Austin Game Conference - What's up so far
Sep 08, 2006 00:04:09


10PM: Hello Austin, TX!

11PM: Checked into the hotel, exhausted from travel.

Midnight: Ryan, Gary and Todd from Massively Online Gamer ring my phone and threaten to raid the instance known as my hotel room unless I join them for beer at a nearby bar. I agree. Beer drinking ensues, stories are told, and a good time is had by all. Fat Tire Beer is on tap. I rejoice.


2:30 AM - Finally a little sleep.

6AM: Breakfast

8AM: Registration. The Austin Game Conference gods recognize me as a press member and hand me a bag full of stuff. Press members around the globe are in shock. CNN interviews me.

9AM: Rob Pardo from Blizzard delivers a riveting keynote presentation. Stay tuned for details. I recorded the entire thing succesfully, but am unsure if I am allowed to release this material to you at this point. No new material is revealed, but he gives us an insight into Blizzard's design process.

11:30AM: Beta community round table, hosted by Rich Vogel from BioWare, is found to be somewhat dry so I jump into a seminar abut writing for games. It is a interesting, and arty.

1:30PM: Gary and Todd from MOGArmy run into Jon Wood from MMORPG who pretends to not know of their podcast.

2PM: I attend a seminar about virtual worlds such as Multiverse and Second Life. I'll discuss this in the upcoming podcast. Many predictions and concerns are stated. I lay eyes and ears on Raph Koster for the first time.

3:30: The MMOG Rant features Scott Jennings among others. Standing room only. Hilarious. Ryan from MOGArmy publicly calls SOE on the carpet for SWG. Former SWG designers cower and hide under the table. I taped this too. Perhaps I'll be allowed to share it with you, but if not, I'll paraphrase in the podcast. Just before the ranting begins Jayson from Computer Games Magazine slips me an advance copy of MASSIVE magazine containing a Gods and Heroes Beta key!

7PM: Exhausted, I collapse.


2AM: I'm up!

2:01AM: I'm sleeping again!

6AM: I'm up! That was way too much sleep.

10AM: The show floor opens and my press badge gains me some attention from the Vivox booth where the VOIP technology soon to be added to Eve Online is demonstrated for me. It is well integrated and sounds great. Fallen Earth is being demonstrated here as well and I am literally the first person to lay eyes on a live demo of this game. I'll talk about this at length. I was impressed, it looks fun. Meanwhile, I spot Jon Wood from MMORPG standing nearby. Shortly afterwards I meet Grimwell who pretends to know who I am.

12:30PM: I check the time and realize I was sucked into the show floor for some time. The cinematic for Hellgate London knocked my socks off. The Hero Engine is amazing. The MOGArmy guys are lugging a video camera around and interviewing everyone in sight. Two booth babes in the WarRock booth attract much attention.

2PM: I attend a seminar on community management and 3rd party sites. The panel is hosted by Grimwell. 800 members of the F13 staff are present. I meet Trina from GamingAngels. Heated discussions take place between community managers, PR demons, and third-party site owners. Aftewards I meet Ryan 'Blackguard' Shwayder from EQ2.

3:30PM: I return to the show floor where I meet Brian 'Psychochild' Green from Near Death Studios. Blackguard records a VirginWorlds promo for me. The MOGArmy interviews... me? I set a meeting with the fellows from Multiverse. I meet Nicole from Ten Ton Hammer and Dana Massey from I try to get Gordon Walton, co-Studio Director of BioWare, to tell me what MMO they're making. He doesn't crack under the pressure. I see some Gods and Heroes dance sequences. More Hero Engine magic is demonstrated. Michael Dell's speech puts me to sleep. Free beer starts flowing and saves us all.

7PM: I meet Sue Bohle from The Bohle Company and learn a bit about how PR works in the game industry. K2 Networks hold a (sausage) party in downtown Austin. Free beer flows some more. I get bored and decide to come back to the hotel to tell you what has been going on the past few days.

More to come...

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