Will my Kids be MMO Gamers? by Darren
Apr 25, 2007 18:32:52

As I was sitting there watching my 6 year old play the PC and the DS (...not at the same time mind you..), I often wonder what kind of gamer, if any, she will turn into. Yeah, I have a second daughter, but the only thing she has in common with some gamers is the need to use diapers. Right now,the older one likes the princess games...anything with Disney is a sure bet with her. Twenty years from now, she won't be into princesses anymore, and I'm going to assume that she will be into gaming...and golf, if I have anything to do with it. I'm also going to assume that this will be her first mature MMO...so no My Little Kitty Online two years from now.

Now, this isn't going to be a typical "Future of Gaming..." kind of article. OK, it'll have some of that I'm sure, but I'm going to try and write it from a 6 year old perspective looking forward (...so my usual writing style). I have to admit, the it's very likely that The Boo will be playing her first MMO, on the console, let's call it the YBox 1024...2020 will be all about the letter 'Y', just watch. If The Boo's mom is any indication, this first MMO has got to be fun to play, easy to get into and not have any of the grind associated with today's MMOs. The game's graphics won't be an issue, because game play will come first for her. If it's all flash and doesn't grab her in the first 10 minutes, then it's game over. If the game does hook her, she will be a very loyal player and will probably not venture outside of that game for quite a while.

What kind of MMO will she like? Fantasy, sci-fi, apocalyptic? I'm going to bet that fantasy will be her first. Say what you want, but the little princess is never truly purged from women and I think fantasy really speaks to that part of them (...I'm sure my female readers will slap me silly if this is not the case. Be gentle.). Will she do crafting, adventuring or some other sphere of game play in the MMO? Yes...to all of the above. She will level her character in any and all areas of the game...as long as they give her that sense of accomplishment.

OK, so here is the word of caution of this tale of mine. Will games even appeal to her in 2020? If her first MMO is on the console, the current trend points to more action based/twitch combat. This type of play appeals to a certain type of gamer...wonder if she'll be that type? The console will provide a very good online community for her to belong to, but how easy will it be for her to find like minded friends to play with? I wonder if any of the mechanics that I like today will still be around by that time...will she like those same mechanics? It's very interesting to think about the future of gaming, but very little do we talk about the future gamers. I look at my two kids and then look at where MMOs are going, I do think that MMO gaming will appeal to them at some level. WoW opened the market to lots of non-gamers, and I bet quite a few women where among them. Her first MMO will probably be of the same caliber as WoW is today...but part of me wonders if lightning can strike twice.

-Darren, the Common Sense Gamer

Submitted by Brent on Apr 25, 2007 18:32:52 CST (comments: 4)


'To wonder...' by Leonai
Submitted on 2007-04-26 12:55:40 CST
I've often come to the same thoughts are you. Both my husband and myself are gamers and our daughter has shown more interest in our keyboards, Laptops and DS than her own stuffed animals and toys since she was 5 months old. The evolution of games and their popularity in different areas makes me wonder the same as you - where will games be and what type of gamers will there be? To reiterate what you say, what type of gamer will my daughter be and how will other gamers be when my daughter is really getting into games and the gaming community at large? Will the same comrodery and organization be around? Will it be more frivolous and fun, or driven and thought provoking? What types of games will appeal to her, or will she entirely shun gaming as a bad habit due to potential future popular culture?

On a side note: Nope. I'm not going to slap you for that fantasy/princess reference, though I was spending my childhood collecting worms more often than trying to play princess, I still tend towards the fantasy genre rather than the dirt and drab of the combat or the majority of sci-fi genres. You're absolutely right, from the biker gal to the accountant, a female will most often never get rid of the princess within.

I honestly wonder... will I still be a gamer when my daughter is a gamer? Will we be playing the same types of games, or will she view my preference in games in a similar light to how I viewed the music that my parents listenned to? Will our current games be considered "The Oldies" due to their style and the people who play them?

'Grimwell' by Grimwell
Submitted on 2007-04-28 20:02:26 CST
Yes. Your kids will be gamers. That is the safe bet. Not only do your own family dynamics push toward it, trends in culture indicate as much. Games are a common medium throughout history, and video games are more and more accepted each day (despite the headlines).

I have a 10 year old boy, and two daughters (7 and 5). Right now my 7 year old is playing GameCube, her sister just got done on the PC, and my son is going to play some EQII with me tonight. They want to do this, they ask to do it. Yes, I make it available to them as a parent, but I don't force them to game like me.

Thing is, their cousins game, their friends game, it's one of the first topics to cover when they meet new kids. It's something they have in common.

Yes, my daughters love a good princess game, but they also branch into other avenues that are not so pink. ;)

'Use it and they will come...' by Saylah
Submitted on 2007-04-30 21:53:05 CST
I game so all of my kids game too, although only my son stuck with MMOs. The desire for each was strong enough that we had to get each child a gaming worthy PC - over time of course. Biggest gamer got best unit and so forth. We even infected my nephew so much so, that his parents had to get him a gaming PC for Christmas and he's only 10. LOL Since I realize that it's all my doing, I pay for his WOW habit. :-)

It's not a bad thing. All my kids aced computer classes and my nephew can install software and download patches. Best of all, he's already a typist, something that will serve him well in this PC heavy society. Even at 10 he's not alone. He has friends at school that also play WOW family style and they make alts on each other's servers.

I think it's fabulous and what a unique and interactive way for children to stretch their boundries and imaginations. What I wouldn't give to be a child now with so many of these technological advantages at my fingertips. I can't imagine what they'll be playing in 20 years!?!

'I wish' by Akely
Submitted on 2007-05-31 17:24:00 CST
I wish that my son (10 months right now) will be mainly interested in pen and paper roleplaying games. But MMO's too! Since me and the mrs play it might be we play the game together. A Triad of ... Something.

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