Smed Agrees with Prognosticator
Jan 24, 2006 15:54:00

This could be a horrible omen, or it could mean I wasn't crazy in my recent posting Panic at the Console. In said article, I attempted to point out how MMORPGs suck up a huge amount of game time, thereby reducing the number of individual titles purchased by gamers. In his shiney new blog John Smedley, SOE Head Honcho and Occasional whipping boy of numerous MMO blogs, uses this same logic to refute claims that the PC Gaming market is struggling. I was using this logic to explain the drop in console game sales, which could also be caused by Microsoft hurrying an entire generation of consoles out to early pasture. Or it could be a combination of the premature-Xbox360 AND the Blizzard Steamroller. Smed says:
"In the U.S. the number of MMO gamers is easily over 2.5 million people now. Many of those gamers would regularly purchase a lot of PC games in stores. Instead, they are paying subscription fees and spending an increasing amount of time (over 20 hours per week) playing MMOs, leaving little time for other games."
The good news is that my claims have been validated. The bad news is that Aggro Me's Ninja Death Squad will now be raiding my home and office.

Submitted by Brent on Jan 24, 2006 15:54:00 CST (comments: 0)


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