currency used in Aion is a very important aspect of the game. Without enough of it, players can easily run into a dead end. Kinah is used for buying skills, items, traveling and even buying back lost experienced from dying. There are several means to which players can make Kinah, from grinding and questing to auction house visits and setting up their own private store. Gold shops and Kinah services identifies the high need of Kinah from the first day each player creates their character all the way to the end. Kinah is thus being offered by many shops selling MMORPG currencies. The price fluctuates as each shop competes with each other and as the demand for Kinah adjusts itself over time.
Aion is here.

Here at, we know what our players want. More Kinah for less money. Not a problem. For a limited time only, we’re going to give you exactly that.

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- Aion Gladiator Guides
- Aion Ranger Guides
where to buy aion
where can i buy aion

Ugh..., by Jmo
2009-10-11 18:18:51 CST
How is it that Aion gold spam is the worst I've ever seen? Can't seem to avoid it anywhere.

heh, by Token
2009-10-11 21:45:46 CST
Yeah the in game spam is incredible. Started a new char and it was just a continuous loop of spam, couldn't see anything else at all.

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Sue now my lord 2009-09-04 18:54:49 CST
Yep yep., by mchris
2009-09-07 00:48:30 CST
This really was a piss poor attempt at advertising. What upsets me is the game is probably something I would play. I've beeen looking for a god-sim/Civ clone to play.
I can just see the advertising guys clapping themselves on the back. Sex sells and we know it!

Idiots. No one is going to click on that ad and play the game they present. No one.
I was curious: I blame the schoolboy in me. Knowing better than to click on a dodgy ad with noscrpit turned off, I checked for Evony reviews on youtube. I think most internet savvy people would do something similar. I felt my intelligence was insulted.

Note to ad execs: We are smarter than you now.

The game would have been better recieved had it used a sensible banner ad without tits. With the current online gaming climate favourable to FTPs Evony could have really been a breakout game.

Probably the advertising guys are sitting smug right now. We are all talking about it. Job well done. Except we really hate you and we won't play your game.

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