Irth Online: Ready to Release Despite the Website
Oct 18, 2005 10:04:00

Irth Online a fantasy MMORPG developed by Magic Hat Software is scheduled to release in just two short weeks. (November 1, 2005)

I'm honestly not sure what to think of this game. Here comes a list of observations, keenly constructed by yours truly, which may help you decide for yourself. I'm always looking for the special sauce in upcoming releases, and I'm not sure if Irth has ketchup or pickapepper on it.
  • The engine was developed from the ground up by Magic Hat.
  • The animal and monster models pictured on the website are very well done.
  • The player character models are pedestrian at best.
  • The world itself is a bit formulaic in composition.
  • The website for the game is simply awful, despite a recent revamp. Dreadful.
  • Three open TCP ports are required, striking fear and loathing in security-minded gamers.
  • The character development is skill-based.
  • Now standard frills included at launch: Player housing, guilds, PvP, etc.

  • All things considered, it seems to be a fully fleshed out game, aside from the website. Now, to be fair, here is another list from the lead designer, Alan Chipura.
  • We?ve solved camping issues for monsters by having random spawning. Monster spawns are not point located.
  • We have created systems where players can create their own blueprints, formulas, and recipes.
  • We?ve created storylines and a quest system that is not static.
  • Any skill and any profession can be developed by any player. Multiple professions can be developed by any one player. If a player does not like the profession that he or she has developed, it can be forfeited and the player can learn and do something new.
  • The player character is never inhibited from becoming whatever the player sees fit.
  • Players can invade and take over foreign lands and enlarge their territories.
  • We will eventually have an entirely player-based crafting economy. In time no NPC will craft any item.
  • Players will run their own villages.
  • Weather will affect the game environment. Rain will rust weapons and armor. The physics system creates a realistic world.
  • Gravity, acceleration, velocity, friction, and momentum will each affect game objects.

  • All very intriguing. Judgement shall be reserved...until Novemeber 1st.

    Submitted by Brent on Oct 18, 2005 10:04:00 CST (comments: 0)


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