End Game and Real People - by Julie Whitefeather
Aug 14, 2007 18:51:55

If you stopped logging in one day, here is what would happen. Nothing. Then, two months later, someone would say, "Hey, what happened to Laygolas?" and someone else would say, "Dunno, dude. Whatever." And you would never be thought of again.

Meanwhile, you've spent two months slowly starving in your basement, trapped under the Alienware rig that fell on you, sustained only by the vermin you were able to lure into your mouth using your tongue as bait.

- Jeff Vogel in his article "Why the Endgame is stupid"
Based on Mr. Vogel's summation about those who enjoy playing MMOs I should be doing my writing from underneath a computer, trapped in a basement living on Rats. Instead I spent a great deal of time writing in an office on the top floor of a convent. Not to mention the fact that I don't believe I have ever used the word "dude" in my entire life.

Like a poor marksman, Mr. Vogel's article has missed the point why I, and many of those like me game. Am I in the minority? I hardly think so. My "guild" The Older Gamers, has received a write up in magazines, and at last count had approximately 14,000 members.

The end game is not about waiting for more levels. Yes, we have all heard the famous audio clip that has made its way around the internet of the raid leader screaming "THAT'S A 50 DKP MINUS"

I will say it again - the end game is not about waiting for more levels.

It is not about running the instance in hopes of getting the best gear.

It is not about waiting for a SoE, Turbine, or Blizzard to throw me another virtual bone in the form of 10 more levels.

Here is what the end game is about. Read the words. Repeat them to yourself slowly.


End game is about the people. It is about community. Have I participated in the end game? You bet, all 70 troll character, wow playing, levels of me. Back in the day, as the saying goes, when there was no Burning Crusade, we spent our time running Molten Core. Where there arguments about the "loot"? You bet, at one point no one in the raid would take a thing, unless the raid leader who NEVER took loot took his share. They typical argument went like this:

"I don't want it YOU take it."

"No. I don't want it YOU have it."

Sometimes my end game hasn't even been spent in a "dungeon". Sometimes my end game is just spent fishing in Strangle Thorn Veil enjoying a virtual sunset, and the virtual rain. Think I am alone in that? Listen to Wowcast some time.

So I ever get out and enjoy the real sunset? You bet. I am sorry to have break the suspicion that the average gamer lives in their parent's basement - in my case my parents are both dead, the building I am in, in fact, HAS no basement, and yes, the convent has a lovely garden.

But yes, many times I have been asked whatever happened to a particular player. Case in point - one particular player has known me ever since my days in Ultima Online. She would chat with me across our virtual front porch. More than once I have received a tell in game "Sister can I talk to you?" One time I was asked "What ever happened to that player you used to know? What was her name? Magnolia?"

I didn't not say "I dunno dude." Instead I told them she had spent some of her "endgame" talking to me about her abusive husband. She had to take her children and flee for her life. Yes she is alright. Yes, Magnolia, though I have changed the name is a real person. I did not invent the story. In fact I heard from her again just last week. Her story is not an isolated one. I have had many such experiences.

In his article Mr. Vogel points out to his readers, "You spend all your time playing them. I spend all my time writing them." I don't think the author had to point out he doesn't spend his time playing them. I think that was more than obvious to anyone who read the article.

Submitted by Brent on Aug 14, 2007 18:51:55 CST (comments: 3)


'You're both right' by Eli
Submitted on 2007-08-15 13:15:06 CST
Well, he's absolutely right. The end game in World of Warcraft is actually a total waste of time, unless you're willing to sacrifice so much of your time, and/or tolerate the egomaniacal raid leaders, for yet another piece of gear.

You are also absolutely right. In World of Warcraft's post-70 play, in the absence of any game, per se, the people and socializing are where it's at. Don't forget that the Bartle scale tells us that there are at least four different ways to enjoy MMOs, and Socializing is only one of them. My rating is about 60% social and divided evenly between achieving, killing, and exploring.

The answer for you both (or his kid anyway) is to do is get into a guild that plays more than just WoW. That's the only way I've been able to keep gaming with the same people and I love it. You have obviously done that as well, which is awesome. But assuming that socializing is a one-size-fits-all solution to end game boredom, or that he's somehow 'wrong,' is incorrect I believe.

'Game and people' by Sente
Submitted on 2007-08-16 00:21:28 CST

While I agree with you regarding the people factor, I do think you are overreacting a bit on his article. To me it was not directed and every end game player/raider, but rather those of them that have a constant urge to "beat the game", get the best gear etc at whatever cost.

Most of the MMOG gaming experience is about the people, not just the end game.

'yep' by Token
Submitted on 2007-08-30 07:50:06 CST
You could use the ' it's about the people not the game ' as a way of stifling MMO innovation. You keep showing developers you want them to keep producing more of the same repetitive content to do with your friends. You could go and play the worst game ever made with all your friends and still have a great time, that's nice for you. The rest of us kinda want a better game to get made and you are in the way right now.

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