Four Cursed Things
Sep 12, 2007 16:50:54

I've been compelled by Cuppy who was compelled by Grimwell to do one of these damn things, so here goes. They should both watch their backs next time they're on a PvP server...

Four jobs I have had in my life (not including current job):

1. BWCA camping outfitter (means I carried canoes and drove people into the boonies and dropped them off)
2. Lifeguard (both pool and beach, beach was better)
3. Programmer (various stuff)
4. Application security code reviewer (ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ)

Four Movies I have watched over and over:

1. Groundhog Day
2. Major League
3. The Last Boy Scout
4. Ace Ventura Pet Detective

Four places I have lived:

1. Ely, MN
2. Duluth, MN
3. ...
4. Unless you count individual suburbs of the Twin Cities, that's it...

Four Shows I love to watch:

1. Lost
2. Heroes
3. America's Next Top Model
4. Entourage

Four Places I have been on vacation:

1. Maui
2. Orlando
3. Phoenix
4. Vegas

Four of my favorite foods:

1. Havarti
2. Mike and Ikes
3. Blood Sausage
4. Cheese Pizza

Four favorite drinks:

1. Unsweetened iced coffee
2. Summit Pale Ale
3. Smart Water
4. Bookers Bourbon

Four places I would rather be right now:

1. Home
2. At the library
3. Near a lake
4. Any nearby brewery would do nicely

Four People I Command to do This:

1. Darren - Because he deserves to suffer as much as I do
2. Wilhelm - Because he doesn't blog enough (lol)
3. Cyan - Because he hasn't done a podcast lately
4. Keen and Graev - Two for the price of one

Submitted by Brent on Sep 12, 2007 16:50:54 CST (comments: 0)


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