WoW Podcasters are on Notice!
Aug 17, 2006 07:19:11

It is hard to ignore the fact that World of Warcraft podcasts have gone from prime-time to podfade since spring of this year. Many weeks and sometimes months have elapsed between podcast episodes, and in some cases, the podcasts have dried up altogether despite being highly ranked on iTunes. This could be standard podfading or this could be attributed to some temporary (non-pod-fatal) causes:

1. Summer! It is possible that some people (even WoW gamers) actually like sunlight or are on vacation from school or something that otherwise deters them from bothering.

2. Temporary WoW Boredom. Not much going on in WoW right now. Sure patch 1.11 released, 1.12 is surely incoming, but it seems that everyone is just waiting around for the expansion.

3. Permanent WoW Boredom. People do eventually get sick of MMOs and need something totally new in their lives. For this reason, game-specific podcasts are somewhat doomed from day one and all we can do is hope that our favorite hosts find another game to play and still have the podcasting urge.

4. Controversy? Could behind-the-scenes drama between co-hosts have ripped some of these shows apart? Let us hope not. But if it did, let us hope they'll write a tell-all email to me!

In any case, the WoW podcasts that press on through the hot summer nights are under 24 hour surveillance for any signs of slipping. The Instance, World of Warcast and the new kid, Curse of Tongues, are all on suicide watch. Hang in there guys. This game isn't going belly up yet, you should get plenty of mileage. And, for those of you who have always considered creating a WoW podcast... there is room for your contribution.

Submitted by Brent on Aug 17, 2006 07:19:11 CST (comments: 0)


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