I recently had a Skype chat with Legends franchise developers Spacetime Studios , specifically with Adrian Glover and Greg Mueller, Assistant General Managers. They told me all about the new Arcane Legends update and expansion, Rage of the Ren’gol, which should be live as you read this. You guys. It sounds really awesome. It starts when players … Continue reading Arcane Legends Rage of the Ren’gol dev interview and first-look!

ME and Leesha pull a bunch of packs and go do a gauntlet and fight monsters and have advennttuurree! — Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/beauhindman

Ugh, spent too much time this early morn trying to figure out how to make particular categories in a self-hosted WordPress private.

Next game TDB!: http://t.co/y1QeFC82In
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Next game TDB!: http://t.co/y1QeFC82In

Next game TDB!: http://t.co/PJ9lEAZ34E
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Next game TDB!: http://t.co/PJ9lEAZ34E

WHAT. @EboniCodes has NOT PLAYED WOW yet. So, we are going to do a livestream tonight or tomorrow of her first steps into the game.

Holy moly @BeyondEyes_ looks so neat. I can’t wait to play it! You help lead a young blind girl through the world!

Oh…. that hashtag…. did they know how Twitter works? https://t.co/b41pEAe9uc

19 bucks to my first goal! HEP-UL! Creating Words and videos about MMORPGs @Patreon https://t.co/5zGNaGCkki

Just 20$ to my first goal! Please donate/RT! Creating Words and videos about MMORPGs @Patreon https://t.co/5zGNaGCkki

I still have @MyAlganon expansion codes, a 20$ value! If you want one, lemme know! http://t.co/qPNi6K7ZII

Why didn’t I buy these from @TerraToys yesterday?! http://t.co/8TEsXGLPus

MMO screenshot #4989: Dragonica Online http://t.co/BICLlioKiO

So far, I have achieved most of my list of 5 activities to do this weekend: http://t.co/tS9yJWI6KD

One of my favorite things in the world is Data and Geordi’s friendship.

I don’t get it. When I am in an MMO or other game, I prefer to make a character who is ugly like me. Don’t get the perfect avatar thing.

I mean, I get wanting to look different than you do currently, but I would just rather not look perfect. Just a style thing I guess.

Want an example? I mean the difference between The Chronicles of Spellborn (good ugly) and Aion (bad beautiful.)

Great deal for anyone wanting to farm and stuff with their pals. https://t.co/fErEyX6Swe

HONK!! https://t.co/XrBlEWImTo
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HONK!! https://t.co/XrBlEWImTo

Anyone else want an @MyAlganon expansion key, lemme know! http://t.co/qPNi6K7ZII

Half way to 1st goal! Support me in creating Words and videos about MMORPGs @Patreon https://t.co/5zGNaGCkki

I wish we could go an meet the handsome gorilla. But Japan is like 34 minutes away!!

I have several @MyAlganon Steam keys for the Rise Of The Ourobani expansion. If you want one, let me know. http://t.co/qPNi6K7ZII BRB

Awesome. :) https://t.co/mOc3kalDka
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Awesome. https://t.co/mOc3kalDka

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