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The Addicted Gamer #15
Wed, 9 Jul 2008 03:57:00 GMT [download/play]

This show feature Beau Turkey from Voyages of Vanguard.  He speaks much of his immersion project and of games in General.  If you remember, last episode I had on Leala, his wife.  There is a lot of gaming going on in that household.

What I'm playing...  I discuss in short why I canceled my Age of Conan sub and why I suspended my Eve Online sub.  Too little time, too many games.

I am back in EQ2 and have joined Revelry and Honor again.  Thanks for the invite Karen.  I should be able to play that at least once a week now.

In World of Warcraft, I am having fun with my 70 Hunter in PVP Battlegrounds.  I also am loving being in the AIE guild... But, I wanted to see how things go on a different server so I spun up a new character, Sunsilk, on Perenolde and joined the Epic Dolls guild.  So far it is fun.  But I miss my lvl 70.

THe podcast has hit a major equipment malfunction.  FOr 4 years now I have owned an Alesis Multimix 8 Mixer.  It has done fine for me.  It has stood up to power surges that blew up my hard drives and only now has succumbed to a glass of water.  I am doing my best to replace it quickly, however, some unexpected auto repairs and other bills are keeping me from immediately purchasing a new one.  Podcast production will suffer in the mean time.  I think this one is what I am going to purchase.  It is the Multimix6FX.

Thank you all for downloading and listening.  Remember to leave a review for the show in iTunes.  Also, do not miss all the other great podcasts at the Virginworlds Podcast Collective.

Peter D'Angelo

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Episode 15 Discussion Thread

'Woo Hoo late night cursing makes me feel funny!' by Beauturkey
Submitted on 2008-07-09 08:10:21 CST
I had no idea I threw out an F-Bomb. Sorry man. Really though, this was cool to talk with a dude about gaming. We need to get a beer over a slice of New York pizza.


'Shamutanti is shocked!' by Shamutanti
Submitted on 2008-07-09 08:45:39 CST
I just heard that also Beau ;)

Was about to post a comment about it! :P
Naughty-naughty =p

Good interesting listen none the less.You 'seem' a different person when on another pod cast compared to when you're on your own. It's an interesting thing to notice :)


'Fbomb???' by pitot65
Submitted on 2008-07-09 08:53:59 CST
I thought I beeped that out! man!!! That really sucks. I bleeped out the Sh#T we said earlier. I wonder if in the panic I had over my kids dealing the death blow to my Mixer I forgot to save???

Sorry guys. Beau and I talked candidly and that word slipped out after I kept him up past his bed time.


'Fbomb???' by pitot65
Submitted on 2008-07-09 09:15:16 CST
I thought I beeped that out! man!!! That really sucks. I bleeped out the Sh#T we said earlier. I wonder if in the panic I had over my kids dealing the death blow to my Mixer I forgot to save???

Sorry guys. Beau and I talked candidly and that word slipped out after I kept him up past his bed time.


'Muahaha' by Luper
Submitted on 2008-07-09 11:10:00 CST
That was pretty good. You need some soap in your mouth Beau! Gosh, I can't let you go on any other podcast without getting *bleep*'d out. =P Jp jp

Anyways, you guys were kinda mean to me at the end there, but I'll let that slide.

I really have to agree with Beau on the whole aspect of games being better than they have in the past. Sure, games in previous years have always been fun, but games in this generation have so much more to offer. I can't turn back. ^_^

Great interview, Peter. I got someone you should interview. I'll toss you an email.

~Luper (Voyages of Vanguard)

'I love my foul mouthed hubby..' by LealaTurkey
Submitted on 2008-07-09 19:52:03 CST
It was very interesting listening to Beau from an outside point of view, or trying to anyway. Hopefully he didn't offend anybody too bad. We are both passionate people even tho we express it in different ways. Me, I turn mine into excitement and giggly energy, Beau turns into a grumpy old gamer. haha

As always good interview Peter.

'It's about the journey not the carrot.' by ArgentR
Submitted on 2008-07-09 22:34:15 CST
That was a very enjoyable podcast.

One question i would like to ask is Beau, do you play any videogames aside from MMOs? If yes, which ones? If no, why not? From listening to the podcast you'd think that in 2008 only MMO games existed.

To me Beau is what i'd call a post-boredom gamer. He did burn out on MMOs and got bored with what they have to offer but instead of quiting and looking elsewhere (hence my question about single-player games), Beau did a little lateral thinking and decided to play MMOs in a way that would be most enjoyable to him at this time. Ignore the grinds, play at his own pace and with his own rules to make the game fun once again to immerse himself in what fundamentaly define those games: existing in the virtual world among its community. I think that's fascinating and developers should take notice. As a side note, i'm looking forward to see how Beau will deal with Rikoo's current predicament.

But it also say something about the current state of MMOs. And while i agree that by and large any of the current MMO are good games and would be a great first experience for any new player, the lack of innovation in the genre has left a lot of long time MMO players grumpy and wondering if they have outgrown the genre they so loved once or indeed if the genre is dying.

Obviously that is not the case and if anything i believe we're seeing a convergence between single-player games and MMOs with both exchanging features and influencing each other (coop adventuring, permanent stats, cinematic storytelling, etc.). Maybe on day all games will have MMO-like features with single-player-like production values and variety of play styles.

There is so much more that could be experienced in MMOs beyond get a party and go kill stuff, for xp, for items, for faction. Once the wonder of discovering one of those communal virtual worlds wears off, you come to realise that the main drive behind many of the design decisions is not to create fun new experiences but instead to create time sinks to keep the subs rolling. How many hours can we make our player do the same thing before they get bored. How many such activities can we provide in our game to postpone the inevitable burn out?

To conclude, one of my earlier realisation since i started playing RPGs (that would probably be Baldur's Gate), i have felt that if i'm constantly looking at my xp bar and wondering when i'll get my next spell or be able to equip that great new sword, then the game has failed. When the game succeeds i'm so immersed in it that levels goes by barely noticed, new skills and items are welcome but not lusted after. When you're looking at the carrot constantly you know that boredom has started to set in and it's just a matter of time until you hit the quit button. MMOs need to make the journey fun and entertaining once again.

')**(' by AlikSteel
Submitted on 2008-07-10 15:15:07 CST
There is no MMO out there ,nor will there ever be a MMO that will keep you from gitting bored. The same goes for any solo game. You ad thing to gethere or break them apart it just want help. the thing is when it come to MMO is that thay can add new things to the game that helps you help for a bit longer. Most solo games may only have one or two expantions and that it. Then when you run that down to the ground that's it. MMO's can add things into te game on the fly with out making you pay for them. Then thay allso will have expantions as well. The botton line is no matter what thay add at some point you will git bored with it. The best thang any game can do is hold you there just a bit long. othere than say the SIM's brand games. MMO's do this the best.

Time Sinks is what all games are bassed off of. XP grind is a time sink in it self. You are there killing thing over and over. Lore quest even if it never has you do the same thing again it is a time sink. Any thing that you add in a game MMO or not that takes any time can be seen as a time sink. There is some time sinks that we like to do and some we don't. Look at KIlling vs Crafting. Both time sinks ,but you have some people that love to go hunting mob's. Then you have the othere side that hates going hunting and only want's to craft. Both sides love what thay do ,but it is a time sink.

All any of us can do is find a game that has some of the things that we like to do and hope to find a few friends on the way.

Great show

Alik Steel

'Well, I agree and disagree..' by Beauturkey
Submitted on 2008-07-10 22:01:02 CST
..I'm a lil out of it right now and will need to respond better later, but I can see those design flaws but really they are rarer and rarer nowadays.

More mmos are recognizing those cool lil activities like fishing or sailing or playing music as valid forms of spending our time. So while gaining XP can be seen as a one way ticket to a grind, all the other parts of the game are far from that.

I don't know. Need ot clear my head a bit! But thanks for both the awesome comments!


'One sentence..' by CindyL
Submitted on 2008-07-11 13:57:24 CST
In everything that was said, the one thing that really stood out for me was when Beau responded that he's a gamer and loves gaming, and therefore will always be interested in what happens in other games, or something along that line.

Brilliant and very true, I would like to some more of this thought pattern in gaming communities then the tirades over which game is 'better' or worse then another and so on. I'm not sure if there is any need for that, developers themselves learn from each other, play each other's games, that's how art develops by observing other's, asking questions and try to do your own thing with what you've learned. There's competition obviously, but it's not a deeply entrenched war like some people in certain circles would have you believe.

Anyway, loved the show! :)

'Well, I love certain bands but listen to all types..' by Beauturkey
Submitted on 2008-07-14 09:18:58 CST
So it's the same with my gaming. I love to see new worlds that people have created. Maybe it's because I am a creative person myself...I love the artwork and 3-D modeling, all that cool stuff. Someone somewhere spent hours on that stuff, and I like checking it out.

I love single player stuff, too, it's just that I don't have much time for it. I was jamming on The Longest Journey..Dreamfall for a bit..I LOVED that. I should re-install that!


'oh yeah?!' by Brent
Submitted on 2008-07-14 09:36:43 CST
robotic eh?



'You wouldn't be referencing my comments about you being cold to the touch would you?' by Beauturkey
Submitted on 2008-07-14 09:55:21 CST
Because see, in some cultures, robotic and cold to the touch means "strong willed, one who is handsome, potent, one who lay with the dragon, one that creates nothing but gold poop, one that eats problems for a living."

See? Nothing but goodness.

Leala was like "You said that stuff! You're going to get in troubel!"

And I said "It was midnight, I was half asleep and three quarters drunk. That is what you call playful ribbing."

I couldn't help it!! :)