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The Addicted Gamer #12
Sat, 17 May 2008 19:43:00 GMT [download/play]

Karen from Voyages of VanguardEqual PerspectivesJourneys with Jaye and Shut up We're Talking joined me this week.  We spent much time talking about EQ and EQ2 and how she got involved with gaming.  Here and her husband game together.  man I wish my wife would game with me.  Karen is also a guild leader of Revelry and Honor a guild on the Guk server.

I spent the last two weeks trying to get Vista working on my iMac again.  No internet and I do not know why.  I guess it will be back to XP for me.

My game play included Eve on Line and World of Warcraft.  Thanks Crovan... FOR BOTH!  Seriously though.  I got back into WoW and the AIE guild run by Scott Johnson, Randy Jordon and Veronica Belmont.  They are all great Podcasters and have a wonderful guild.  I forgot what it was like to be active in a social guild.  Pretty fun, and with a guild as big as AIE... There is always something to do.

Not much else going on.  I was set to interview Joe Heart from Gax and my internet was down.  Seems every time we have really bad storms here in Georgia I can not get on the internet for 2 days reliably.

Next week I should have Luper from Voyages of Vanguard, however, I have many people in the pipeline that now want to be interviewed.  Keep the mail coming.  I will get to each and every one of you.  In the coming weeks I have Vanguard, WoW and Eve players all lined up and waiting.  Maybe when summer hits I can start recording two a week.  Who knows, only time will tell.

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Episode 12 Discussion Thread

'The people/ social aspect of games.' by Luper
Submitted on 2008-05-17 18:35:29 CST
It seemed like you both really enjoy the people that you played games with. I think that people who play MMOs make long lasting relationships with people they play MMOs with.

This brings back memories of when I played Planetside full time. Recently, I have been playing Planetside a little more often. The people I knew that still play the game are instantly sending me messages when I log in game. It's actually quite nice. People always think that when they leave a game the game will change so much and the people will forget you. In reality, the content changes in games, but the people always remember one another, especially if you become good friends. There are memories that you look back on and you just can't forget them.

Some people will even continue playing a game they hate just to be with the people they have gotten to know. I've only played EQ and EQ2 for a very small amount of time. I really think that Vanguard:Saga of Heroes should've been held off a bit longer, and it should've been released as EQ3. Maybe, it will get re-released again, who knows.

I never really got to meet Karen, which is sad. She seems like a really cool person, and someone that I would definitely get along with in game. Maybe, she'll come play Vanguard again some day. I know that Peter has been looking into it. Vanguard isn't for everyone- that's for sure- but the game offers a lot for those who enjoy the RPG game type, especially if they are looking for a challenge. (I could talk about VG all day ^_^ so.. I should stop while I'm ahead of myself).

Good luck on the computer hunt, Peter. I look forward to being in the next episode. I'm glad I could fill in. I'll try to make it interesting! Har har *grins*

~Luper the Dragonslayer (Voyages of Vanguard Co-Host)

'Very interesting.' by Akely
Submitted on 2008-06-04 04:24:47 CST
I'm very glad you talked so much about EQ/EQ2. It is also great to hear there are (other) players that is "a bit" hardcore. That is: focuses on the game but do not allow it to disrupt real life, family, sleep and work.

EQual Perspectives perhaps back? Gotta love that. Sooo... what do Karen and Troy respond to... bribes or threats?

Good show, interesting topic and a nice discussion.