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Witty Ranter #13
Wed, 1 Oct 2008 16:14:00 GMT [download/play]

Sorry for the late release... but Adam's been a bit busy with the whole financial mess :/

Episode 13 is all about the Items... kinda.  We're talking Itemization in this episode; specifically why there's so much junk in these games that ultimately is worthless, and yet we still need to lug it around, bring it back to town to sell it, just so we can have the gold to progress in the game.  Joining me is Syncaine from Hardcore Casual, Jonathan from The Online Gamer's Anthology, and Beau Turkey from Voyages of Vanguard.  We also try and come up with some viable alternatives to an eternity of soiled loincloths, bloody rabbit ears, and wolf toenails.  Enjoy!

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Episode 13 Discussion Thread

'Too far' by Token
Submitted on 2008-10-04 18:01:44 CST
You should have saved this one for April 1st. This subject was was just such parents basement territory I felt embarrassed having downloaded it. Will the witty ranter ever live up to it's name and deliver witty rants ?

'... Not Far Enough?' by trollonfire
Submitted on 2008-10-05 10:58:49 CST
@ Token - Parents' basement territory? Please. There's so much crap out there in these games in their itemization... discussion definitely needs to be had on what to do about it.

But, if you prefer soiled loincloths and god knows what else clogging up your inventory, by all means, feel free to loot everything in sight.

'Confused' by Token
Submitted on 2008-10-05 20:04:30 CST
I thought looting junk was part of the experience. The satisfaction when the auto junk sale mod cleans out my bags at a vendor is something I look forward to.

'The world is your pawn store.' by SwollenBeef
Submitted on 2008-10-10 19:46:06 CST
Developers are just being lazy with the itemization. Why would a vendor be interested in wasp thoraxes, moldy feathers, or balls of snot?

Im surprised that the whole bring me back 10 wolf pelts that turns into kill 90 wolves due to drop rate being shitty, was not brought up.

I can understand the selling of weapons, armor, etc since a vendor can use that as scrap. But the whole deal of balls of clay, bat eyes, and gnoll testicles is old.