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Witty Ranter #3
Sun, 24 Feb 2008 07:16:00 GMT [download/play]

In this episode of Witty Ranter, Adam shows a softer side, while his hosts show that women can kick ass just as well as the boys.  Brenda from West Karana, Karen from Journeys With Jaye, and Leala Turkey from Epic Dolls all chime in with their viewpoints.  Topics covered include "How do game companies market games as appealing to more women other than stooping to the traditional 'half naked chicks' that have worked for men for so long?"  and Karen presents the topic: "Women & MMO Communities -  Nicety or Necessity?"  Oh yeah, and there are many references to Hello Kitty Online Adventure.  You have been warned.
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Episode 3 Discussion Thread

'chipmunk' by Brent
Submitted on 2008-02-24 02:21:30 CST
... encoding on this podcast causes 'chipmunking' in the player seen above... use the link to the left in your external player instead. Will try to avoid that issue in the future.

'Ngya!' by Akely
Submitted on 2008-02-26 09:58:21 CST
Woot! Music just for me! Excuse me, I got to go puke now... I'm not sure if I should be flattered or be . . . a line from Hellbound comes into my mind: "Ah. He is his own hell,child, and quite unreachable!" Me Pwned!

I really looked forward to this show. Even though I do have a gamer wife (if playing EQ2 and ONLY EQ2 is considered being a gamer). I really wanted to know what other women see in these games. And now I know.

Good to hear that the women don't care that much about the scantaly clad women that often. I must admit that I'm now so damn old that I am a bit ...concerned... about how women often are portraid (AoC is a good example). Yeah, I'm THAT old.

The Gender Utopia discussion was extremely interesting. (I don't even want to THINK about why Adam gets treated more like a helpless peace of scenery than the REAL girls. Nope, don't want to go there! At all. No seriously.)

As a male I sure think women is necessary, and nice. Mainly becouse they positively affect the tone of the community. Gaming wise I can't tell the difference. I agree with Adam that the "tone" in-channel (especially on TeamSpeak!!!) improves a lot when females log on. (Please girls, join our Guild... I need to be kept in line! Apply here! /snicker)

I would have liked to hear a bit of if/why females play a game different than males. My wife for instance refuses to kill 'cute' animals, even with evil characters. The whining that takes place when a Quest REQUIRES you to kill a flock of deer is just mindboggling. Is that a female or a personal thing? I should have dropped a mail asking Adam to ask about this. /smack

Most Important Lesson:
I will NOT give female toons more money. ... Crap! Just thought of all the plats I've given the wife in-game! PWNED!

"Just play the game" is just the best advice there is! The fact that many of the guests at times are taken for "bro's" just shows how true that is.

Good show! /applaud

'AoC' by scytale2
Submitted on 2008-02-29 20:32:08 CST
Interesting variety of ideas on all subjects, so congrats to all the guests.

One point on AoC, which was not mentioned. It's a European game, so it's being developed by a far less prudish community. Clearly they want to be authentic to the books and I don't feel that this should be "dumbed down" for a US/UK audience that are perfectly happy with expletives but don't like seeing what the expletives mean.

Conan is much more about ambience and atmosphere than many games to date - WoW, EQ2 but not including the ambience-rich LOTRO and CoH. Playing a character in a grisly world is what has made AO a long-term game and I'm sure it will appeal to men and women alike who like to immerse themselves into new fields of vision.

Btw do we need the out takes at the end and can we fade the music, rather than just cut it?

A good listen all in all...