Turbine Lives Down to my Expectations
Jan 11, 2006 20:17:00

The Dungeons and Dragons Online NDA was lifted a few days ago and the beta community is spilling its guts about what it has seen. Sadly, but not surprisingly, there are more than a few negative points to be examined. Credit to the forums at CorpNews.com where most of these comments came from.
"at launch, there will be approximately 70-100 hours of content."

"I didn't like it much...after a few play sessions I could barely muster the energy to fire up the client."

"The world feels tiny and cramped."

"the vast majority of MMO gamers who prefer more of a "world" type game like AC1, EQ or WoW will probably stay clear."

"The game feels extremly average"

"people who can bring in small or larger groups of friends with 5-10 or more people will have a blast"

"I am not a fan of twitch melee combat, but there are many who like it. It worked OK, the combat was fun but I imagine that after a while my wrist and hand would get tired from all the furious clicking. "

"Would have been a fairly nice single player game if they tacked on a better combat system and a decent storyline."

"Solo content runs out about the third session."

"Even if there weren't a monthly fee involved, I'm afraid I wouldn't buy it."

"The graphics don't knock my socks off. Yet, the game seems to take my v-card down to its knees."

"It has built in teamspeak."

"Each class in DDO is way more versatile than in other MMOs partially by virtue of the twitch elements."

"I'm kind of in awe at character creation at the moment. So far, it is a lot nicer than expected."

"I found the game fun especially with a group of 2-5 friends."

"...all the monsters have infinite spell points."

"There's nothing to do besides missions/quests."

"I am no longer willing to play half-baked Turbine games on faith alone."

"I'm pleasantly surprised by this game."
I'm going to suspend a scathing commentary until I see it for myself. And please excuse my crassness, but I anticipate finding a steaming pile. (Doh! So much for suspending my commentary, eh?)

Submitted by Brent on Jan 11, 2006 20:17:00 CST (comments: 0)


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