Spellborn Trailer
Nov 01, 2006 21:13:07

What do you get if EQ2 knocks up Ryzom? I'll give you one guess.

Finally we get to see some real footage of this upcoming MMO. Not looking too bad at all. Not blowing my mind, but not bad either. The biggest question I have about Spellborn remains, "What does it feel like?" We've seen many descriptions of how the combat works and feels, but when it is something new, some hybrid of past systems, it is impossible to make a judgment until you're on the keyboard first hand. And since they chose not to invite me to beta, I can't even begin to try to fill in the gaps.

In the meantime, it looks pretty.

Submitted by Brent on Nov 01, 2006 21:13:07 CST (comments: 2)


'Looks good, but...' by trollonfire
Submitted on 2006-11-02 12:32:01 CST
I'm gonna have to agree with you on this one Brent.... it does look quite nice, but what I *REALLY* want to see is "How is this new combat system working?" How bad is the friendly fire? If you hit someone that is allied with your side, do your attacks do 1/2 damage, full damage? How does the new targeting work? If you have to lead a target and there's lag, how does the game system handle latency? benefit of the doubt for the attacker? I also think this is going to be a game that makes a lot of people's video cards go "WTF, no way am I running this"... then curling into a fetal ball and whimpering inside people's ATX cases.

'Interesting.' by Iccanui
Submitted on 2006-11-02 21:39:11 CST
It looks very WoWish in its graphics. If so thats kinda good cause that means it should run good on systems that arent cutting edge. And for the style of play they are aiming for, thats going to be KEY. Back when i was competing in quake3 i always wanted a MMO like this. Its interesting. Thats for sure. I have great concern for netcode and how they will implement it though. The key to a good fps style fighting system is ping times and being able to reliably aim and lead. Most MMO's seem to run minimal ping times of 200-300, on a good day. So i dont know how they are going to impliment this well on a heavily populated server cluster. There is so much more data transfer, so many more clients connecting to many servers, not just one like a normal FPS. Good luck to them cause it could be great , ill try it if there is a trial or a newbie isle like ryzom.

I give them props for trying to do something new. Inovation and new experience is what i crave and i think more to the point the new experience aspect is what all MMO players crave. Its why we are in these " fantasy" worlds, to explore and experience new things.

So its got potential. But im not holding my breathe just yet.

Back to EQ2 =)

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