Eve Tempts Me
Jan 23, 2006 20:46:00

Like many, it has been a rare Sci-Fi game that has captured me for any length of time. I like Science Fiction movies, books, and games, but for some reason the games never grab me quite like a solid fantasy setting. But now I'm tempted, by not one, but two of them.

Eve Online took an enormous amount of the 30,000 votes collected in the 2005 Reader Polls at MMORPG.com. I've always thought this was a niche title, but it turns out that it was merely a sleeper1, or so say the masses. Looks like another icon is getting added to the desktop.

Slap me before I do it, but Star Wars Galaxies is the second. The player response to the massive overhauls and Smedley's less than humble statements regarding his organization's plans for world domination have been unfriendly to say the least. (Agrro Me's Ninja Death Squad captured some other evidence as well.) The flames billowing from blogs and forums have spilled over into the streets. There have been reports of players going to stores and defacing the SWG boxes on the shelves in both an attempt to burn off their anger as well as deter new players from purchasing the game. For the record, I've never played that particular system (see reasons regarding sci-fi above), but that is the best reason for me to take a look now. I'm wondering, what impression will the game make on someone with no expectations and no pre-conceived notions about the game?

1A sleeper or sleeper hit is something, such as a movie (sleeper film), book, or product, that obtains unexpected recognition or success.

Submitted by Brent on Jan 23, 2006 20:46:00 CST (comments: 0)


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