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Witty Ranter #16
Mon, 2 Feb 2009 21:53:00 GMT [download/play]

In this episode, we bring Michael Zenke from, Syncaine from Hardcore Casual, Darren from Common Sense Gamer and Remy, back from the podcasting dead, for one night only! (PS: Remy has a new blog at so go check it out!)

On the docket this evening:
1) How is the current recession going to affect games and gamers? Are we going to cut back on our blessed addictions?  Will we cut from 2 games down to 1? 1 to none? will F2P get a boost?
2) How will the current economic times affect game development?  Will funding dry up?  Will any games get delayed due to it?  What about some of the smaller studios who will need that funding to keep going?

A lot of interesting discussion all around.
I'd love to hear your feedback, and thanks for listening!
PS: A huge thanks to Coldheat for supporting this podcast!  You are da man!

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Episode 16 Discussion Thread

'recession' by Token
Submitted on 2009-02-03 01:28:17 CST
I need to fall asleep soon to get up early for a lecture , this topic will do nicely.

'Trubine SHOULD copy SOEs business model!!!' by rocknerd
Submitted on 2009-02-03 05:17:11 CST
i have brought this up on the LotRO forums before of course to a million rabid jerks who felt the need to shoot it down like asking a trashball for their whiskey while they are beating theyre children...

why were they so violent about it? its an option that may just get more people playing DDO. im definitely one of them. as of right now, heres my MMO faves list.
1- LotRO
2- WAR
3- AoC

im more likely to pay for WAR/Conan than DDO, so that means i will probably never put aside the time/money to play DDO, unfortunately. cause i did play the game at launch and for a while after. i really loved DDO in fact even my EQ2/WoW gal loved playing it as well.

if turbine started a 20$ fee and opened both games up to everyone, it would only make both communities for both games healthier!!! they would not only be making more money but they would be keeping players that depend on others in-game (you know those crazy non lone-wolves like myslef).

as for SOE i dont play their games as much as i should, but i recently bought PotBS and im much more likely to pay 30-35$ to play- EQ2, PotBS, Vanguard, SWG, planetside and of course the list will go on with free realms and the agency, than to pay 15$ to play DDO which is only 1/4th the gaming equivalent of an SOE full account...

'Wow... ' by CindyL
Submitted on 2009-02-03 17:39:35 CST
The guest who said NCsoft would not benefit from a pass similar to SOE's is lead by his own subjective opinions. NCsoft may have a fewer selection but all their games are on par if what is currently offered by SOE.

The only good title SOE has is EQ/EQ2, everything else would have been shut down and filed into the MMO graveyard. You can't say the exact same for NCsoft, regardless that NCsoft is trigger happy when it comes to closing down games.. IMO the quality of their games is the same if not superior to Sony. If I had to pick between a Sony pass and an NC pass, I'd pick the latter no question about it.

I'd love to play LotrO and DDO too for one fee. Generally I agree with the pass idea for these companies that have multiple MMOs, it would generate a healthy income anf might even garner player loyalty. With a deal like that players who delve into multiple MMOs are more likely to stick with one company and it's umbrella.

'oh my gosh CindyL' by Token
Submitted on 2009-02-03 18:25:56 CST
I can't believe you would slam someone for expressing subjective opinions and then go on to make your own as if you are speaking the unvarnished truth. You are speaking an opinion the same as everyone. My friends and I all love SOE and it's got nothing to do with EQ/EQ2. There is no way in my mind that PlanetSide is not a good title as far as we know all their games still make money. I look forward to the day the StarCraft MMO launches and NCSoft will close down completely to play it full time.

'Opinions are like a$$holes' by trollonfire
Submitted on 2009-02-03 19:48:59 CST
.... everybody's got one :)

It is true that the stable of games each of the major studios (NCSoft, SOE, Turbine, et al) are subjective to what is "good" or "bad".

Personally, I don't see as much appeal to NCSoft's current stable of games compared to SOE's... that being said, I'm not going to pay for either, so my opinion is pretty biased. :)

I've played products on both side - TR, CoH & Exteel for NCSoft, EQ, EQII, Planetside & Legends of Norrath for SOE, DDO & LOTRO for Turbine. Of the 3 companies, the only one I'd currently consider is Turbine, mainly because I don't believe DDO is worth $14.99/mo in it's current iteration. Part of a package, sure.

@ Token - How do you know what we discussed if the show put you to sleep, hrm? :P Granted Mr. Zenke didn't show any nerd rage (poor us), but I think the discussion overall was pretty anti-boring. No terms such as inflation, GDP, or LIBOR ever entered the conversation... I think the most technical we got was Venture Capital.

PS: If you think that was boring... stay tunred in the next day or so for an example of why the Monday Night LOTRO group has so much fun :)

'Token..' by CindyL
Submitted on 2009-02-03 22:16:11 CST
I`m aware all opinions are valid which is why I felt compared to share mine. Slam the guy? Not really, disagree with his assessment, hell yeah.
My point is if all SOE games are worth a to be included in a pass, so are the NCsoft titles, and the Turbine ones for that matter.
Do note the use of IMO.

'@ troll' by Token
Submitted on 2009-02-03 23:37:03 CST
I posted that first message as I was downloading. Knowing the hosts profession it did sound like it was going to be pretty dry. The conversation was ok but ironically I ended up turning it off because the differences in guest volume were keeping me awake.
During the LOTRO session does anyone say 'queued up my abilities, afk 5 mins'

'On the rise. \O/' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2009-02-04 01:30:15 CST
MMO's/video games on the rise or the low during hard financial times?

I'm going with if you already play many mmo's you will cut back and more non mmo players will start playing at least one. So it should even out or at least be on the up rise a bit as far as customers & cash coming in.

Personally I live in the basement but I do still pay a normal amount of rent. Really I just want my daughter to be near family. But I'm still not really interested in having a GF anyways, so that saves allot of cash, that and never using credit cards. Bank/atm check cards only. So not in debt. Plus having a whacked out spine gives me many reasons to play mmo's no matter what. No wife is telling me what to do either :)

I think there are more and more reasons coming up all the time for people to start playing mmo's. For one, I see people easily watch 5 hrs of TV every day with full time jobs or not. Normally you just don't see people playing and mmo as much as people watch TV, so mmo's are better time spent. & you can still listen to podcasts at the same time. And one more thing is people are noticing mmo's and video games are good for people in pain or sick, I'm one of them. I play games on my computer while laying vertical in bed.

So all in all imo mmo's and video games until they surpass TV they will be on the rise.

'@ FarSpace' by CindyL
Submitted on 2009-02-04 19:00:29 CST
Good points ^.^

I find watching TV a serious waste of time, I have 2-3 tv shows I watch, but I'd rather wait for the DVD to come out at the video store and watch the episodes back to back. Commercial free. XD
In my house TV (cable) is almost redundant only our daughter gets any actual use of it, and we all love to watch a few favorite cartoons together. But then we all go back to games.. As she gets older I can see us canceling cable all together.

'Hi CindyL O/' by FarSpace
Submitted on 2009-02-04 20:09:49 CST
Oh yes, that's right, I remember there are lots of TV shows seasons even at my Library, I should check it out, thx for reminding me.

You know what?, my brother has no cable since his kids were born & they rent DVD of all sorts of stuff instead, he says that way they don't find them selves watching more then they want to & things like that.

Also a funny thing is my Daughter LOVES the "Jon & Kate plus 8" show and it is on after school but all the way past her bed time right now so the only way I could peel her away from the TV to do her homework and get to bed was, I promised I would get the entire season on DVD for her to watch at the right time :) I hope they come out with it, I'm sure they will. Ha-ha :)

'The well is drying up...' by AlikSteel
Submitted on 2009-02-04 20:28:01 CST
And you don't have a job, for sure you will let that Cable/DS go. Oh you may not want to and you may have the DT's from coming off of not having the internet, BUT you will let it go.

It sounded as if you all (on the show) have never been upside the wall before. Trust me when it comes time to pick what bill not to pay the internet will be high on your list. Sure it's going to hurt (try going over a year without it), but not as much as say,No Food, No Water, No Power or Gas. Sure we all love the internet and feel that we need it, but when push comes to shove. The internet it gone.

As far as the MMO games, I see a landslide coming down the hill and there will be a lot of MMO's going under. I allso think that many people see this as a slow thing, This "recession" is picking up speed and most of the world is going to be hurting very soon.

So injoy your MMO's/Internet while you can.

Alik Steel