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The Addicted Gamer #8
Sat, 15 Mar 2008 21:26:00 GMT [download/play]

Not a whole lot to say.  Eve and LOTRO were my most played games this week.  The Podcast has been cutting down on my game play time, but that is perfectly fine.

In RL I budget myself a certain dollar amount for fun and gaming.  That budget is placed into an account separate from my household bills account.  Well Peter made a big mistake.  Because the account floats about $125 a month it is always close to about $50.  I used the card in a gas station to fill up, I only had $75 in the account at the time, and put $37.50 in the gas tank.  Well, my account was hit for a charge of $37.50 and then a hold of $75 for ten days and the account went in the red.  Eve tried to pull the subscription fee and it failed.  So I am out of Eve for 7 more days, due to my promise of ONLY using this money and no more, for gaming and peripherals.  Be weary of gas stations that make use of this practice.  It seems wrong, but the bank says they do it all the time.

So it seems the loss of Eve was no big thing as this weeks big patch brought about some major down time.  I made use of the lost game time by getting a jump on editing this episode, which is why, I hope, it is early.

Shawn from the recently ended Guildcast and the now in full swing Tabulacast joined me.  We spoke much about gaming, but also about Podcasting and relationships (well kind of).   He was awesome to have on as I have been listening to Tabulacast for some time now.

Reader Email, None this week.  Shawn and I spent over an hour and I wanted to keep it short.

Next Week I have Lady Sinaea from Ringcast.  Yes I am returning to a LOTRO player and also podcaster.  But believe me, when the announcement at CODEX is made, this one will fit very well.

BTW A very big thank you to the guys at The Drone Bay for trying to help out and plug The Addicted Gamer.  They realized when talking about sponsors they received (four in all) that The Addicted Gamer was the only podcast at Virginworlds without a sponsor.  If you want to help out got to Virginworlds and click on the support tab in the upper left part of the screen.  Thanks Croven, Crazy Kinux and Alsedrech, I really love what your doing over there with The Drone Bay.

Thanks for downloading and listening.  It's always a pleasure to podcast for you.

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Episode 8 Discussion Thread

'Your game finance model might make for an interesting topic?' by Lostinspace
Submitted on 2008-03-15 21:30:11 CST
Impressed with the subscription financial control you describe. I'm pretty sure that a lot of gamers find themselves seriously over spending on games and subscriptions which can cause all kinds of financial conflicts, health issues compounded by an additional compulsion to play even more so your subscriptions are not being "wasted"!

How about hosting a round-table (a Skypeabout conference)? This could include a discussion of "best practices" to help folks moderate gameplay, reduce family conflict and still have fun. At the height of my gaming mania I was playing both single player and MMOs, spending nearly all my spare time on them, my work and family were suffering.

At one point, I had over a dozen active accounts on different MMOs and literally a year went by without me knowing it! A number of family crises snapped me out of the trance and I literally cancelled and/or gave away all my subscription accounts except for 3 which I knew I could walk away from them if needed. I have to say non-subscription MMOs were also a great thing for me since I can walk away from them and return anytime I like!

'Thanks for the feedback' by TAG
Submitted on 2008-03-21 17:19:48 CST

I appreciate the feedback. I had to cap my spending due to wasting money on games I was not playing. Now I think I am at a healthy mix of games vs. time. I play LOTRO, Eve and EQ 2 with EQ 2 being the least. I welcome this type of show. Would you be willing to join in? Just send me an email if so.