'Trial and Servers' by Akely
Submitted on 2007-06-12 04:53:51 CST
I'm interested in trying this game out.

I remember that Turbine first said that the Euro versions would not be able to play on US servers... then that statement was retracted... But how did it end up? Any of you yanks have Euro pals playing?

And furthermore... How about a trial? Is there any? I looked... but my Google-Fu seems low today.

'EU & US Servers' by Brad
Submitted on 2007-06-12 07:30:50 CST
If you have a US copy of the game, then you can play on the US servers. The only really free trial you get at present is getting a buddy key from someone who has purchased the game. I will try to send you a buddy key once I get home this evening if you will send me an e-mail with your info.


'Brad,' by Akely
Submitted on 2007-06-12 17:09:05 CST
I registered to your forums so I could PM you an e-mail addy without the whole Intarweb seing it. But for some reason sending PM was not possible. No error or anything. Might be a forum rule (have not posted yet...)

Anyhow... the database in the forums have my addy, and you are Admin.

********** This is part of what I tried to PM.

I've figured out that I need to buy a US version... but one seem to be able to download it too. No biggie, either way will work for me.

I also want to thank in advance in case you do find me a buddy code. Both the Mrs and me are excited about trying LOTRO.

'Credit where it is due.' by Akely
Submitted on 2007-06-14 10:04:16 CST
For all to know:

Brad did indeed send my a Buddy account key! Thats awfully sweet of him and I will put it in use as soon as I get me (and the mrs) basically informed regarding servers, classes, etc.

Thanks a lot Brad, you are a gem!

'Interesting podcast and padding' by scytale2
Submitted on 2007-06-17 03:43:30 CST
This is a very informative podcast, which I have been listening to, with a view to being enthused about playing LOTRO and logging into my somewhat unused account. Many people are finding it very "dry" (just like the books) and the "magic" and "sparkle" and "accessibility" and "adventure" of the film just isn't there.

I would be interested in hearing a discussion on the merits of the game and what keeps you logging in - not just the "one more deed" completist element that Brent has described and one which I don't really subscribe to.

Lastly and I make this point to every podcast, bar the main one to which this does not apply:
There's no need to have a long show. Quality is far more important than quantity and one of the segments in the show was not the same high quality (it was more a list).

In some ways 20 minutes is actually better than 60. it makes people much more likely to listen to you, takes less time to make and takes up less bandwidth for VW so clearly is a "win-win-win" for everyone.

Anyway, am looking forward to your comments on the Evendim expansion next time - thanks!

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