SOE Fan Faire 2008 - Day 2 Pics
Aug 18, 2008 17:57:13

More pictures form SOE Faire. Thanks to Jonathan from the Online Gamer's Anthology for doing most of the camera work.

Antonia and Firiona: Dressed in the garb, but something tells me they haven't dinged many levels.

Beau and Jonathan, arrested for their podcasting crimes. They must have said something unfavorable about the NGE.

Apparently, Brent has a hefty bounty on his head.

Congrats to Beau Turkey, Vanguard Player of the Year!

Brent, Beau and Jonathan goofing around at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Quarks, the Star Trek Themed area of the Las Vegas Hilton. The Warp Core Breach is said to be quite a drink, but we wonder, exactly what is a Sulu Toss?

Alan Brenlo Crosby, the Fan Faire Raid Leader

Brent with Molly Stanberry from Women of Warcraft

Jonathan and Patrick / Brent and Patrick. You know Patrick from The Instance, FrenchSpin, and How I WoW

Dinner and drinks with Beau, Leala (from EpicDolls) and Jonathan

Jason Pex Ryan and Felicia Day

Luper, Brenlo and Eric on stage at Faire Fan

Smed rocks the house

Yivits shaved off all the wookie fur for the event.

Also, you can go here to see videos of the event:

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