Vanguard begins Beta
Oct 16, 2005 23:43:00

This message was posted to Sigil's forums on October 14. I can only assume this means I should have registered for the forums sooner.

"Sigil Games Online has entered Phase 1 of our Beta Program! And, as promised, our Community Members will have the first opportunity to apply for it! We will begin sending out emails today to everyone that has registered on our forum through today with an invitation to apply for Beta 1. Follow the instructions in the email and you are on your way! Once you have submitted your application, your name will be added to our list of potential Beta participants. Qualified applicants will be selected for the program and added gradually, as we need more and more players throughout the course of Beta. Please remember that this is an invitation to apply for Beta. If you qualify and are selected at any stage, you will be notified. So check your email and submit your application! I am sure I will see many of you in Beta soon! We have been looking forward to this for a long time! "

I'm really quite surprised to see they are going to beta this early. I fully expected a dozen years of development on this project, however, I am happy to be wrong as the game does appear to have promise. On another note, Vanguard may turn out to be a more challenging game than the no-penalty worlds that have been emerging in 2005. The developers at Sigil have been promising a grown-up challenge, but I fully expect most MMORPG-shops to comply with the capabilities of the broadest market possible, which has equated to making ORPG success easier, friendlier, and automatic. The current survey on Sigil's site asks the following question:

Would you prefer the Vanguard death penalty to use...
__ Experience Loss -- you can also lose a level
__ Experience Debt -- you can also lose a level
__ Experience Loss -- you can not lose a level
__ Experience Debt -- you can not lose a level

After happily clicking on the first one, which ensures that it will take more than bumbling persistance to reach the advanced game, I was pleased to see that 41% of the audience agreed that more pain is good. Only 3% wanted debt that allows level loss. The remaining 56% opted for not losing a level but felt equally good about xp loss or debt. This means that 44% of the people who voted prefer the frustrating days of LP muds and multi-wiping EQ raids, while the rest like to forgive and forget their mob hunting mishaps.

Thus far, the screen shots are turning out similar to EQ2, which is dandy if it runs better than EQ2 does, er, did.

Submitted by Brent on Oct 16, 2005 23:43:00 CST (comments: 0)


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