Everquest aims for the 'Walk of Game'
Oct 14, 2005 17:05:00

The Walk of Game is the gamer's version of the Walk of Fame. Unlike the Walk of Fame, which predominantly honors performers, the Walk of Game honors the creators, the games themselves, and key personalities. Unfortunately, this means that you and your favorite toon are not going to be forever etched on: Nolan Bushnell's Star"a permanent 24"x 24", customized steel star on the Walk of Game."

Early inductees include Nolan Bushnell (creator of pong) and Shigeru Miyamoto (evil creator of the Mario Bros empire.) Early characters added to the Walk include Link, Mario, and Sonic. The first game inducted was Halo. Sort of like Ryan Seacrest having a star on the Walk of Fame before Robert Redford (Doom), Mel Gibson (Quake), Jane Fonda (Tombraider), and Clint Eastwood (Wolf3D). Sad but true.

This calls into question the legitimacy of the Walk of Game. But of course, you can vote for more deserving favorites of yesteryear. Those up for induction this year include the heavy hitters Quake, Doom, Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto, Myst, Frogger, Space Invaders and, the current ballot leader, Everquest (among others.) As a once-fanatical EQ player, I'm pleased to see this. In fact I was shocked that EQ could even rank on a list including all time classics like Pong, Tetris, and PacMan.

Or I was until I realized that the Walk of Game is located in "Metreon, a 350,000 square-foot entertainment complex at Fourth and Mission Streets in the heart of downtown San Francisco."

The Metreon is owned by Sony.

Submitted by Brent on Oct 14, 2005 17:05:00 CST (comments: 0)


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