Shuttler is delightfully evil
Nov 04, 2008 19:04:50

Darren has been bugging me to go buy Fallout 3 all week. I've been resisting. I know I'll love it and need to lay it but I was digging in my heals. Shuttler (aka John from Limited Edition) must have been spying on the conversation or in collusion with Darren. Thanks much - can't wait to dig in. Oh, and while I was joking about the next show being delayed.... it actually may be. I'm out of town most of the weekend. And then I'll surely have to play Fallout 3.

Submitted by Brent on Nov 04, 2008 19:04:50 CST (comments: 10)


'Oh Man!!!' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2008-11-04 23:14:54 CST
You got F3! Personally I loved Fallout Brotherhood of steal on Xbox, it had that feel you get and imo a great story till the end. I know in general people hated the X-box version or something, but if I loved that I wonder how good F3 would be?

I'm going to wait a pretty long while until I can get it for $20 before playing it, that's my thing waiting till games are 20 or less,

But anyways, so please let us know if the story is as awesome as reading a great book all the way though or something and if you cried at the end,

I know I did when I played Fallout Brotherhood of steal, one of few games I played to the end and it was worth it, something I'll never forget.

If F3 is worth it like that or however you describe it in your own wards, please let us know.

'*kneels before box*' by Jonathan
Submitted on 2008-11-05 01:39:42 CST
It's rare that a game lives up to the kind of hype that it builds before launch. It's even MORE rare that a game EXCEEDS my OWN hype. You knew I was going to say this eventually, but here it is:
Fallout 3 is the first game to kick HalfLife 1 off of my #1 favorite game slot in 10 years. The ambience, the story (and the minor stories with the story), and everything else that made the older Fallout games feel like Fallout games, makes this one of the most wonderful games I have played in A LONG TIME.
Play on, Brent. Take all the time you need. See you in Rivet City.
*begins to weep with tears of joy*

'My pleasure' by shuttler
Submitted on 2008-11-05 04:46:42 CST
Glad it arrived. I have been playing this a little bit everyday now and it really is amazing. I find it hard to play any other of the new titles I have for the console.

The story, the art, the world, everything about this game is a joy to experience.

I even love the combat which is very different from the norm.

Anyway thanks for 3 years (almost) of When I saw the game on the support list I couldn't resist!

3 years people! The man deserves gifts!

'Dude...' by darrenl
Submitted on 2008-11-05 12:31:22 CST
You've GOT to get Fallout 3. Dear gawd, it is an awesome game and you....


...never mind.

'installed' by Brent
Submitted on 2008-11-05 19:27:35 CST
Ok, I have it installed and a few free hours this evening. Can't wait.

'Feels so good' by Epicsound
Submitted on 2008-11-05 21:10:57 CST
Feels great to be back playing a non-mmo that keeps my attention for more than a few days. I have been playing F3 since launch and I really like the game.

My only complaint is that it feels like it was developed for console then ported over to the PC. The combat is cool but why the heck can't I program the keybindings to take my meds. I have my char addicted to so many things that I need a few keys bound to my drugs, my heals, and of course my drinky

I have seen a few MOD's out there but I hope we see more so we can get this game PCafied soon.

'Controls' by shuttler
Submitted on 2008-11-06 14:52:54 CST
I quite like the controls and the fact they work equally well on a console and PC gives me hope for the future of MMO's on cross platforms

'Generic Post Title' by Julie
Submitted on 2008-11-06 15:56:32 CST
I have done some first person shooter games before, however I have always leaned more heavily toward mmos than anything else. I did play the doom series and the quake series. I greatly enjoyed the orange box until I got stuck in some water filled basement and no matter what I did hour upon hour I could never get out of the basement. I have played some of the console shooters out there before the wii came along. fell all over themselves praising the latest release of fallout. Never having played a fallout game . I have seen the footage from gthe game on the 1up show; but perhaps someone can shine a light on the subject and tell me what sets this particular shooter head and shoulders above all the others?


'Uh Oh...I'm Stuck too!' by Jmo
Submitted on 2008-11-07 02:27:18 CST
I saw this blog the other day and tried to push it out of my mind. I've been a long time fan of the Fallout series, having played 1 and 2 on the PC years ago. When I heard 3 was coming out, I was giddy as a school girl. But with all of the MMO gaming I've been doing lately, I had to put off buying F3 for a least I thought.

I decided to take a break tonight and play some Counter Strike for a bit. Right before I was over at Wordpress and a Fallout 3 blog was on the front page, so I was reading it a bit and it got me more interested. Still, I was reluctant. All the while I was DLing the newest episode of the Analog Hole Gaming podcast. So, right as I was about to log into Steam to load up CSS, I started the podcast...low and behold the topic of the week is Fallout 3.

Pushing the feelings aside again, I log into Steam. It updates as I haven't been on in a while. Then Steam opens...and in front of me pops up an add, "Fallout 3 Now Available On Steam!" I hate Valve....I hate Valve with a passion....

See you guys in a week.....

'I had a question for who ever knows.' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2008-11-15 16:13:45 CST

What is the replayability like for F3?

any add ons or downloads of new stuff or replayable missions or unlocks, editors, etc... or what ever the definition of replayability can be.


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