SOE Fan Faire 2007 - Summary of the Titles
Aug 05, 2007 03:32:35

EverQuest 2 - Rise of Kunark
This expansion to EQ2 is looking to be everything last fall's Echoes of Faydwer was, and more. With the new playable Sarnak race, a new starting area, and what sounds to be a truckload of raid content, this looks to be the most 'epic' expansion yet. And did I mention that epic weapon quests will be added for all 24 classes? The level cap is expanding again, but the Achievement tree will remain untouched. Old spells will get upgrades, but new spells will be added as well.

You're going to see some familiar places from the origial EverQuest including Karnor's Castle, the Lake of Ill Omen and Kurn's Tower. Personally, I can't wait to get a look at it. Here's the video.

Legends of Norrath
This online collectible card game takes the genre to a new level. Initially the announcement of this game was met with some confusion, but once everyone understood that the card game will be playable from inside EQ and EQ2 with cards dropping in world, the player base began to see the brilliance. I'm not a huge CCG player myself, but this looks like a win. The game will release in late August and will enter beta within the week.

EverQuest - Secret of Faydwer
The 14th expansion for EverQuest provides more evidence: EverQuest isn't done yet. Unlike its contemporaries, EverQuest has remained a viable MMORPG option due to its insanely dense content, constantly improving graphics and modernizing game-play enhancements. It is still 'old-school' compared to the slick game-play of recent releases, but if you want a deep experience and have some time on your hands there's plenty to enjoy here. EQ still has one of the strongest communities of all MMORPG games and that is a credit to SOE's continued labor. Here is the trailer for the new expansion.

Pirates of the Burning Sea
Pirates doesn't have a launch date just yet, but it looks like it has been ready to launch for a long time now. Flying Lab Software now has the publisher they sought and is currently putting the finishing touches on the high level content. PotBS is ramping up its closed beta phase right now. SOE Station Access members will be happy to hear that PotBS will be included in the list of games available to them.

Gods and Heroes
Gods and Heroes from Perpetual Entertainment is rapidly approaching the final phase of development as well. The animations in this title are second to none in the MMORPG market. The biggest question is: how will the players respond to the minion system? Everyone is accustomed to running a single character, not 8. On the other hand, having small army at your beck and call can be fun and lends itself to easy soloing - something a majority of players seem to want.

Free Realms
Comedy, whimsy and it's free! This game isn't for the hardcore gamers, but it does look like an excellent diversion for MMO fans with children. The game-play options will vary from raising pets to car races to full scale battle. Players will get to pick the activities that they find most enjoyable without being forced down any one path. The trailer indicates that the game is funny, easy to play and potentially appealing to a market far larger than the current MMOs that it will be competing against.

The Agency
You have all seen the slick trailer from E3, but what does the game-play look like? Also slick in my opinion. The Agency ventures into the Massive FPS territory targeted by Huxley, but SOE's experience with Planteside (on the shooter side of things) and EQ/EQ2/SWG/MXO (on the RPG side) points toward a much more intimate and engaging experience than Huxley. Like Free Realms, The Agency appears to have some comedic value - far different from the relatively serious titles in its current stable of games. On the other hand, this game looks rather violent and will likely include language and player behavior not suitable for kids. At the SOE 2007 Fan Faire keynote presentation this game received the greatest applause by far, and judging from what we have seen thus far - it will be well deserved.

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