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The Addicted Gamer #7
Tue, 11 Mar 2008 04:00:00 GMT [download/play]

This week has been exciting.  I played about 8 hours total this week and split the time between Everquest 2, LOTRO and Even Online.  I find there to be less and less a desire to ever check in on WoW.  These three games are very engaging and satisfy a wide variety of my gaming likes.

Luke Gardiner from Eve Online (A player) joins me this week.  He is the youngest guest so far and has shared his interest/passion for his game with me for over two hours.  We again had various issues with Skype which I am finding to be the norm now.

Thank you for all the emails.  Keep them coming.  My email address is

If you have any suggestion for background music send them in.  They all need to be podsafe.  No copyright issues.

Thank you for downloading and listening to The Addicted Gamer

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Episode 7 Discussion Thread

'Great Episode - Just blew the dust off my still shrinkwrapped Eve' by Lostinspace
Submitted on 2008-03-14 19:12:05 CST
Somehow, I don't think I want to install the old CD from 2003 but I did download the trial image recently - wondering if the old code still works?

Keep up the good work, I managed a really really long walk listening to that podcast - it totally knackered me :)

'Thank you Lostinspace' by TAG
Submitted on 2008-03-15 13:22:19 CST
I appreciate the comments. I'm sure the next one out will give you as much pleasure. I'm kind of knocked out of Eve for a week myself and suffering minor withdrawals.