Pirates of the Caribbean Online VS. Pirates of the Burning Sea
Oct 19, 2007 22:04:24

Here is a point by point comparison between the two:


PotCO: Casual players, fans of the movies, people that have never played a mmog.

PotBS: Serious players, mmog veterans, star wars galaxies refugees

Ship Movement:

PotCO: No winds. Ship moves at the same speed regardless of placement.

PotBS: Winds. Ship moves at a speed based on direction of wind.

Ship Combat:

PotCO: Ships have one hit point bar. Direction of damage doesn't matter.

PotBS: Ships have five damage zones, fore, aft, starboard, port, center.


PotCO: Avatars can walk around on your ship, can pilot the ship or cannons.

Avatars can walk around land. Avatars can fight on boarded ships.

PotBS: Avatars can walk around land. Avatars can fight on boarded ships.

Avatars cannont walk around your ship.


PotCO: Your parties can either pilot separate ships or all party members can

be on one ship. You can also join a party on land.

PotBS: Your parties can either pilot separate ships or be on land.

Sword Combat:

PotCO: Click mouse button to swing sword. There are some combos and special

moves to unlock as you level up.

PotBS: Three schools of swordplay. Each school gives you access to different

skills. Skills are used on a shortcut bar similar to all other mmogs.


PotCO: No professions. No player economy.

PotBS: Player based economy. Everyone can do trade but merchant class gets advantages.


PotCO: Once class: Pirate

PotBS: Four classes: Pirate, Navy, Privateer, Merchant


PotCO: Consentual PvP in separate PvP matches

PotBS: Open PvP areas and PvP for contested ports.


PotCO: None or miniscule

PotBS: Everything from ships to cannons to lumber, etc.


PotCO: Client is free, free to play 1/3 of the game but $10 a month for full access

PotBS: $50 for client, $15 a month to play

Bottom Line:

PotCO: A fun, casual game that is entertaining but shallow. Pick up and play feel.

You can play this off and on in small sessions and get things done.

PotBS: A fun, serious game that is entertaining and deep but time consuming. You need to dedicate time to this to accomplish serious goals.

So which is the better game? It's easy to say Pirates of the Burning Sea but it's really two types of play styles so it's not really that easy to compare the two on even levels.

- Traveller, Guest Writer

Submitted by Brent on Oct 19, 2007 22:04:24 CST (comments: 3)


'Are they even in the same class?' by Scott
Submitted on 2007-10-29 18:29:33 CST
PotCO didn't even look like half the MMO PotBS was in terms of quality and design when I saw it.

Obviously they have two completely different intended audiences, and I think the "free to play" or $10/mo of PotCO is a pretty good indicator of the value you can expect.

'Interesting.' by mchris
Submitted on 2007-11-11 05:14:18 CST
Side by side, PotBS looks like the MMO I'd like to play. A real draw for me is the PvP. It sounds facinating. I'm just a bit put of by the periodic resets that will happen. I wish it could be a bit more fluid in the way Eve is.

This is interesting:

"PotCO: Your parties can either pilot separate ships or all party members can be on one ship. You can also join a party on land. "

All party memebers on one ship? Isn't that what Perpertual said was just "too hard"? Although I have to wonder how much actual fun there will be on a single ship. I guess there is something to be said for simply being together.

Traveller, this was a very useful piece. Thanks for writing it.

'Yes, very useful' by scytale2
Submitted on 2007-12-05 14:32:31 CST
Many thanks too....

POBS is definitely the quality offering. Does PotCO have treasure maps? I presume it does.

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