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The Addicted Gamer #4
Mon, 18 Feb 2008 14:47:00 GMT [download/play]

Our First guest.  John for the Tabula Blogger and Cohost of Tabula Cast has joined me for a 30 minute long interview.

Topics of all kinds were touched in this interview.  Everything from Family and time management to looking towards new games in the future.

John was a real sport.  I used to use Skype and Audio Hijack Pro from Rouge Amoeba  but I had to reinstall Audio Hijack Pro and I lost my registration key.  So we hooked up with iChat and Garage band and found that 15 to 18 minutes and we would crash and have to restart the program and create a new file.  Can you say editing hell?  Anyhow, he was very patient and a prime reason for me going back on my word of leaving Tabula Rasa. I'm back in.   I really like it now after some pointers I got from Shawn and John's  Episode 11 of the Tabula Cast podcast.

I need emails.  I have about 5 people waiting in the wings for interviews.  More More More please!  After Johns interview I have the bug to hear more player stories.  Send those emails to and put guest in the subject field.

The gallery at The Addicted Gamer Website is growing.  Head over and take a look.  Now that it has some more screen shots in it, take the opportunity to add you own.  Remember... Name the image file with the caption you want to appear in the gallery.

That's all.

Thanks for Downloading and Listening.

Hey!  Yo!  Podcast collective members!  You to can participate too.  Troy get some old Vanguard screenshots in the gallery?  Karen, how about some EQ2 screens?  and Lady Sinaea, I can use some more LOTRO please.  Of course there is Winterblink and Urban Mongral, we can never have enough screen from the gorgeous Eve online.

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Episode 4 Discussion Thread

'DAoC/WAR RvR' by Monocut
Submitted on 2008-02-20 06:39:11 CST
Hi, and thanks for the good discussions that have been produced so far and I am looking forward to a lot more.

I would just like to add about the RvR (PvP) that was discussed about WAR (Warhammer Online), not all the area is PvP area, in fact only about a 1/4 is a PvP area.

It is stated that you do not have to PvP and that you could level in either safe PvE areas, level in PvP zones or a combo of both. If you start to move into a PvP area you would get a warning that you are doing so, therefore you can avoid those areas if you want to.

In one of the WAR videocasts it states that they have implemented the DAoC RvR, in that there will be keeps and castles, siege warfare and that guilds can claim and hold keeps. This was very popular in DAoC that bought guilds and factions together to take or hold keeps, I know my guild on the Europe server got together regularly to either take or defend a keep.
There will also be some instance and quest based RvR for battles like guild vs. guild or group vs. group which should be interesting as well.

I hope the information shows you that it is not a PvP fest as soon as your char is created as some games have been, but RvR is the end game with battles over keeps to control the zone/land and to gain access to the other faction’s city to sack/loot.

Also the way WAR will handle quests seems like a good change from the normal, there will be the standard personal and group quests, but also public quests that you do not have to be grouped to do, just be in the zone and help in a part of the quests (has 3 stages mostly) when quest completed you get experience and points for an item from the NPC in charge of the quests.

Thanks again for the Podcasts.

Terra Dominus GM (

'WAR RVR' by Celestian
Submitted on 2008-02-21 12:10:56 CST
I just wanted to add that the PVP in WAR is restricted to specific areas. You will be able to PVE all the way to the level CAP if you like without any PVP. However they also have quests that involve PVP if you wish to do those as well.

One other thing is that while most PVP FFA games are as you said in the podcast "immature". Or at least that's my experience. DAoC was not. DAoC has a realm cohesiveness that seemed to involve mostly mature players. I think this is largely because the game is "realm versus realm" not just a big free for all. Your realm mates aren't out to get you, infact it's in their best interest to help you so you can assist in the bigger battles in the frontiers.

'WAR RVR Response' by pitot65
Submitted on 2008-02-22 10:31:22 CST
I see that the two of you are very passionate about Warhammer. I know little about this game and was only speaking from past experiences. I did, however, play DAoC and have to say that the PVP in that game was quite mature and involved. With Mythic??? (Are they really doing Warhammer too?) doing this title I can only hope it is similar.

Celestian and Monocut, if you read this, I would love to have both of you on the show. It would be good to get the point of view of the passion you have for a game that is not even released yet.

Thank you so much for taking the time to give feedback. I don't know how other podcasters handle this, but I love positive, negative and corrective feedback equally. If I get feedback it helps me to make a better show.

Thanks again, I look forward to your response. BTW. I too am anxious to see this game out. Right now something other than WoW would be good to play.

'PvP' by shuttler
Submitted on 2008-02-26 05:21:49 CST
Hey everyone,

thanks for the responses, just wanted to say that I hope I didnt come accross as saying PvP players are immature as I didnt mean that, I just meant that some players can be.

I know alot of PvPers including myself that do enjoy it and adhere to rules of combat and ettiquette which make for a much more enjoyable experience!