'GW Hard Mode' by CDHWaldo
Submitted on 2007-04-24 23:35:14 CST
As a GW guy (one who actually was a bit disenfranchised shortly after Nightfall, to the point I actually subbed to WoW for a few months to sustain my gaming habits), I actually enjoy the hard mode.

To me, it's like top end raiding in any other MMO, with the advantage of being able to do it with 4, 6, 8 people. And having a LOT more instances to choose from. I can literally pick any instance in the game, switch to hard mode and enjoy a difficult, and entertaining (with nice loot to boot) time.

Now, I'm not "normal" I understand. I like the level cap. I LIKE rerolling. (in my few months in WoW I rolled over a dozen chars; several reached 29+). I like being able to try everything.

Hard mode, while "just" a distraction, its just the distraction I wanted while I wait for GW:EN and GW2.

'RE: Hard mode' by scytale2
Submitted on 2007-04-26 04:31:41 CST
I agree with Waldo (although I never managed to get my character past L12). The various difficulty modes may well sound like a "cheap" way of increasing play opportunity (and it is), but the issue of "challenge level" is a really important one in providing enjoyment to players. It's all about the adrenalin fix!

Your comment, Brent, on replaying content, was not really right.
EQ2 - loads of people have many fae alts. They have all replayed the same fae content over and over.
EVE - there are only 3 things to do in EVE - kill ships, trade and mine. You have to do this over and over and over, ad infinitum
WoW - although there are various start-ups to L20 with different content, then you tend to gravitate to instances, which provide better loot and harder quests, which are more fun. These are then repeated to get faction.
DDO - clearly lots of repetition here, but each of your characters will be very different and tackle the quests in a different way. Also the difficulty modes often produce totally different mob strategy. Those of you caught in the flamestriking orc shamans in one of the earlier quests in DDO will know old tactics don't work.

Anyway, people like repetition to a large extent, as they like to "master" things - just like you are a master podcaster:) How many repetitions is it? 65?

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