EQ2 Grows and Merges Servers Simultaneously
Jan 30, 2006 16:52:00

Yes you read that correctly. Sony Online Entertainment has announced that EverQuest II's recent growth has prompted them to collapse servers. Why? The given answer is because it is cozy, but we suspect it is because they are going to lease the leftover hardware to Blizzard for a greater ROI.

Players will first be given the opportunity to transfer characters to a different server for free. One time renaming of transferred characters and guilds will be allowed at this time. Then they are going to purge all characters under level 5 who have been idle for more than 60 days and have less than one gold. Then, Faydark will move into Befallen, Innothule will move into Crushbone, Steamfont will move into Oasis, Oggok will move into Blackburrow, Neriak will move into Kithicor, Lavastorm will move into Nektulos, Grobb will move into Everfrost, Highkeep will move into Butcherblock, Toxxulia will move into Guk and Shadowhaven will move into The Bazaar. Then, everyone will have a week to see if they like their new home and if they don't they get another chance to transfer for free. Then, the Kingdom of the Sky expansion will launch to all servers. And finally, Blizzard will install the World of Warcraft server software on Sony's idle hardware, thereby opening up a handful of new WoW shards.

Regardless of the reasoning, Smed's "Never give up" philosophy seems to be on hiatus here.

</scathing sarcasm>

The hypocritical truth is, I might activate my characters and transfer them....

Submitted by Brent on Jan 30, 2006 16:52:00 CST (comments: 0)


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