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RingCast #28
Wed, 1 Oct 2008 15:45:00 GMT [download/play]

This episode's topics:

- Mines of Moria impressions
- PAX demo with Adam Mersky from Turbine
- Legendary Items
- Bonus XP, October 2-6, 2008
- Harvest Festival has begun
- Personal Character Signatures
- Massively Speaking, Episode 23

This episode's theme song is "Underground" by Novacane.

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Episode 28 Discussion Thread

'MoMie!!!' by rocknerd
Submitted on 2008-10-01 22:17:24 CST
man, i cant wait for moria. LotRO has become my home among MMOs this year. i had a bit of burn out that luckily coincided with WAR and some AoC. but ive been away now for 2 months and i can say that i really miss middle earth. i have never felt this way about any MMO. so, listening to your cast has really revitalized my hunger even more for LotRO! so would that make you my MoMie? ugh.... sorry, lol.

anyways, listened to you talking to the Turbine-ite while looking at some screenshots at ten ton hammer. i saw a shot of a legendary weapon, which let me add that this idea is one of the coolest and most fresh ideas to come into an MMO on a LONG time!!! it reminds me of an old PnP RPG called Earthdawn which i really miss. you may have heard of it through the company called FASA which also created Shadowrun.
Earthdawn died young like all great TV shows, bands and games. but it had one of the most detailed and beautiful worlds created since Middle~Earth. it was a world filled with magic and everything was tied to magic via threads that were woven together. and the way you increased your knowledge and usage of magical weapons wasnt like it is in all other games like D&D where you ID it and then you can use it. there was a series of things you would have to do to find knowledge of that items past and then weave a thread from your character to the item to use its first rank of abilities. and that wasnt all. you would keep growing your item as time went on in the same fashion. this seems very similar to the legendary items of Moria and im very glad that they are doing this. it happy/sad reminder of Earthdawn. maybe someone on the Turbine team was familiar with Earthdawn and therefore was inspired by certain aspects of the game. have you heard any information about this at all?

so the only disappointment i have is that any time i hear a dev or see a screenshot about these legendary items is that its a lv 60 item for endgame. and while that makes PERFECT sense *(you hit max lv of 60, u have nothing to do, BUT WAIT, a few legendary items is a clever way to keep a maxed character moving up in the game with a reward similar to leveling a character), i am a little sad that it doesnt exist throughout the game. im sure many of you will disagree with me, but i have always been the type of MMO gamer that has enjoyed levels 1-30 more than anything after. currently my 2 highest characters im running in LotRO is a 42 hunter and a 27 captain. and yes, i also have an "alt" problem. ive been attending some altoholics anonymous meetings to no avail...

so yes, brilliant move. i was hoping that you could start working on legendaries at least at level 50 but i cant wait to play Moria regardless. i will now grind as much as i have to, to get my hunter to lv 50 so i can be closer to attaining some of these beautiful reminders of my gaming past.

cheers and thanks for carrying the torch for my favorite MMO.

'Legendary items' by AmAvocet
Submitted on 2008-10-06 01:46:44 CST
You don't have to hit level 60, or even 50, to get legendary items. I don't recall if the devs mentioned a minimum level when I talked to them about the system, but I do know that your items gain in levels as you do.

When you come across an item that may be legendary, you take it to a certain NPC. He will tell you if it truly has that capacity. If it does, you need to have it reforged. You can then put up to three items into slots on the item (one of each of three different types). These will give the item different abilities, buffing the item or its owner. You can later replace the items in the slots, but the originally-slotted item will be destroyed in the process.

Oh, and of course, you get to name the item. :)

'Nice Episode' by Svengard
Submitted on 2008-10-06 11:20:44 CST
Can't wait for Moria to come out! Really enjoyed the interview. lol, thought that little clip at the end there with your fan was funny also.

Thanks for putting out the 'cast. Look forward to the next episode.

'thanks @ AmAvocet' by rocknerd
Submitted on 2008-10-06 21:07:16 CST
nice info Am thanks! didnt know about that. sounds like you might be in the beta hmmm?

anyways, moria is going to be incredible, i cant wait.

'No beta for me. :(' by AmAvocet
Submitted on 2008-10-06 22:47:44 CST
I haven't been invited to participate in the beta test. My info comes from the same place as Lady Sinaea's: I was at PAX. :)

I posted a report of my experience on my Kinship's forums. I didn't take notes, so it is rather incomplete, but you may read it at

'Love the Podcast!' by Jaxom92
Submitted on 2008-10-14 15:37:36 CST
Hey Sinaea, love the podcast. You've greatly improved it from the other hosts, and I've been listening since the beginning. And it's gotten better and better as each episode comes out. It's on my regular listening list and I'm glad you put in the effort. There doesn't seem to be any other regular LOTRO podcast out there, but the void is perfectly filled with RingCast.

I've also noticed a distinct lack of a devoted LOTRO blog out there as well. I don't know if you have one or not, but if you do, I'd love to read it. As such, I decided to attempt my first blog by filling this void: Middle-Earth Adventurer @ A little long, but oh well...

And I'm not asking for a plug on the show or anything. Just wanted to let you, as a fellow LOTRO player, know it exists.

'Oops!' by AmAvocet
Submitted on 2008-10-17 01:59:43 CST
Well, I must have misunderstood the dev at PAX. You do have to be level 50 to use Legendary Items. Sorry to have misled you! :(