VirginWorlds Opens a Store
Aug 07, 2007 01:34:36

One of the things I've said time and time again is, "I won't put anything on this website that isn't useful."

Over the past couple of years I think that has remained the case. What things typically are not useful to readers and listeners? Ads are usually the first thing to come to mind, and yet ads seem to usually be the one thing that every site has. They're usually not useful because on the various MMORPG-related sites we all visit the ads usually consist of gold seller ads, power-leveling services, crappy third-string MMOs with poor translations, or home refinancing. Worse yet, many of them flash and blink and make a nuisance of themselves. Needless to say, I'm not much of a fan. Nevertheless, someday you might see some here and when you do they'll probably be small and extremely relevant.

In the meantime, it is probably time to see if VirginWorlds will ever amount to more than a fun time and a ton of work, so I've decided to open a store on the site. I used the Amazon store to create it. This means that you can be sure transactions are secure and handled by an organization that knows how to deliver a product in a timely fashion. You could of course just go straight to Amazon. Why bother with the pit-stop at VirginWorlds? I think there are a couple of reasons to do so.

First, it isn't just a copy of Amazon's massive catalog. The VirginWorlds store consists primarily of a handpicked selection of stuff that MMORPG gamers might want to get their hands on. I included a number of MMO title, some hardware and some reading material. Much of this stuff I've played or read or used myself. I also included some great podcasting gear for those of you interested in what I recommend. Lastly I slapped in a few searchable categories that allows you to pull up pretty much any video game for the PC or the three major game machines. Like I said, I want it to be useful, and I think this is. Where appropriate I'll be including my descriptions and notes on each item so that you can see why I decided to list it.

The second reason for using the VirginWorlds store is extremely simple. If you use it, you are supporting the website. If you link through here to make an Amazon purchase VirginWorlds will get around 4% of that purchase. That amounts to about $2 on the purchase of a full price game. It isn't much, but hopefully it'll add up. The content on VirginWorlds is free and we'll all be buying these games anyway, so if you're willing to see Amazon send a few dollars of their profit toward VirginWorlds, then by all means, do so.

The next step will be to give Amazon a little competition. In the near future each MMO will have a couple of links on the game-specific pages allowing you to check the prices for that title on Amazon, Go Gamer and perhaps a few other sites.

I appreciate the support of all the readers and listeners. In the past people have asked why I don't take donations like so many other podcasts do. The main reason is that I don't like to accept help from people without giving something back. Brenden, Troy, Darren, Cuppy, Adele, Adam, Julie, The Collective and a few other people have been helping me overcome that 'weakness'. The good thing about the store is that those of you who wish to help the site can do so while getting something you wanted at the same time.

Thanks much. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


Submitted by Brent on Aug 07, 2007 01:34:36 CST (comments: 17)


'Just a suggestion' by Dathmar
Submitted on 2007-08-07 03:23:11 CST
but you might want to create a "Browse by Category" for some of the Podcasts - like WDA's homework section - therefore some your the "punters" will have a quick route to the books and DVDs mentioned in the podcast.

'Two words: Shameless Self-Aggrandizement...' by potshot
Submitted on 2007-08-07 03:57:09 CST
Which, when you are expending Herculean efforts to maintain this site, are not bad words. Nor is asking for the community to support the community.

Consider requesting the Podcast Collective folks to put up links to their music segues in the store as well. Many may listen and a few may dig.

Likewise, it might be time to roll out the Cafe Press Virgin Worlds swag. I see at least a mousepad or two in my future...

'Virginworlds Store not carbon friendly if you're in the EU' by Floss
Submitted on 2007-08-07 05:51:11 CST
Great idea Brent.

It's a shame that Amazon doesn't take the stuff I selected then send it from the UK instead of the US, with me living in Ireland, but still giving the same % of the purchase price to VW.

I don't fancy getting shafted for heavy postage fees, or contributing even more to trashing the planet by getting things lugged across "the pond" that I could get locally, every time I see a recommendation on the site store that I like the look of.

Maybe you could tap my local, small, book shop up to get Virginworlds cut ;-)

'UK listeners' by scytale2
Submitted on 2007-08-07 09:40:42 CST
One would presume that would do the same deal, although it seems to have hardly any range by comparison with the .com version.

UK people tend to buy from, as it's cheaper and doesn't charge postage, so you might want to investigate whether they have similar deals.

Agree with the carbon neutral policy too, Floss!

'Brent - we NEED Virgin worlds t-shirts!!!' by Floss
Submitted on 2007-08-07 10:54:39 CST
Title says it all really, here's hoping for something suitably leet in the fashion dept.

Something like -
A pwn website NOT a p0rn website!

This is originates from when I'm working and people eyeball the webpage I'm on, I always get stoney looks and hear people saying "We're not allowed to look at those kind of websites, we'll lose our Internet connection!"

Their brains have seen the word "virgin", then stopped working and assumed that it's a p0rn website. Although when I explain what the site is really about sometimes I think it would be easier if it had been a "Frankie" (rhyming slang for those with delicate ears-wiki it) website!

'he's right' by hallower
Submitted on 2007-08-07 11:12:55 CST
"Virgin" Worlds does sound like something more sinister than it really is.

You don't really use Vegas Audio just for podcasting, do you? It seems there'd be cheaper programs that do what you need.

My Vegas Audio is 7 years old now. I don't plan on replacing it anytime within the next 6 months; but if you leave the new version in your shop, I'll probably pick it up somewhere down the road.

'descriptions and stuff' by Brent
Submitted on 2007-08-07 12:03:21 CST
Hey, there are some good ideas there.

First. There is a cafe press store, I just never advertise it.

I'm continuously shocked by the concerns over the name of this website. There are at least three very high profile business that have similar names: Virgin Mobile, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Records, etc etc.... and yet the concern persists. Oh well... And Floss, I love your slogan idea.

I was pondering what to do about Europe and Amazon, so I appreciate the tips from our friends across the pond. I'll look into those things.

And, if I can twist their arms into (especially Brenden, given the number of products he talked about on his latest podcast) sending me a list I will indeed create sections such as "Brenden's Picks", "Darren's Stuff", "Urban's Junk", 'Winterblink's Storage Capsule", "Troy's Garage", etc. That would be fascinating.

I added descriptions to the items on the podcast section. Re: Vegas. I put it in there for anyone that is interested in video podcasting. Final Cut would be the other option (but I think it is Mac only?)

'Podcasting Gear' by Scott
Submitted on 2007-08-07 12:10:29 CST
I noticed you put in the same kit I bought a couple months back, the Zoom H4 Handy Recorder. It's a solid bit of gear, just need to actually get some use out of it beyond audio tests.

Also if you get time, I think the best way to go about recommending purchases is to link to the actual gear from Articles and Guides. If you were to write out your podcasting guide and link to your sets of the podcasting gear you'd be doing folks a favor by showing them what they need to get all in one spot along with how to do it.

'Nice book selection' by KevinC
Submitted on 2007-08-07 22:04:47 CST
I think this is an excellent idea Brent, and I'd gladly shop via the store to help VW stay strong. I really appreciate the selection of books you've pulled together. Some of them I have, some I've heard of, but others are completely new to me. I look forward to buying a few of them and getting in some quality reading time.

'Great idea:)' by Adele
Submitted on 2007-08-09 12:14:42 CST
This is a fantastic idea Brent:) Kudos to you for coming up with something besides gold farmer ads!

Virgin World T-shirts are a great idea, and I know you all want a "Shut Up. We're Talking." tee, and of course the "I

'Glad you took the plunge...' by DamianoV
Submitted on 2007-08-09 14:26:04 CST
And in the best possible way, too. We all buy this type of stuff, constantly... let's support the place we go to get the low-down/inside scoop as well at the same time. I've already made my monthly "entertainment" purchases here... and clothing as well. How convenient! (heh)

Another suggestion... has some really cool (and yes, geeky) stuff and has an affiliate program and might be good fit for this particular audience? I've already purchased the "Fragpedal Deluxe" for my own little experiments, bwa-ha-ha-ha, (, but I've got my eye on some other stuff...

'BAH' by Adele
Submitted on 2007-08-09 14:30:38 CST
My comment was cut off... anyway and the "I

'what... ' by Adele
Submitted on 2007-08-09 14:32:19 CST
ok... this thing does not like me at all! I can't put an arrow less than symbol in the comments? Ok what I was attempting to say is that i know you all will be wanting the "I heart Darren and Adele" shirts!

'thanks' by Brent
Submitted on 2007-08-09 14:53:29 CST
thanks for support and great ideas every one.

Adele.. the greater-than and less-than signs are stripped because I do not currently allow HTML code in the comments. Sorry.

I've added a warning. (Thanks for the idea, Brenden)

':(' by Adele
Submitted on 2007-08-09 14:57:07 CST
Geez... I was only trying to make a heart lol. Not recode the site:P less than 3!

I less than 3 Darren and Adele!

'Me want one' by Floss
Submitted on 2007-08-10 02:03:52 CST
Adele/Darren ->Oooh oooh me me! I NEED one of those SUWT t-shirts! I love the logo you use for the show. Oh yeah and the show is great too btw! ;-)

'Been thinking about it...' by darrenl
Submitted on 2007-08-12 18:06:43 CST
...SUWT tee shirts may be in the cards soon (TM)

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