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Witty Ranter #11
Fri, 22 Aug 2008 04:20:00 GMT [download/play]

Adam's back with another show!  In this episode, Adam, Luper from Voyages of Vanguard, John from TAGN (who had a contribution to the show, but was unable to discuss it as he was silly and gave away his mic so someone could do work! Work over gaming?!?!?!  WHERE are your priorities, John????) and Michal, aka Syncaine from the Hardcore/Casual blog tackle the 5 "N's" of MMO's for 2008:

New features in MMO for 2008 and the 5 N's: "NICE! Neat. Nuwhut? Nonimportant, or NASTY!"  The concept was each contributor came up with at least one feature from a 2008 MMO release, and what they thought of it, within the context of one of those N's.  MMO's involved in this discussion were Tabula Rasa, WAR, AoC and PotBS.... it ranges from there, but as always a good discussion.  Looking forward to people's thoughts.  Enjoy!

PS: iTunes reviews make for a happy Podcaster :)

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Episode 11 Discussion Thread

'Try Voyage Century' by TranquilAbyss
Submitted on 2008-08-22 12:59:38 CST
I still say this is a must play game. It may not be the funnest MMO but it has every thing the other sailing games have but for free. Only problem I had was it took some time to get to the next level ship, but that could been because I played solo. Give Voyage Century a try I would like to hear what you think.

'Thoughts I had :)' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2008-08-22 18:46:46 CST
Great show, thx for the interesting info about all those games you talked about, fun stuff.

You're correct about Tabula Rasa and the ability to respect and or make a clone to go down another path rather then start all over from the beginning.

The only thing is it might just be impossible to be forced to keep every point spent in your character and never be able to change it, the thing is that a good amount of times I was really happy to not have to keep my now wasted points in something I did not use because something was changed in the game or now that I'm in higher levels.

But if someone can make us more individual in a game and still let us change our builds if we just really have to, then that would be fine by me.

Also like EVE your name is your rep because every character has the same name and so people kind of have to be as cool as they are in RL.

For EVE I'll give a Nice and Nasty to the feture that keeps your previous corps for ever in your characters info for all to see. EVE you can have 3 characters but really you mostly are the rep of your main, and in EVE they even have your history of the corporations you were in, and that is kind of not so great sometimes or I do not hardly join corps because of that. I'm especialy not joining Goons or BoB because of the forever stigma I think you get from joining them.