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TabulaCast Episode 6
Thu, 27 Dec 2007 15:40:00 GMT [download/play]

On this 6th episode of TabulaCast, the topic is The Specialist. No not the movie, the tier 2 class! I discuss every aspect of the Specialist: the skills, abilities, armor, weapons and more.

In the news, there's a new way to get those 3-day TR trial keys over at You'll need to register for their website, but its all free and totally worth it if you're looking to try this game out before buying. There's also recently been a charity auction from NCSoft with some interesting items. Can you believe someone paid $2,910 to have their name as an NPC? Yeah, I can too.

The AFS Defeat of Earth Day Memorial Event took place this last weekend. Check out the complete coverage of this in-game event for more info.

For the fansite of this episode, it's Friday Night Fights, which is soon integrating into I talk a bit about what Friday Night Fights is, in-game and out.

I also bring back the Top Tips segment, this time confining it to 5 tips. Soon they will not only be beginner tips, but also intermediate and expert tips.

The theme song this episode is "Special" by Aspirin.

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Episode 6 Discussion Thread

'keep up the good work' by Flexe
Submitted on 2007-12-29 03:08:22 CST

I just bought the game a couple of days ago and give it a try.
As a former SWG player i must say that Tr is absoluty a fast action game( much much better than the NGE).
I love it so far :)
So keep up the good work

Regards flexe

'linkers' by Token
Submitted on 2007-12-30 22:40:08 CST
Useful information remains non-existent for this game. I know what all the skills do because I can click on them in the tree, what I don't know is which ones are overpowered and actually used by people. I also didn't know what to do with attribute points so put them all in the red option as a soldier for hit points, not that they seem to help much because my health seems to remain around 90-100 until a Linker appears at which time I get instagibbed and alt-F4.

'Knowledge' by Sente
Submitted on 2007-12-31 09:11:15 CST
I think Token has a point here regarding information. The information what certain skills/abilities do is available in game. What it means in practice is another thing.

I do think that the podcasts have presented such information though and as I recall also information that answers Token's issues here. But perhaps not as well structured as the general information, bits and pieces here and there.

As for the issues here - so far health and hit points have significantly less importance in TR than in many other MMOGs - armor is more important. This will change a bit in an upcoming patch and there will be an option to reassign the attribute points at that time. See also the feedback notes on the TR official web site:

As for linkers, one has to understand how they behave and their strength and weaknesses. It is a matter of timing, there is a periof of time when they basically are absorbing all damage that is done to them, which they then can unleash back at you, possibly strenghened by other linkers. It is the time when they unleash their energy beams and right after that which is the time they are vulnerable, before they start another build-up.

The official TR web site does have a decent amount of information on all enemies. Not everything, but one can learn some basic info about them - the rest is empirical studies in-game, or other sources ;)
Also, the US version of the TR web site is better than the European ones. The latter ones have less information available for some reason.

'Information is as Information Does...' by RadarX
Submitted on 2007-12-31 09:40:06 CST
Great show Shawn!

Token with the stat revamp coming writing up a bunch of information on it seems kind of fruitless for people to discuss and write guides regarding. And I don't think there is any less information available about which skills people use than other games, you have to find it like everywhere else. Keep in mind also the game is young and tactics are still being established.

'Info vs Opinion' by Shawn
Submitted on 2007-12-31 13:13:34 CST
I actually seriously considered giving my opinion on this episode about what skills I like better than others in the Specialists field, but everyone has their own preferences on how they play. For example, I could say don't get Hazmat armor because the higher-tier armors are much better, but then I would hear from those people who swear by Hazmat. I'm generally not a big fan of telling people how they need to play the game with what weapons, armor or skills they need to use and not use.

That said though, I do think it's a good idea to get more of a general consensus as to what other players find most effective when it comes to skills, etc. I can certainly work that more into the show.

'No single truth' by Sente
Submitted on 2007-12-31 19:57:47 CST
You are quite right Shawn that there is no single correct answer for how to to apply either attributes or ability/skill points and some of them are not easy to single out a specific choice, since many factors can be involved. But one can always present an opinion and choice and give some information on why such a choice was made.

For example:
On my biotech characters (exobiologist, medic) I have put firearms to either 3 or 4, but not more at the moment. I put it at least to 3 to get the knockback effect, which is useful to keep groups of enemies at bay, since it temporarily disables them and keeps them out of melee range. But I do a fair amount of running around also and most of the time I take down enemies with one of my 3 injection guns that are slotted. Fourth slot is typically a shotgun and the fifth a repair tool - direct when solo, conical in teams.
Right now pump 5 seems a bit over the top to get a slightly higher chance for knockback.
I have multiple injection guns available partly due to that some enemies are immune to one of the damage types there and in intense firefights in intense firefights using just one will cause it to overheat, so I can then switch to another.

'linkers' by Token
Submitted on 2008-01-01 14:31:39 CST
I really wasn't pointing the finger at the show for not supplying solid information, I really enjoy the shows. I don't think you should be afraid of laying out cookie cutter builds because you would get some healthy feedback leading to some good discussion. I'm just a little frustrated because I feel that this game is quality but for some reason my experience is being hampered. When developing my character I am supposed to use clones, but all I see are point saving, pitfalls and limitations. The whole cloning system just screams out ' revamp!', I have absolutely no confidence in it.

Every time I login to TR I have about 20 minutes of fun and then I die to a Linker and I can't stay in the game, so I'm still level 13. I died to linkers for weeks before someone mentioned their absorption, so I stopped attacking them. Just earlier I saw a linker and avoided it like the plague when it was doing it's absorbtion effect, then it ran over and hit me with lightning taking me from 100% to 5% and then my TR experience was over for another day. I really like this game but I cant see myself subscribing after my free month because I cant stand being killed by random shit that's out of my control.

'no linker' by Sente
Submitted on 2008-01-01 20:23:52 CST

It sounds like you spend a lot of time at control points if linkers causes problem for you playing the game. At the lower levels linkers are pretty much only found in the control point fights, so avoid these places or avoid jumping into the fights there if you feel that they ruins your game experience. Fighting at control points is not a required part of the game to advance, if it is not fun then just avoid it.

In particular the lower level zones (all Concordia zones) have multiple instances of each zone, so if an outpost you need to go to is occupied by the Bane, you can check what the status is in another instance of the zone. The more crowded a zone is with players the less likely it is that an outpost is occupied by the Bane.