Raph cancels his contract
Mar 24, 2006 16:30:00

As everyone is reporting, Raph Koster has left his role as Chief Creative Officer at Sony Online Entertainment. Raph is best know for leading the charge on the ill fated Star Wars Galaxies and for his work on Ultima Online. More recently, Raph was doing "something" for EQ2, but I think he mostly just spent his days writing long winded blog posts of varying levels of genius. Oh wait, that's what the rest of us do too.

His (former) boss John Smedley had this to say:
"Yes Raph is leaving SOE. It's not some big dramatic thing - it's simple.. he's at the end of his contract with SOE and he wants to try some new things that realistically we can't do here at SOE right now."
Contract? Contract?!! All I can say as I wipe the drool from my face is that Raph Koster must be some kind of magician to have secured a 5 year contract position as SOE's CCO. Now the main question is, will he go work for Bioware or NCSoft, or will he just roll around in the piles of money he made contracting for Smed the last 5 years?

It was a contract...

... /ooc OMFGWTF.

PS: Someone go update his Wiki entry.

UPDATE: Raph is sleeping in next week (rolling around in cash), so he can probably update his own Wiki entry.

Submitted by Brent on Mar 24, 2006 16:30:00 CST (comments: 0)


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