Important: Patch Rundown – 4.13, Building a Better Team Builder
Important: Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 7/31/2014 - Arcade MF Splash, New Ward Pings, New Profile Icon, Item Changes

Top 5 Items We Miss From League of Legends

WIP Post

Arcade MF Splash

New Ward Pings?

NOTE: Unconfirmed yet, will need to see it in game


   Friendly Ward                  Enemy Ward    

New Profile Icon


Item Changes

Head of Kha'Zix

  • [NEW] Special Bonus: Rengar has increased vision range while in brush.

Sanguine Blade

  • Now gives 50 Attack Damage (up from 40)
  • Now costs 2175 gold (down from 2275)

Patch Rundown – 4.13, Building a Better Team Builder
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Patch Rundown – 4.13

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

We’re back with the second episode of Patch Rundown!

Patch 4.13’s one of the last updates before Worlds, so we have tweaks aplenty for a number of champions! This rundown, MsPudding’s joined by Statikk and Fearless alongside Team Dignitas’ very own Scarra to discuss Sona’s update along with changes to aggro junglers and assassins.

As before, we’re looking for feedback to help us improve future videos, so add in your comments below!

Meddler and Gypsylord on Gnar
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Important: Patch 4.13 Notes
Important: Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 7/29/2014 - Gnar, Riot Kayle, Arcade MF

Meddler and Gypsylord on Gnar

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Max rank Gnar W does 14% Max HP magic damage

Oh, and his other abilities are physical damage too so you can't just itemize for magic resist.

So yes Gnar's W does a decent chunk of damage. I won't comment on whether or not it's OP (numbers can change) but I will throw out 2 things to think about.

Gnar's range is very low which requires him to put himself in some degree of danger when AA'ing enemies. It starts at 400 and reaches 502 at level 18.

The number of W procs Gnar can get is gated by the fact that every AA brings him closer to transforming at which point he loses access to his ranged AA's and his W proc.

Wait, what?

Why does his range scale up?

Basically 500 range Gnar was too oppressive in lane while 400 range Gnar was somewhat useless in teamfights. Scaling the range allowed us to realize the play patterns we wanted throughout the course of the entire game.

Patch 4.13 Notes
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Patch 4.13 Notes

Important: Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 7/29/2014 - Gnar, Riot Kayle, Arcade MF

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Hi Summoners,

Welcome to patch 4.13! With the World Championships on the very near horizon, we're ramping up our efforts to promote more diversity in competitive play (boy are you going to hear this a lot). While this patch might seem really big - and it is! - it's more about the breadth of changes than any deep shakeups. What that really means is we've got about 40+ patch entries, but each change alone isn't going to be very significant in isolation.

So with strategic diversity as our target in 4.13 (and this will be the same for upcoming patches leading to worlds), we've gone ahead and divided up our sections based on specific groups or themes. Under each category you can see our overarching goals and philosophies as well as deeper context on each individual champion, item, or summoner spell. Remember you can navigate through it all via our table of contents on the top right of the screen!

Included in patch 4.13 is also a gameplay update for Sona! While Sona hasn't been on the very strong or very weak ends of the support spectrum, we saw a cool opportunity to give her more meaningful (and recognizable) gameplay without heavily changing her aura-focused playstyle. We'll have more context below in her gameplay update, or you can check out the Sona gameplay update page! Regardless, on with the patch notes!
Most changes in the fighter category are aimed at the jungle (with a few top lane tweaks), so we'll focus the discussion there. Back in patch 4.11 we made some updates to roll the tanks back into the jungle and while we're seeing a lot of diversity in most levels of play, it's less the case in the competitive scene. Specifically, there are three early-aggro junglers (Elise, Evelynn, and Lee Sin) who are very suffocating in organized games, and their early dominance is bullying out alternative choices. Toning down these three should give others a fighting chance.

Elise's cocoon got skinnier and her rappel range got shortened

Thanks to her strong dueling power, great objective control (both in damage and spiderling tanking), and high utility ganks, Elise's got all the right things to make her a priority pick in competitive play. You'll hear the same for Lee Sin, but when a champion has so many strengths, it's tough to choose the right direction to take them. For now, our focus is less on introducing new meaningful weaknesses for Elise, and more about reducing her consistency and reliability in getting to targets.
  • E - Cocoon
    • WIDTH 70 55
    • SPIDER-VISION Fixed a bug where Cocoon was providing vision longer than the stun duration (now correctly matches it)
  • E - Rappel

    • SOME PREAMBLE Rappel now calculates its range from the center of Elise to the center of the target edge of Elise to the edge of the target (this means Rappel gains about +75 range)
    • RANGE 925 750 (~825 range if using the old targeting calculations)


Evelynn's Q deals less damage unless she builds more AD / AP (it scales better at higher levels). Q also costs less mana.

Right now Evelynn's high base damage means she can go tanky while still blowing people up, so we're hoping she'll think more about her priorities with these changes. Basically if Evelynn wants to kill things quickly, she'll need to build offensively for it - if she wants to tank it out in the middle of fight, she'll have to itemize for that. Also, we know Evelynn's arguably not a fighter, but we put her here for the sake of better organization (nyah).
  • Q - Hate Spike
    • MAGIC DAMAGE 40/60/80/100/120 30/45/60/75/90
    • ABILITY POWER RATIO 0.45 0.35/0.4/0.45/0.5/0.55
    • BONUS ATTACK DAMAGE RATIO 0.5 0.5/0.55/0.6/0.65/0.7
    • COST 16/22/28/34/40 mana 12/18/24/30/36 mana


NO MORE OPEN BAR. Gragas pays mana for his drunkenness and Q deals less damage to minions.

Way back when we gave Gragas a gameplay update, we wanted to solve the thematic problem where a big fat drunken brawler was being played as a backline mage who throws barrels for days. These changes mean Gragas works best when he's scrapping in the middle of a fight, and not hiding like a sissy.
  • Q - Barrel Roll
    • [NEW] GRAGGY LIGHT Now does 70% damage to minions
  • W - Drunken Rage
    • [NEW] COST Now costs 30 mana at all ranks
    • COOLDOWN 8/7.5/6/6.5/6 seconds 8/7/6/5/4 seconds
    • DAMAGE REDUCTION 3 seconds 2.5 seconds
    • SNEAKY DRINKING Fixed a bug where Drunken Rage could be used twice in a row if Gragas was interrupted as soon as he started drinking
    • BRAWLING ETIQUETTE Fixed a bug where Drunken Rage would sometimes not play the proper keg smash animation on attack
  • E - Body Slam
    • BUGFIXED BELLY Fixed a bug where Body Slam would occasionally fail to work when Gragas leveled it first or second


Hecarim pays less mana for his Q and his passive scales better with being a horse

Way back in the day, Hecarim used to have near infinite sustain in the jungle and we made targeted balance changes to address that. On re-examining, we overshot some of those nerfs.
  • Passive - Warpath
    • WARPATHIER Hecarim gains bonus attack damage equal to 10/12.5/15/17.5/20/22.5/25% 15/17.5/20/22.5/25/27.5/30% of his bonus movement speed
  • Q - Rampage
    • COST 24/28/32/36/40 mana 24/26/28/30/32 mana



What this change means is that Jax will finish his attack animations a little faster but it's not a direct buff to his attack speed. It's a weird concept but basically his last-hitting is more responsive.
  • General
    • LAMPPOST SWINGING SPEED Jax finishes his attack animation a little faster (19% to be exact)

Lee Sin

Lee's shield duration got cut in half, and Cripple no longer reduces attack speed (only movement speed)

Like Elise, Lee Sin has a ton of strengths and few weaknesses, so it's equally tough to find the right direction to take him. In this case, after considering a lot of player feedback about Lee Sin's identity as a high-pressure early jungler who falls off late, we're maintaining that direction in our changes (specifically through the late-game falloff on his survivability and utility).
  • General
    • BASE HEALTH REGEN 6.95 health per 5 seconds 8.95 health per 5 seconds
  • W - Safeguard
    • SHIELD DURATION 4 seconds 2 seconds
  • E - Cripple
    • [REMOVED] NEVER SKIP LEG DAY Cripple no longer reduces enemy attack speed (only reduces movement speed)


Olaf can use R more often at lower levels, and W's healing amp works better with missing health

Olaf hasn't had the best time adapting to the evolving game (especially losing out on a lot of cooldown reduction + health items), so he's getting a few buffs to keep up.
  • Q - Undertow
    • COOLDOWN 8 seconds 7 seconds
  • W - Vicious Strikes
    • HEALING AMPLIFICATION +1% healing per 2.5% missing health +1% healing per 2% missing health
  • R - Ragnarok
    • COOLDOWN 120/100/80 seconds 100/90/80 seconds

This was one of the toughest and longest-standing bugs to track down. Yeesh.
  • R - Stand United
    • [NEW] SEE YOU IN THE LCS Fixed a bug where Shen would occasionally fail to teleport to his protected target for no reason


Shyvana can't double her W duration through dragon form, and her flame trail now applies damage less often (on par with W's damage tick rate)

While we didn't want to make significant changes to Shyvana, we did make two bugfixes which should tame some of her more obscure strength.
  • W - Burnout
    • [REMOVED] DRAGON TAMING Burnout can no longer be extended past its intended maximum duration through the use of Dragon's Descent
    • CONTROLLED FIRE Dragon's Descent's Flame Trail now applies damage every 0.75 seconds 1.0 seconds (to match Burnout's damage rate)

Mages & Assassins
Echoing back to our overarching philosophy of champion diversity, we saw a lot of opportunities for low-scope buffs to give those 'almost-there' champions.

Kayle's E scales slightly better with ability power, and her R is on a lower cooldown at early levels

We're just backing up a bit from our previous Kayle changes from 4.11.
  • E - Righteous Fury
    • ABILITY POWER RATIO 0.2 0.25
  • R - Intervention
    • COOLDOWN 110/95/80 seconds 100/90/80 seconds


I'm not re-summarizing a single line of change. You're going to have to read it. Go on.

Without a silence, LeBlanc's even more reliant on Distortion as it lets her sneak around the map for clever ambushes.
  • W - Distortion
    • COST 80/90/100/110/120 mana 80/85/90/95/100 mana


Lissandra can use Q more often at later levels, W's ability power ratio has gone down, but R now slows for a lot more

I'm going to directly quote someone here: "We want to emphasize Lissandra's strengths that aren't 'stun some fool for 1.5 seconds and then burst them down.'"

In other words, we're giving this ice mage more sustained damage in the late game while also improving her battlefield control. This does mean we need to tune down some of Lissandra's burstiness (especially with Q getting a full second reduction), but overall it lets us highlight more of her unique talents.
  • Q - Ice Shard
    • COOLDOWN 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds 6/5.25/4.5/3.75/3 seconds
  • W - Ring of Frost
    • ABILITY POWER RATIO 0.60 0.40
  • R - Frozen Tomb
    • SLOW 20/30/40% 30/45/75%


Lulu's Glitterlance slow no longer scales with ability power, and Whimsy's movement speed buff duration now scales with rank. Whimsy also costs less at later levels.

We initially thought solo lane Lulu was a unique addition to the game, so we wanted to let her stay a viable pick in both solo and duo lanes. That said, top lane Lulu is currently shutting down a lot of diversity in competitive play and, because Lulu's solo lane and support power are tied so closely together, we had to go for changes that reduce her oppressive strengths first. As an aside, we know this isn't a great situation where we keep indirectly reducing support Lulu's power to maintain her viability as a mage, so this is something we'll have to really consider for the future.
  • Q - Glitterlance
    • [REMOVED] MIGHT AS WELL BE A SNARE Glitterlance's slow decay no longer scales with ability power
  • W - Whimsy
    • MOVEMENT SPEED BUFF DURATION 5 seconds at all ranks 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds
    • COST 65/70/75/80/85 mana 65 mana at all ranks


Everyone get excited for the Lux buff! At early levels this might be a slight reduction to her damage, but as soon as Lux picks up some AP, it'll start scaling much better.

We thought Lux needed some extra help scaling into the late game, so...
  • Passive - Illumination
    • DAMAGE 10 + (10 x level) 10 + (8 x level) (+ 0.2 ability power)

These changes better match Vel'Koz's ability visuals. We're going to blame lack of depth perception here, which really isn't his fault.
  • W - Void Rift
    • MISSILE WIDTH 65 88
  • R - Life Form Disintegration Ray
    • RANGE 1500 1550


Yasuo's passive shield is slightly shorter, Q scales less with attack speed, and W no longer gives bonus flow to E

We've been watching Yasuo over the past few months and while we don't think he's really out of line, we did some fine-tuning to round him out.
  • Passive - Way of the Wanderer
    • SHIELD DURATION 1.5 seconds 1 second
  • Q - Steel Tempest
    • LESS-QUICK-DRAW Steel Tempest now scales less effectively with attack speed and has a minimum cast time of 0.13 seconds 0.18 seconds. The attack speed needed to reach this minimum is unchanged (at 114%, or 60% from items at level 18).
    • BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Steel Tempest's whirlwind was dealing instant damage in the area of a normal Steel Tempest cast as it was traveling out (this is a very minor change)
  • W - Wind Wall
    • [REMOVED] LOW ON FLOW Wind Wall no longer passively grants bonus Flow from dashing


Less bombs in the late game

By increasing the late game cooldown of Mega Inferno Bomb, Ziggs will have to think harder about whether he uses his R for wave clear or if he should save it for an important team fight.
  • R - Mega Inferno Bomb
    • COOLDOWN 120/105/90 seconds 120 seconds at all ranks

Ultimately this was a change we had to make for clarity - sorry Zilean!
  • Q - Time Bomb
    • TECHNICALLY A SIVIR BUFF Fixed a bug where Time Bomb's explosion ignored spell shields

Our big philosophy here is to introduce more strategic diversity in markspeople picks. Right now a lot of competitive teams are opting for strong hypercarry marksmen like Kog'Maw, Tristana, or Twitch, and while we like the strategic power these guys (and girl) bring, their dominant status over alternatives is a big indication that they're not making early tradeoffs for late game scaling.

Graves is putting more damage back into collateral damage. We may have used this joke before, but that doesn't matter. Also Buckshot does more damage for each extra bullet hit.

We're buffing Graves' ability to shoot people with a shotgun.
  • Q - Buckshot
    • THIS IS GONNA TICKLE Hitting a target in the face with Buckshot deals 35% 40% damage for each additional bullet
  • R - Collateral Damage
    • BASE PHYSICAL DAMAGE 250/350/450 250/400/550

We are all very excited about this change. Extremely.
Passive - Get Excited!


Kog's got less base health and his Q shreds less armor / MR at lower ranks

When we made our AD itemization changes back in 4.10, Kog'Maw got significantly stronger on top of his already strong base kit. We still want Koggles to hit his late game power, but in order to get there he needs to have a real weakness in the early to mid game. As a quick rundown on why these changes specifically: Kog's current favored item build (Trinity Force + Blade of the Ruined King) lets him build more utility / tank than traditional Infinity Edge marksmen, but he can still deal tons of damage with Q's high base shred + W's damage amp. Now he'll just take a little longer to hit that level of effectiveness.
  • General
    • BASE HEALTH 524 487
    • HEALTH PER LEVEL 84 87
  • Q - Caustic Spittle
    • ARMOR & MAGIC RESISTANCE SHRED 20/22/24/26/28% 12/16/20/24/28%


Lucian can no longer remove slows with E, and E's cooldown is up across the board

When we made our big Lucian changes in 4.12, we had three concerns in the back of our heads: the first was that Lucian would struggle too much in the early game to hit his mid to late game power (false!), the second was that players would have difficulty adapting to the new Lucian changes (false!), and the third was that he would be a little too strong in the mid to late game so maybe our concerns didn't matter (true!).

Specifically on these changes: giving Relentless Pursuit a reset interaction with Lightslinger (and making it cost 0 mana) makes Lucian almost completely immune to slows, which leads to a lot of 'hard counter' situations where he's untouchable for a number of enemy champions. Ultimately we still want Lucian to have tons of mobility after he's picked up some cooldown reduction, but to make it a healthy mechanic he can't also shrug off any attempt to fight back.
  • E - Relentless Pursuit
    • [REMOVED] OCCASIONALLY RELENTING Relentless Pursuit no longer removes slows
    • COOLDOWN 14/13/12/11/10 seconds 18/17/16/15/14 seconds


Sivir's R gives a longer movement speed burst at later ranks

Sivir's an interesting champion who offers a lot of strategic power from the markswoman role, so we're amping up her unique strengths.
  • R - On The Hunt
    • INITIAL MOVEMENT SPEED 2/3/4 seconds 2/4/6 seconds


Tristana's W slows less at early ranks but more at max rank. E does less damage (especially at early levels).

Tristana follows the same story as Kog'Maw: a hypercarry markswoman who received a few buffs through the season (when it was dominated by mid-game dudes) before exploding onto the scene when we made our AD itemization changes in 4.10. Also like Kog: we want to make sure that Trist makes a meaningful strategic tradeoff with a weaker early to mid game before transforming into a late game powerhouse.
  • W - Rocket Jump
    • SLOW DURATION 2.5 seconds at all levels 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds
  • E - Explosive Shot
    • ACTIVE MAGIC DAMAGE 110/150/190/230/270 80/125/170/215/260


Varus' R is on a lower cooldown, especially at later levels

Varus' core identity in the late game revolves mostly around his initiation and counter-engagement, so we're nudging that up.
  • Q - Piercing Arrow
    • [NEW] CLARITY! Now shows a line indicator in addition to circle indicator while charging
  • R - Chain of Corruption
    • COOLDOWN 120/105/90 seconds 110/90/70 seconds


Vayne gets more attack speed per level. The changes to Final Hour are roughly neutral, as one was a bugfix and the other was to compensate for it.

Vayne's always been one of the best examples of a hyperscaling markswoman, as she has to pay the cost of a weak early game before being rewarded with an extremely strong late game. So we buffed that.
  • General
  • R - Final Hour
    • WHOOPS Fixed a bug where Tumble had an extra +0.1 attack damage ratio while Final Hour was active (now correctly matches Tumble's AD ratios)
    • COMPENSATION FOR THE ABOVE Final Hour grants a bonus 25/40/55 30/50/70 attack damage throughout its duration

On to the supports! Much like our theme for junglers, there are a few 'must-pick' competitive supports in the form of Braum and Thresh (or Nami in lieu of either) that we're looking to tap down just a bit. In general, however, we feel that once we reduce the consistency of these champions, there are a lot of viable picks just waiting to spring into action.

Only you can read Sona's full gameplay update page, Summoner!

Sona's strumming into this session with a harmonious Gameplay Update and an orchestra of new visuals! Keep time with the full symphony of changes hear here!

Not only does this Sona update give us more room to balance her in the future (old Sona's aura abilities were a nightmare, given how statistically strong they were without having much gameplay involved), but it'll also let Sona players show off their skills outside of that one clutch Flash Crescendo play. Now with these new Sona 'snuggle zones,' she'll be amplifying her friends with more impactful (and recognizable) effects.

Or, as Sona so eloquently puts it, "......"
  • General
    • GAMEPLAY Sona has received a Gameplay Update!
    • HAIR AND STUFF Models, textures and animations of Sona and her skins have been updated
    • VISUALS Particle effects and ability icons have been updated
    • SNUGGLE ZONES Sona's new particles now indicate the area of effect of her auras
    • CLARITY Crescendo's particles have been resized to match its hitbox (area of effect unchanged)
    • SHOW ME YOUR MOVES Enemies now dance 50% faster while stunned by Crescendo


Braum's passive deals a bit less damage, W costs a little more mana to use at early ranks, and R's disruption has gone down at early levels. Also people will be un-slowed from exiting Glacial Fissure much faster.

Braum's continuing to dominate games in both high level and competitive, so we're looking to tone down his oppressive laning and stupendous disruption in early fights. Braum will still scale to the same levels (roughly) at the late game, but he won't have so much power in the early to mid to consistently snowball into it.
  • Passive - Concussive Blows
    • BASE MAGIC DAMAGE 38 + (12 x level) 32 + (8 x level)
  • W - Stand Behind Me
    • COST 30/40/50/60/70 mana 50/55/60/65/70 mana
  • R - Glacial Fissure
    • FIRST TARGET KNOCKUP DURATION 1.5 seconds 1.0/1.25/1.5 seconds
    • SLOW 60% 40/50/60%
    • SLOW LINGER DURATION When an enemy leaves Glacial Fissure's field of ice, they'll continue to be slowed for 1.5 seconds 0.25 seconds


Janna's passive range has been increased, and Q now starts counting down the cooldown as it charges

Some small buffs for Janna, given she's still very strong as a disengage support champion.
  • Passive - Tailwind

    • RANGE 800 1000
  • Q - Howling Gale

    • [NEW] HURRAY FOR HURRICANES Cooldown now begins when the Howling Gale begins casting, rather than when it releases
    • KNOCKUP DURATION 0.5 - 1 second 0.5 - 1.25 seconds


Nami moves slightly slower and her W cooldown is going up by 1 second at all ranks

We're shaving off some of Nami's less obvious power as, with Braum and Thresh both receiving nerfs, she's on the rise to being the dominant support pick in competitive play.
  • General
    • MOVEMENT SPEED 340 335
  • W - Ebb and Flow
    • COOLDOWN 9 seconds at all ranks 10 seconds at all ranks


Thresh's lantern only shields the first ally it hits (and himself). The Box no longer deals additional damage to opponents for every wall they run through past the first (but still applies slows).

As Thresh continues to be a reliable top tier support, we decided to tone down some of his less appreciated (but very strong) area-of-effect teamfight presence.
  • W - Dark Passage
    • [NEW] NO GROUP FARES Now only shields the first ally to be near the Lantern. Thresh himself can still always receive the shield.
  • E - Flay
    • BUGFIX Fixed a tooltip bug that listed Flay's slow duration as 1.5 seconds. It's actually 1 second (no actual change).
  • R - The Box
    • [REMOVED] YOU'RE STUCK IN HERE WITH ME The Box no longer deals additional damage to opponents when they break extra walls beyond the first. Extra walls still apply half slow duration.

Item Reorganization

Rearranged the order that item upgrades appear in the store

We're making it a little more intuitive to purchase item upgrades in the store. If you look at the title of this patch note along with our summary, context, and the patch note itself, I think we've found four ways of saying the exact same thing.
REARRANGED THINGS We rearranged the order that items appear in the upgrade section of the store to make it more intuitive
New Search Terms

Search for Spooky Ghosts in the item shop. Do it.

Someone made a special request for these, so we did 'em.
  • Searching for "Yellow" will bring up all Totems
  • Searching for "Red" will bring up all Lenses
  • Searching for "Blue" will bring up all Orbs
  • Searching for "Green" will bring up Sight Wards
  • Searching for "Pink" will bring up Vision Wards

Greater Stealth Totem

C'mon, why do you need a summary here

Right now there seems to be no viable reason to upgrade to a Greater Stealth Totem, so we're giving players a reason to do so. Lower cooldown!
  • COOLDOWN 120 seconds 90 seconds


2 less gold per 10 seconds

As an item that's supposed to be focused on aggressive skirmishing for gold generation, Frostfang and Frost Queen's Claim both create a lot of passive gold on their own, so we're trimming that back a bit.
  • PASSIVE GOLD 4 gold per 10 seconds 2 gold per 10 seconds

Frost Queen's Claim

See above. Or below.

I'm not repeating myself!
  • PASSIVE GOLD 4 gold per 10 seconds 2 gold per 10 seconds

Nomad's Medallion

Now has flat Movement Speed! It's lost a bit of mana regeneration to compensate.

This change makes the Ancient Coin / Nomad's Medallion / Talisman of Ascension line a little more attractive to pick up as a 'roaming support' and initiation support purchase while also making the coin a bit more unique as a gp10 item line.
  • [NEW] MOVEMENT SPEED +10 movement speed
  • MANA REGENERATION 7 mana per 5 seconds 5 mana per 5 seconds

Talisman of Ascension

Now has flat Movement Speed and more health regen! It's lost some cooldown reduction to compensate.

Roughly the same as the above, so go read that.
  • [NEW] MOVEMENT SPEED +20 movement speed
  • HEALTH REGENERATION 10 health per 5 seconds 15 health per 5 seconds

Deathfire Grasp

Deathfire Grasp's cooldown has gone up

Pre-warning: this context is going to get nerdy.

Deathfire Grasp amps up a lot of existing low-interaction gameplay (ie: huge burst with no opportunity to react) without adding more skill to the mix. While this is a larger problem we'll have to tackle in the future, we felt that it was important to at least increase DFG's cooldown so that it's more appropriately balanced against a lot of 'anti-burst' spells / items (ie: exhaust, heal, Zhonya's Hourglass, etc). If we don't have to worry about DFG turning a champion into a one-shot wizard (hello Lissandra), it also means we can potentially give healthy assassins better tools to work with.
  • COOLDOWN 60 seconds 90 seconds

Rylai's Crystal Scepter


A small increase on Rylai's overall slot efficiency as an offensively oriented control item.
  • ABILITY POWER 80 100
  • HEALTH 500 400

Banshee's Veil

Banshee's Veil takes longer to recharge

The low cooldown on Banshee's Veil's spell shield allows it to be 'up' for the arrival of every new minion wave, which makes it a little too strong in evenly matched scenarios where one team is trying to siege out the other under a tower.
  • SPELL SHIELD RECHARGE TIME 25 seconds 40 seconds

Chalice of Harmony

Chalice of Harmony's magic resistance has gone down. It takes you more time to read this summary than it does to read the patch note. How does that make you feel.

We're going just a little harder on Chalice of Harmony so that picking it up is more about getting the manafont passive.

Sword of the Occult

We're rounding up.

We learned how to math when we realized Sword of the Occult wasn't so hot at it.
  • SWORDS ARE NO GOOD AT ROUNDING UP Sword of the Occult loses 6 stacks 7 stacks when dying at 20 stacks

Madred's Razors

A small quality of life buff where Madred's Razors now track your stacks toward a Feral Flare

We're adding a buff tracker so you know what you're missing out on and not sitting on a Madred's Razors for... 77 minutes (just kidding!).
  • [NEW] FERAL TRACKING Added a buff on your buff bar showing how many stacks you have toward a Feral Flare while you have Madred's Razor in your inventory. Only displays on Summoner's Rift.

Twisted Treeline & Crystal Scar
Blackfire Torch

Increasing Blackfire Torch's cooldown to match the changes to Deathfire Grasp

The following is going to sound very familiar if you've read our context on Deathfire Grasp:

Blackfire Torch amps up a lot of existing low-interaction gameplay (ie: huge burst with no opportunity to react) without adding more skill to the mix. While this is a larger problem we'll have to tackle in the future, we felt that it was important to at least increase BFT's cooldown so that it's more appropriately balanced against a lot of 'anti-burst' spells / items (ie: exhaust, heal, Zhonya's Hourglass, etc). If we don't have to worry about BFT turning a champion into a one-shot wizard (hello Lissandra), it also means we can potentially give healthy assassins better tools to work with.
  • COOLDOWN 60 seconds 90 seconds

Crystal Scar

Higher cooldown on Q and E

Fizz's mobility and damage are a little too high for the "skirmishy" nature of Dominion. With some CDR, Fizz could jump in and out of fights with ease. Increasing his cooldowns will force Fizz to be more careful when using his mobility.
  • Q - Urchin Strike
    • COOLDOWN 10/9/8/7/6 seconds 11/10/9/8/7 seconds
  • E - Playful / Trickster
    • COOLDOWN 16/14/12/10/8 seconds 16/14.5/13/11.5/10 seconds

Summoner Spells

Reduces less damage than before, now slightly lowers target's armor and magic resistance

This change should reduce some of Exhaust's anti-assassin power while also giving it more diversity as a multi-use summoner spell (flat armor / MR shred means it'll be super effective against low-defense assassins or marksmen!).
  • [NEW] ARMOR & MAGIC RESISTANCE SHRED Now shreds 10 of the target's armor and magic resistance


Less heals for all.

As a summoner spell that affects two champions and gives a movement speed bonus, we've now realized that Heal is pretty strong. Too strong.
  • HEAL AMOUNT 95 - 475 90 - 345

Team Builder
We've made a number of improvements to Team Builder in the months since its initial release. This patch, we're adding improved matchmaking to the list of updates!
  • Team Builder is receiving a few updates in the days following the initial 4.13 deploy:
    • Team Builder matchmaking now takes into account your experience with the specific champion, position and role you've selected.
    • Players can now unlock new role-themed summoner icons by playing 5 games in Team Builder as a specific role

Match History Beta
Based on your feedback, we've been adding new tools and visualizations to the Match History over the past few patches. Here are some of our recent changes!
  • Color blind mode has been added
  • Vilemaw is now tracked as an objective for Twisted Treeline matches
  • A Match Breakdown section has been added, providing:
    • Graphs for Champion Kills, Gold, Damage, and Wards
    • Champion portrait indicators for First Blood, First Tower Destroyed, Largest Multi Kill and Largest Killing Spree
  • Selecting a champion in the minimap's Champion Kills view now also indicates their death locations
While we were at it, we squashed a few bugs and inconsistencies with Match History's data tracking and reporting.
  • Purple team objectives are now tracked correctly for Co-op vs. AI matches
  • Item tooltips for matches played on previous patches now display item details specific to that patch
  • Fixed a few rendering bugs for matches longer than 60 minutes
  • Fixed a bug where item undo wasn't reversing gold spent, causing players to appear to have spent more than they earned
  • Clicking a match in another player's in-client match history now correctly highlights them on the web
Lastly, while our focus is on making the Match History web experience as awesome as possible, we've added a bit more information to the client's "at a glance" match history view for players who want the bare essentials.
  • Item build, gold earned and summoner spells have been added to the in-client "at a glance" match history

Skin Splash Updates
We've temporarily swapped out some skin splashes with their international counterparts to bring them more in line with our quality bar. We're committed to raising the quality of our splash art across the board, but our focus for now is on improving base champion splashes.
  • SPLASHES 33 old skin splashes have been updated

New Player Features
As part of our continued onboarding efforts, we're experimenting with ways to help new players learn intermediate concepts outside of game. In this case, we're targeting last hitting with a gentle end-of-game tip that'll occasionally show up for lower level players, becoming less frequent as they get the hang of CSing.
  • New players will now sometimes see a tip at the end of game screen to introduce the concept of last hitting.

Match Loading Speeds
Toasters rejoice!
  • Improved match loading speeds by 10-30%, particularly for older machines

  • Tooltips for Sheen, Trinity Force, Lich Bane and Iceborn Gauntlet now correctly list the Spellblade passive as having a 1.5 second cooldown (actual value unchanged)
  • Fixed a bug causing players to get stuck in Spectator mode at the end of a match
  • Fixed a few tooltip bugs with Spirit of the Ancient Golem
  • Fixed a bug where the game clock would occasionally become desynchronized, causing buffs to appear to spawn too early
  • Fixed an Undo feature bug with activatable items
Since launching our new audio engine last patch, we've been working to fix a lot of small differences that crept in.
  • Howling Abyss death music is now properly controlled via the Music slider in Sound Options
  • Fixed a few issues where players were hearing sounds from distant areas of the map
  • Removed various VO lines that snuck in with the new engine
  • Rebalanced a number of sound effects to more closely match their old levels
  • Fixed a few instances where some effects were playing for too long, getting cut off, or improperly playing on top of each other

Upcoming Skins

The following skins will be released at various times during Patch 4.13:

As an aside, for those of you who read all the way through the patch notes, bravo!

WIP Post

UPDATE: We're in the game now, Gnar pics are already there
NOTE: New Ascension files arrived! The recommended items.
NOTE2: Summoner's Rift update is back!


In-game look


Check out official abilities reveal!

Base Stats

  • Damage:48(+3 per level)
  • Health:495(+65 per level)
  • Mana:100
  • Movement Speed:325
  • Armor:21.5(+2.5 per level)
  • Magic Resist:30
  • Health Per 5 Sec:2.5
  • Mana Per 5 Sec:0
  • Range:150


  • Passive: Rage Gene
    While in combat Gnar generates Fury. At maximum Fury his next ability will transform him into Mega Gnar, granting increased surviviability and access to new spells.
  • Gnar - [Q] - Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss

    • Small Gnar: Throws a boomerang that deals 10/45/80/115/150 (+) physical damage and slows Movement Speed by 15/20/25/30/35% for 2/2/2/2/2 seconds before returning towards Gnar. Enemies hit beyond the first take 50/50/50/50/50% damage.

    • Big Gnar: Throws a boulder that stops when it hits an enemy, slowing all nearby enemies and dealing 10/50/90/130/170 (+) physical damage.
      If Gnar catches his boomerang or picks up his boulder its cooldown is reduced by 60/60/60/60/60%.
      Range: 1100
      Cooldown: 20/17.5/15/12.5/10

  • Gnar - [W] - Hyper / Wallop
    • Small Gnar: Passive: Every 3rd attack or spell on the same target deals an additional 25/30/35/40/45 (+1) + 6/8/10/12/14% of the target's max Health as magic damage and grants Gnar % Movement Speed that decays over 3 seconds (max 75/125/175/225/275 damage vs. monsters).
      Gnar gains Hyper's speed bonus whenever he turns from Big to Small.
    • Big Gnar: Stuns enemies in an area for 1.25 seconds, dealing 25/50/75/100/125 (+) physical damage.
      Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8
  • Gnar - [E] - Hop / Crunch
    • Small Gnar: Leaps to a location, gaining 20/30/40/50/60% Attack Speed for 3/3/3/3/3 seconds. If Gnar lands on a unit he will bounce off of it, traveling further. Deals 20/60/100/140/180 (+) [6% of Gnar's Max Health] physical damage and slows briefly if the unit landed on was an enemy.
    • Big Gnar: Leaps to a location and deals 20/60/100/140/180 (+) [6% of Gnar's Max Health] physical damage to all nearby enemies on landing. Enemies Gnar lands directly on top of are slowed briefly.
      Range: 475
      Cooldown: 18/16.5/15/13.5/12
  • Gnar - [R] - GNAR!
    • Small Gnar: Passive: Increases Hyper's Movement Speed bonus to 45/60/75%.
    • Big Gnar: Knocks all nearby enemies in the specified direction, dealing 200/300/400 (+) physical damage and slowing them by 60% for 1.5/1.75/2 seconds. Any enemy that hits a wall takes 150% damage and is stunned instead of slowed.
      Range: 590
      Cooldown: 120/100/80


The jungle does not forgive blindness. Every broken branch tells a story.

I've hunted every creature this jungle has to offer. I was certain there were no challenges left here, but now there is something new. Each track is the size of a tusklord; its claws like scimitars. It could rend a man in half. Finally, worthy prey.

As I stalk my prize through the jungle, I begin to see the damage this thing has wrought. I step into a misshapen circle of splintered trees. These giant wooden sentinels have stood over this land for countless ages, their iron-like hides untouched by the flimsy axes of anyone foolish enough to attempt to cut them down. This thing brushed them aside like they were twigs.

How can a creature with this level of strength disappear so easily? And yet, even though it has left this unmistakable trail of destruction, I have been unable to lay my eye upon it. How can it appear like a hurricane then fade into the jungle like the morning mist?

I thrill in anticipation of finally standing before this creature. It will make a tremendous trophy.

Passing through the clearing, I follow the sound of a stream to get my bearings once more. There I see a small shock of orange fur, crouching, waiting. I spy on it from a distance. A tiny fish splashes out of the stream and the creature scrambles for it, diving gleefully into the rushing water. To my joy, I realize it's a yordle. And a hunter, at that!

This is a good omen. The beast will be found. Nothing will escape me.

The yordle's large ears perk up and face towards me. He runs on all fours with a bone boomerang in hand, quickly stopping in front of me. He babbles.

I nod in appreciation at the young yordle and venture onwards. I traverse the difficult terrain with ease, trying to pick up any sign of my quarry. As I try to pick up his scent, a distraction. I'm startled by strange chittering. The yordle followed me. I cannot allow him to disrupt my hunt. I face him and point into the distance. He looks at me quizzically. I need to be more insistent, good omen or no.

I rear back and let out a roar, the wind whipping the yordle's fur and the ground rumbling beneath us. After a few short seconds, he turns his head and, with what I think could be a smile, he holds up his small boomerang. There can be no further delay. I snatch the weapon out of his hand and expertly throw it into a tree, impaling it high amongst the branches. He turns and scrambles for it, jumping frantically.

I barely get ten paces when a roar shakes me to my very spine. The deafening crack of stone and wood echoes all around. Ahead, a giant tree crashes across my path. The bone weapon of the yordle juts out from its trunk.

An unearthly growl rises behind me.

I've made a terrible mistake.


Playing as him

  • Managing your Fury is very important. Try to time out your transformations so you can get maximum benefit from both forms.
  • Position yourself next to walls to bait your enemies into getting stunned by your ultimate.
  • Know your strengths! Little Gnar is fast, squishy, and has high sustained damage. Big Gnar is slow, tough, and has high burst.

Playing against him

  • Gnar can't gain rage for 10 seconds after he turns from big to little. Use this chance to engage on his team.
  • Gnar's animations and resource bar change as he gets closer to transforming.
  • Gnar's ultimate stuns if he hits you into a wall. Be careful when fighting him near one.

Dino Gnar

He looks a bit... weird? I'll take a closer look once PBE is up

Riot Kayle

Arcade MF

Champion Changes


  • Neurotoxin [ Q ] - Range is now 550 (down from 625)


  • Base Attack Speed/lvl is now 2.5% (up from 2.2%)

Item Changes


  • UNIQUE Active slow duration is now 2.5 seconds (up from 2)

Oracle's Lens (Trinket)

  • Tooltip update: Now says "Reveals and disables nearby invisible traps and invisible wards" from "Reveals and disables nearby invisible traps,devices and wards"

Sanguine Blade

  • 15% Life Steal is now UNIQUE Passive
  • New UNIQUE passive:
    Your basic attacks can now overheal you.Excess life is stored as a shield that can block 50-350 damage,based on champion level.
    This shield decays slowly if you haven't dealt or taken damage in the last 25 seconds.

Gnar, the Missing Link, revealed
Posted by News [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 29 July 2014, 2:45 pm

Gnar, the Missing Link, revealed

Make sure to check out the official site

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Time marches on for most, but not Gnar. A yordle born millennia ago, Gnar was captured and trapped in true ice, frozen - quite literally - in time. Civilizations formed and fell as the prehistoric yordle vacantly stared on, but nothing – not even true ice – could confine Gnar forever. After breaking free, he wandered Runeterra until he found himself taken in by his yordle descendants. But, as they would soon discover, there’s a beast behind the boy.


  • Passive: Rage Gene
    Gnar builds up rage in combat. Once he fills his rage bar, Gnar’s next ability transforms him into Mega Gnar, giving him bonus armor, magic resist, health and attack damage at the expense of movement speed, attack speed and attack range. If Mini Gnar doesn’t use an ability, he transforms into Mega Gnar after a few seconds anyway. While in Mega Gnar form, his rage slowly runs down, and once it’s exhausted, he turns back into Mini Gnar. After transforming back, Mini Gnar briefly becomes tired and can't gain rage for a few seconds.
  • Q: Mini Gnar - Boomerang Throw
    Gnar chucks his boomerang in a target direction, dealing damage to the first enemy struck while applying a slow. After striking an enemy, the boomerang slows before returning to Gnar, dealing reduced damage to all enemies in its path. If Gnar catches it, he reduces Boomerang Throw’s cooldown significantly.

  • Q: Mega Gnar - Boulder Toss
    Gnar launches a huge boulder in a target direction, damaging and slowing the first target in the boulder’s path along with all nearby enemies. Once it’s landed, Gnar can pick the boulder up to reduce Boulder Toss’ cooldown.
  • W: Mini Gnar - Hyper (passive)
    Every third attack or ability against a target deals percent max health as magic damage. Whenever Hyper triggers, or when Mega Gnar transforms back into Mini Gnar, he gains a moderate movement speed boost that decays over time.
  • W: Mega Gnar - Wallop
    Gnar stands on his back legs before slamming his fists into the ground, damaging and briefly stunning all enemies in front of him.
  • E: Mini Gnar - Hop
    Gnar jumps in a target direction and gains a moderate attack speed boost. If Gnar lands on a unit, he bounces, hopping again in the same direction. If Gnar hops onto an enemy unit, he also damages and slows them.
  • E: Mega Gnar - Crunch
    Gnar launches himself in a target direction, damaging and slowing all enemies he lands directly on.
  • R: Mega Gnar - GNAR!
    Gnar throws a tantrum, tossing all enemies around him in a target direction. All enemies thrown are slowed and damaged, while enemies thrown into walls, including turrets and base structures, suffer extra damage and are stunned.
Gnar’s a prehistoric yordle best suited to the Rift’s top lane. A transform champion with clear strengths and weaknesses in both Mini and Mega forms, Gnar fights best when he anticipates his fits of rage, and come late game, brawls most effectively as a tank or fighter.
Top Lane

Gnar’s rage meter fills slowest at the start of the game, so mastering his Mini form is key to a successful early game. Fortunately, Mini Gnar has plenty of tricks up his furry sleeves to keep his more fragile form safe from enemy aggression. Boomerang Throw deals decent damage to his lane opponent, and its slow helps Gnar maintain distance and avoid retaliation. Once unlocked, Hyper applies further damage, helping Gnar gain lane dominance with timely basic attacks and repeated Boomerang Throws. Mini Gnar is best off saving Hop as an escape: it’s a solid disengage ability that he can use on lane opponents or junglers as they come in to take him out.

And then there’s Mega Gnar. A brutal beast with significant crowd control and surprising burst, Mega Gnar brings a completely different playstyle to bear complete with inherent strengths and weaknesses. He’s a juggernaut: slow, strong and resilient, and while he delivers a punishing burst of damage, he has little to follow up with. While Mini Gnar is nimble enough to dart around the edges of combat, Mega Gnar thrives in the heart of the fight. After Crunching in to face his enemy top laner, quick casts of Boulder Toss and Wallop should see all but the most defensive of enemies pummeled effectively. He has considerable vulnerabilities, though, particular when being ganked. Mega Gnar has no effective means of escape, and has to rely on raw health and resistances to keep him alive as he lumbers back to the safety of his tower. Things change meaningfully once Gnar hits six and gains access to GNAR! While it hits hard enough, the utility is strong enough to save Gnar’s life - and end his enemy’s - particularly when they’ve strayed close to walls. Bait your opponent into the brush as Mini Gnar, then transform and use GNAR! to smash them into the wall, stunning them as you burst them down with the rest of your abilities. If your enemy’s particularly confident and tower dives, use the ability to stun them against your turret. When trying to survive a gank, simply throwing them away should give you the time you need to escape.


Gnar has three distinct phases during teamfights, each oriented around timing his forms. First, he needs to avoid engaging for a while as Mini Gnar builds up rage, kiting with basic attacks, Boomerang Throw and Hyper’s passive to put a dent in the enemy frontline. Once Gnar’s about to pop, he’s best suited Bouncing in towards the enemy team. Whenever Mini Gnar’s activates an ability with full Rage, he transforms into Mega Gnar while using it, so while the gathered targets might see a small ball of fluff leaping towards them, something very different will land in their midst.

Once Mega Gnar’s landed, his role is to disrupt as much as possible, using Boulder Toss and Wallop to damage and crowd control all nearby enemies. Gnar works best as his team’s tank here, blocking skillshots with his considerable frame and forcing the enemy damage dealers to focus on him. Knowing when to use GNAR! is critical: smart timing can interrupt several enemy abilities simultaneously, while smart positioning can send the entire enemy team crashing into a structure, stunning them all and giving his allies the chance to secure kills.

As Mega Gnar’s Rage meter starts to fade, Mini Gnar’s strengths become an amazing asset in clean-up. He’s fast, he can close gaps with Hop and his basic attacks, which, when numerous enough, trigger Hyper and give Mini Gnar a huge movement speed boost. Add in Boomerang Throw, and Gnar has all the tools he needs to catch and finish off his targets.


Works well with:

Lulu - the Fae Sorceress

Lulu’s kit handily fills in Gnar’s weaknesses and supplements his strengths in both forms. She can shield Mini Gnar with Help, Pix! whenever he’s under attack, while Whimsy gives Mega Gnar all the movement he needs to help him stick to the enemy team and dish out his AoE damage.

Amumu - the Sad Mummy

Come late game, Gnar thrives when he has a primary tank initiator to follow up on. Amumu’s perfect: his Q to R combo locks down enemy teams, meaning Mega Gnar can Crunch in and complement Amumu’s AoE damage with his own.

Orianna - the Lady of Clockwork

The ball delivery system lives on whenever Mega Gnar leaps into the enemy team! Combining Crunch and Command: Shockwave (Crunchwave?) deals devastating damage, and Orianna can follow up with Command: Dissonance, which slows the enemies and speeds Mega Gnar’s otherwise lumbering gait.

Struggles against:

Teemo - the Swift Scout

Teemo outranges Gnar and deals enough damage over time with his Toxic Shots to beat him in a war of attrition. The Swift Scout can also blind Gnar in basic attack battles, or turn to Move Quick to dodge everything from boomerangs and boulders to Mega Gnars.

Irelia - the Will of the Blades

Though Gnar can trade well with Irelia over the opening few levels, by level 5, she has all the true damage, sustain, speed and resilience needed to beat Gnar in a fight, meaning the Missing Link has little choice but to farm under tower and rely on jungler support.

Fizz - the Tidal Trickster

Fizz is a problem for both of Gnar’s forms. He’s nimble and powerful enough to burst down Mini Gnar before he has the chance to transform, and Playful/Trickster can dodge Mega Gnar’s considerable power and crowd control, including GNAR!

Champion Insights

Gnar, designed by gypsylord

Let’s talk transform!

Transform champions have historically been some of the hardest to balance in League of Legends because they frequently end up with a dominant form: pre-4.10 Nidalee worked best in human form unless she needed to execute or run away, and Jayce happily sits in cannon form for the bulk of his games. Giving both forms unique strengths and weaknesses is meaningless when they can just transform at will to lose the weaknesses they had. Let’s look again at Jayce: How’s a melee champion supposed to fight him in a one-on-one scenario if Jayce can duel just as well up close and has the option to transform into an effective ranged champion?

Here’s the central question we posed ourselves: how can we create a new transform champion that feels fundamentally good to play as and against? Our answer was to make a champion with identifiable strengths and weaknesses in both forms, then limit the player’s ability to control which form they play in. After months of testing, we ended up with the (sometimes) adorable ball of fluff known as Gnar.

So how’s he different? Well, Mini Gnar’s one of the most mobile champions in the game. He boasts good sustained damage and kites incredibly well, but when he does get caught, he dies fast. On the other hand, Mega Gnar is a colossus. He’s tanky and surprisingly bursty, with strong area of effect and crowd control to boot. But he’s slow, meaning his enemies can pretty much get away simply by walking in the opposite direction. Removing control of the transform from Gnar means that he has to anticipate when he’s about to pop (or er... unpop?), and position and prepare to play in a completely different way, adding extra complexity and depth to his gameplay. This also means that – for the first time – learning how to play during the transitions between Gnar’s forms is just as important as mastering the play styles of his two forms.

We’re excited to see what you make of Runeterra’s next champion. Let us know in the comments below!

Important: Champion Sneak Peek - Gnar

[NA] Server Maintenance: Patch 4.13

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

On 07/30/2014, starting at 01:30 AM PDT, ranked queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 4.13. At 03:00 AM PDT, the servers will be shut down and all games currently in progress will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 6 hours.


Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

On 30/07/2014, starting at 03:30 GMT, ranked queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 4.13. At 05:00 GMT, the servers will be shut down and all games currently in progress will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 6 hours.

Champion Sneak Peek - Gnar
Posted by News [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 28 July 2014, 6:40 pm

Champion Sneak Peek - Gnar

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Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Champion Preview - Gnar
Posted by News [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 28 July 2014, 4:44 pm

Champion Preview - Gnar

Check out special promo site!

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Free Champion Rotation
Posted by News [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 28 July 2014, 2:31 pm

This week's free champion rotation has been posted. These champions will become free to play starting tomorrow July 29th.

<table> <tbody> <tr> <td></td> <td></td> <td></td> <td></td> <td></td> </tr> <tr> <td></td> <td></td> <td></td> <td></td> <td></td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

Important: How Riot can make us care about the LCS regular season

Meddler on 4.13 Patch and More

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Riot is changing 40 champions in the next patchs

even hecarim is getting buffs.

meanwhile nocturne remane the same since 2 years

Noc was on the list of champs we assessed for this patch, conclusion we came to was that he was in a reasonable spot. He's getting the occasional bit of competitive play at the moment, via his ult has a distinct reason to be picked as a jungler, performs appropriately in solo queue and will probably benefit a little from nerfs to the current top tier junglers. As a result we decided to leave him alone.

Also, for anyone curious, just had a look to see how many champions we're changing in said patch. Not quite 40, but close ish - 30, with (as I read it) 14 champs nerfed, 15 buffed and one with significant gameplay changes focused on playstyle, not power (Sona).


Debonair Ezreal

Debonair Vi

Important: Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 7/25/2014 - Iceborn Gauntlet Fix

LoL Design Values: In-depth with Mastery

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

It's the second entry in our ongoing League of Legends design values! Last time we had environment and clarity designer Richard "Nome" Liu go in-depth on why Clarity is important in League of Legends. Up this week is Riot Games' Vice President of Game Design, Tom "Zileas" Cadwell, here to talk to one of League's most central themes: the pursuit of mastery.

Zileas has been a part of Riot Games for a long time and he's actually the one who first introduced several of the terms used in our design values series – like Counterplay. Today, however, Zileas will be focusing more on mastery as it relates to every design decision we make in League and why it's so important to the game as a whole. Onward!


Players are driven to play different game genres for different reasons. In MMOs, it might be a feeling of progression or social achievement. In single-player, story-focused games, it might be about immersion, or making your way through a deep narrative. In the MOBA genre, we believe the main thing that motivates players to stick around is the pursuit of mastery.

Whether you're trying to be the best League player in the world or you're just picking up on how to last hit, playing League of Legends is about continually growing and becoming a better player. We believe that players who play League are seeking mastery, and our design philosophy is deeply tied to this idea. For our part, we hope to make a player's journey endlessly rich and fulfilling; someone who adapts quickly and instinctually should be rewarded as much as the one who spends days figuring out the most optimal path forward - both are pursuing mastery in their own unique ways.

We’ve identified three major areas of mastery: personal expertise, teamwork, and adaptability.

WIP Post

NOTE: And... that's it for today, or at least looks like it.

Item Changes

Iceborn Gauntlet

  • UNIQUE Passive - Spellblade cooldowns is now 1.5 seconds (down from 2)

WIP Post

NOTE: Summoner's Rift update and new Launcher has been removed.

Champion Changes


  • Hymn of Valor [ Q ] - Additional damage on AA buff now lasts for 5 seconds (up from 3)
  • Aria of Perseverance [ W ] - Shield lasts for 1.5 seconds (down from 2)
  • Song of Celerity [ E ] - Power Chord slow AP ratio is now 0.04*AP% (down from 0.075*AP%)


  • Dark Passage [ W ] - Now shields 60/100/140/180/220 damage (up from 60/95/130/165/200)

Item Changes

NOTE: Iceborn Gauntlet has NOT been buffed. The cooldown is still 2 seconds

Lich Bane, Sheen, Trinity Force

  • UNIQUE Passive - Spellblade cooldowns is now 1.5 seconds (down from 2)

Pick Up a Mystery Skin for a Short Time!

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)


Mystery Skins are back for a limited time so get them while they are hot!

Purchasing a Mystery Skin will unlock an unowned skin worth 520 RP or more. As with the previous rounds of Mystery Skins, you can only unlock skins for champions you own.

Mystery Skins will be available in the Skins tab of the store for 490 RP and are limited to five per day. Check out Mystery Skins from July 25 to July 28!

Ghostcrawler's Melee vs Range Discussion

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

I don't even think it's that, from what i've seen he's mostly referring to the melee vs melee fights, or as the LCS casters refer to it, "the wet noodle fights" top lane. When its 2 melee champs auto attacking each other, there is no kiting, no skill shot dodging, no real potential for outplay. THAT is what he is talking about (from my understanding at least).

Yes, this is what I meant.

That can't be true, or else everyone wouldn't be spamming ranged champions in nearly all of my games. At my MMR people tend to play what works and the only melees worth playing atm are the mobile/bursty fighters (Vi, Riven, Yasuo, Jayce, Wukong, Pantheon, Lee Sin, J4, Gragas), assassins (Fizz, LB, Talon, Kha'zix, etc) and tanks with crazy steroids and innate mitigation via utility (Leona, Braum, Maokai, Ali, etc). Most bruisers are rarely played anymore and when they are seen they tend not to do very well.

Defensive/tank itemization is just so bad that it's become easier to just lock in a ranged champ.
APs in particular have it really good right now because efficiently counter-building against their damage is near impossible, plus their itemization is the best/most versatile in the game.

And this. The fun click bait has been "Ghostcrawler hates melee and thinks it takes no skill." That's not the discussion. The discussion is how to make melee champs more interesting rather than Riven blows you up when you try to disengage, and how to make melee vs melee wet noodle fights more interesting that what Mundo vs Shyvana currently looks like.

Considering melee vs melee top is all about managing minions waves, baiting, positioning and managing cooldowns. If you can't understand that that's your problem.

We're talking about two different things (actually three different things). I'm talking about when a melee fights another melee in an encounter that lasts a few seconds. We think we can make those engagements more, well, engaging.

Many of you are talking about how you enjoy laning with melee, especially against another melee. That's cool. It's not my intention to challenge that.

Some of the rest of you are talking about ranged versus melee. I'm less interested in who is dominant at the moment and more interested in how to solve the underlying challenges for how melee can survive against ranged without always overwhelming them, which relates really strongly to how melee interact in combat with each other.

We go back to LoL, and picking a melee basically comes down to "which champion's kit will allow me to jump into the enemy team and survive the longest", and laning doesn't even come up as a consideration, because the kits are too similar.

Yes. Totally agree. This is exactly the problem IMO.

Why are ranged champions allowed to guarantee slow melees for 15% on hit with red buff, but melees can't do it back after omen nerfs? But slows had the same %.

Answer that please, since every other thread seems to be getting ignored about this topic

I haven't answered it because I don't honestly know the answer.

Why do you and Riot consider that ranged champions bring more interesting gameplay to the game?

First, I don't mean to imply that we think every ranged champion is awesome and has meaningful counterplay and interesting decisions, just as there are melee that don't honestly need much of a rework. Overall, I believe the fact that ranged champions have range and are often (not always) more fragile makes those fights more dynamic. By dynamic I mean there are more high and low moments and you're not sure how the encounter is going to end up because the duels could go either way. Melee don't have the ranged mechanic (for the most part) so they are already one variable down. Second, they tend to be more tanky (because melee who aren't tanky can't stand up to mages / marksmen at all).

Another way to consider it is like this:

-- What tools can a ranged champion potentially have? Range, heals, disengage, steroids, AE, disables, survivability, etc. etc.

-- What tools can a melee champion potentially have? Well, pretty much all of the same tools the ranged have *except* for the range. They are already down one mechanic. If a ranged champion has 20 possible mechanics, the melee has 20 - 1. Does that make sense?

I'll phrase it in terms of an RTS game:

-- Archers have range.
-- Cavalry have speed.
-- Infantry don't have a lot, but often they are cheap or maybe sturdy. Cheap can work in an RTS. It can't as well in a MOBA. Sturdy works okay, but sturdy dude vs. sturdy dude fights can be slow and boring.

Now we could just work twice as hard on melee champs to make sure they end up just as interesting, and in some cases, that is successful. We could also potentially identify some mechanic that melee own and ranged champs rarely have. This would require potentially reworking a lot of champs, but it's totally on the table.

All he was saying was basically this: melees need to have certain advantages over ranged champions to make up for the enormous penalty of being melee. Most currently viable solo lane melees are super tanky and/or have extremely high sustain to allow them to absorb ranged poke. So when you stick two of these champions in a lane against one another, they have little incentive to interact with one another (at least past the point when they've completed their first tank item).

More broadly, I think he was saying that Riot has balanced a lot of melee bruisers by just giving them tons of free stats. Look at a champion like shyvana or volibear or mundo. Pretty much all of their power is locked up in free stats and high base damages. The outcomes of duels between these types of champions are largely determined by raw stats. This makes top lane incredibly snow-bally. It's very unlikely you're going to be able to kill shyvana as renekton if you are an item behind her. It's still unlikely, but far less so, that a brand could kill a syndra who was an item ahead of him, because, at least during the laning phase, the match-up is far less determined by raw stats. 60 AP and an extra level's worth of base damage doesn't mean anything if your opponent dodges all your skills.


Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

why do ranged champions do the most damage? Like, what is the tradeoff there? Sure they may be easier to kill, but if someone that is melee loses a chunk of HP while trying to cross the distance is it still counterplay?

This happens in a lot of games. The image many devs and players have in their minds of a mage or a sniper is a glass cannon: you can do a ton of damage but can't take it. In historical combat, archers were great at range and tended to crumble to a cavalry charge. That model starts to break down in actual games because range is already such an advantage that they don't need the extra damage as well, and as we've already discussed, melee have to mitigate tons of damage to ever close the gap. I'm not trying to disparage the original LoL devs because obviously they did a lot of things right, but there was never a strong conceptual framework for what the strengths and weaknesses should be of the different roles. They were just focused on making cool champions. Fast forward and we are trying to formalize what a bruiser should be good at. It's okay to break the rules or even have hybrid champions, but we need to know we're breaking the rules when we do so and what the potential costs are of doing so and not stumble into it.

Ranged vs Bruiser for me feels like this. Ranged has the advantage, but if they make a single mistake it's over. Bruiser on the other hand can make a number of mistakes and they won't die, because they are so tanky, but can't kill catch the ranged without the ranged player making a mistake

Yes, we agree.

This is just my analysis of jax at a glance tell me im wrong. I have so far really enjoyed the direction the game is headed and have begun to understand your reasoning for most of the teams actions on balance but im sorry you just went back on everything you have said for the past 3 weeks about balance on this.

The question wasn't whether Jax is balanced or the ultimate stage for which skilled players can display their mastery or the pinnacle of champion design. The question was whether we thought he had the "ball of stats" problem. Jax has some problems, but we don't think the "ball of stats" aspect is one of them. Jax does have windows where he is more or less powerful and both teams can use their understanding of those mechanics to try and leverage victory.

Remember in all of my answers / brainstorming / bull****ting here, that I'm not thinking of whose damage we want to tweak for patch 4.13. We have a team to do that and I trust them to do it well. I'm more interested in long-term discussions, such as how we need to redesign melee as a whole (or if we even do) so that we don't constantly have the cycle of ranged dominating melee, followed by a patch (or even season) where melee dominate ranged, followed by yet another flip flop. If your house keeps alternating between too hot and too cold at some point you need to stop twisting the thermostat around and consider rebuilding the furnace. Total stability may not be realistic, but we can at least iterate towards it.

Champion and Skin Sale: 07.25. - 07.28

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Mecha Skins Available
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Mecha Skins Available

NOTE: The skins received fancy new promo website, check it out by clicking original source below. Inside new you'll find some screenshots of it.

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Important: Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 7/23/2014 - Updated Minimap, Sona's New Ability Icons, Yasuo and Elise Changes

Doom Bots of Doom Q&A

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Hey guys,

Would you consider removing the level restriction on Doom Bots?

I was trying to play with an NA friend earlier, but couldn't because his EUW account was only level 2. Really unfortunate and super sucky.

I get why you would have a restriction, but featured game modes can be a fun, non-serious way for us to play with friends from other regions. Especially if we have a group of 5 and it's against AI.

We generally add these restrictions because game modes are alternate ways of exploring League of Legends in the context of League of Legends. We don't want a new player's first experience in League of Legends to be in an alternate game mode, where the rules don't make sense if you aren't familiar with League of Legends.

That said, we should empower players to make those decisions, and your situation is likely not an uncommon one. We will likely revisit our stance on queue restrictions for future modes.

Why did you make ip gain so low? I had to stop playing after the first day because the income made is like worse than that of beginner bots for level 30s when you consider all the losing that you will be sure to be doing. There is no motivation to keep playing after beating it once, only punishment.

I mean what kind of reward for finally triumphing over 5 bombs doom bots in a long grueling match is 60 ip? You can say it's about the journey not the reward, but when someone chooses to give you a reward so insultingly low, it diminishes the whole experience, makes you lose any sense of accomplishment and certainly does not make you want to undertake it ever again.

Our goal is to make fun experiences for people that are rewarding in their own right (yes it is about the journey). Our hope is that replayability will come from players being excited to try new champions and challenge themselves to beat the bots in interesting ways.

If we do decide to focus on rewards for participating in game modes it is unlikely that they will be IP based, we could certainly come up with some systems to celebrate game mode related achievements. That said, we could have done a better job of tuning the IP as compared to other COOP vs AI queues, we'll try to be more mindful of that going forward.

Maybe give a reward other than IP?
It sounds crazy at first because that could be seen as interfering with the financial structure, (and indirectly you)
but i was thinking, maybe give a special ward skin or something, similar to the icon for a certain number of games, or something special you have to do in-game to unlock it, like triple-kill a group of doombots.

My ideas aren't necessarily the best but the idea might be worth some thought, especially since it is about the journey and new, fresh experiences.

We would definitely like to do more rewards, and have experimented with it for events like Showdown. More experiments are coming :)

I don't think that they need to be particularly rewarding. But when the IP gain is SO abysmal, you are actually giving something up in order to play.
That's - you know - the opposite of a reward.

You are effectively PAYING IP to play the game mode, because if you didn't play it, you'd be earning more IP no matter what you did.
If the game mode at least gave the same IP as playing vs Intermediate Bots, it wouldn't feel like a total kick-in-the-nuts, but would still be less IP-favorable than playing normal games.

We agree the economics of it were a fail on our part. In the end we hope the mode was fun enough to be worth some of your time. Going forward we will make sure IP rewards are in line with what you guys would expect.

Soooo this had to be asked... but why no Bot? Seing as he is kind of Staple Mascot of Bots his absence made me kind of disapointed and sad :(

Haha yeah that was a bit of a missed opportunity. We did a bit of early exploration with Nunu Bot (including a hypothetical version where he would periodically freeze the river) but decided against it because a lot of his kit didn't lead to interesting gameplay patterns with the skill paradigm we had generally adopted in favor of skill shots and/or telegraphed sidegrades.

So... on level 5 Doom Bots of Doom... exactly how many ults do and Lux shoot off? And how many chain Qs launch from each of Lux's abilities?

Level 5 Lux Bot shoots 20 laser beams when she casts Final Spark. The Light Binding would chain up to 5 times - we originally had it chaining indefinitely, but it was kind of too ridiculous. =P

Why does the Doom Bots mode have to go away?

Featured Game Modes are designed from the ground up as short-term engagement experiences. This short-term window affords us the creative wiggle room to try new things and see what works, listen to your feedback, then pull back and iterate before re-releasing. Trying to build a long-term sustainable game mode would actually constrain us from doing things like Doom Bots, URF, etc. Featured Game Modes have also been shown to taper off in popularity sharply after a short period of time. Riot Brackhar actually made a great post on this topic late last year titled, "Behind the Scenes on Featured Gameplay Modes", explaining many similar points with some cool graphs.

We're keen to re-release and bring back popular modes. When we do, they should be better experiences than the original version, with everyone's help. ^_^o

You only made AP champs as Doom bots, right? Why not make ADC champs with extra doomy items, like for example give them a ranged version build of Ravenous Hydra, and combo that with Ruinaan's Hurricane... Are items so much more difficult to modify than champions?

Suggestion: since they are doom bots, you should have given them vision of the jungle. In the games I played, it seemed that just moving between lanes a lot confused the bots (even 5 bomb bots) to the point that pushing to the nexus was easy and then the challenge was only to push the last two towers down.

Items aren't difficult to modify, but they generally lack the identity that champion abilities have. Part of what made Doom Bots entertaining was seeing the champions that you were familiar with doing things that were still distinctly reminiscent of that champion, even if what they were doing was ridiculously over-the-top. Giant Tibbers is a good example of this - it needs no explanation, and you would never fail to make the connection between it and Annie.

For this first iteration, we concentrated more on giving the bots unique identities via ability modifications. Creating new items would definitely add power and difficulty, but a lot of the uniqueness that made the bots immediately identifiable would be lost.

That's not to say that this kind of thing won't happen in the future. You guys have proven that you want something even harder, and Doom Bot-specific items is definitely a way to achieve this. =)

Why did you decide to go from lvl 1 - lvl 2 - lvl 5?

Because counting is hard. =(

It's because we wanted to more accurately portray the jump between difficulty levels to better set expectations. The gap between 1 bomb and 2 bombs was objectively smaller than the gap between 2 bombs and 5 bombs. Also 5 seemed like a pretty good number.

Hi again, :-), another question. Will we ever be able to see a game mode where we'll be able to have the Doom Abilities. Even though we would need more champions with Doom Abilities to make that more fun, I would love to be able to use Doom Tibbers >:-)

The Doom Bot's skills were designed specifically with bots in mind, and that's key to why they work at all. The bots do not optimise their behaviour in any way to take real advantage of the skills. This constant 'predictable' logic is what creates the clear counterplay patterns for Doomed abilites (Lux's laser pattern. Fiddle's ghost ulti's). This would not be the case if controlled by humans in their current shape.

There's still the seed of an idea there though, where players get crazy / warped abilities, but that's a different game mode (and would need to be balanced accordingly).

what's the crazyest thing you guys thought of when making these insane kits?

We had a version of Malphite Bot who would basically use a version of Unstoppable Force with a global cast range as a substitute for Teleport.

...His cross-map ganks were INSANE.

Can you like release a test video of that? i would LOVE to see that!

It was pretty cool, but also broken in many places. Like he could use it to just bail from a team fight he was losing.

One time Doom Malphite was 1v4'ing us, even killed a few but was starting to lose... so when things looked bad, he just used his ult to peace-out back to his base.... as far as Doom Malphite was concerned, he was "ganking his own fountain".. :/

Were the ones included the only champions you worked on? Or were there some scrapped ideas for bots that didn't make the cut?

We had a couple bots that didn't make the cut. There was a Malphite Bot who used a global version of Unstoppable Force as a Teleport substitute, a Sivir Bot who had an enormous Boomerang Blade and perma-old-school-Ricochet, and a couple of other exploratory bots that ended being leveraged for Bonus Doom abilities (e.g. Warwick, whose Blood Scent is now a bonus doom - the original Warwick Bot version had permanent Blood Scent on the bot team and IT SUCKED).

Other than having buffed/mutated abilities. What else specifically was done to the coding of the bots? It seems they are a more intelligent than even intermediate bots. Can we expect "hard" bots in future?

We wanted to keep AI changes to a minimum, for sanity's sake, but I ended up tweaking some of their sieging behaviors slightly for this mode.
A lot of the "new" behavior I noticed players commenting on were part of the pretty significant overhaul of our regular bots a few months ago (it included warding behaviors, flashing, skill shot dodging, etc).

For Doom Bots, we made sure they were taking full advantage of those new toys.

As the community and I discuss here,

I feel that Doom Bots of Doom (DBoD) fails as a Featured Game Mode (FGM). While 'fail' probably ended up being too strong of a word, I still believe in the premise. DBoD doesn't deliver the experience that past FGMs delivered on (PvP, replayability, challenge) , and isn't in line with Brackhar's description of FGMs (that is to say, DBoD doesn't deliver on the "classic League of Legends formula". With those two things in mind, my conclusion was that DBoD should have been released as a permanent addition to the Co-op versus AI game choices, and not as an FGM. Thus, my questions to the team are as follows:

Is Brackhar's quote from 8 months ago still the driving vision of Featured Game Modes? If not what is? If yes, do you agree with my assessment of DBoD and how it meets (or fails to meet) expectations?

Any chance you can/will release the statistics relating to frequency of play for DBoD relative to other FGMs?

Do you agree with other player's assessments (not mine), that players often found themselves fighting around the bots instead of against them in 5v5 teamfights?

What is the biggest lesson learned from making this mode (i.e. what would you do differently in hindsight)? What aspect of the mode are you most proud of?

Despite my disappointment in this endeavor, I'm still very grateful for all of the hard work you guys do. Thanks Rito, and looking forward to the next one even more (since I suspect it won't be against bots and I'll actually play it more than 3 times) :D

FGM's aim to let you guys discover new and unique ways to engage with your favourite champions. Whether that's encouraging interesting play patterns, new meta styles, or skill mastery, we're certainly not bound to any particular ruleset that might preclude everyone having a heap of fun. If Doom Bots were able to stir feelings of triumph in the midst of seemingly overwhelming odds, and make players feel like a badass on their champion of choice.. I'd call that a positive. ^_^o If this can be fulfilled without PvP, then I'd challenge that as a necessity of FGM's.

As with all game modes, it's still too early for us to know the full impact of Doom Bots, until the mode has run its course and we've had time to analyse it. Current anecdotal evidence though would suggest that many player's faces were melted and they laughed while it happened. :D There was much laughter and melting.

We might do another dev blog as a post-mortem on the Doom Bots of Doom, but only if it turns out there's super cool stuff worth it for you guys to check out.

hi, i really enjoy this mode (almost 50 games played!) and have some questions (which im sure may have been asked already so dont worry about it.

  1. why so heavily focused on ap champions?
  2. why couldnt we spectate friends playing (i get why, but did you think maybe you could have changed it?)

a nice thing about this game mode is that it heavily relies on your team to actually use teamwork and adjusting between offence and defence (except when you get matched with the always split pushing people, which is a good sign for an easy loss).

i look forward to future game modes, thanks.

  1. TL;DR: Skillshots rock, "bullet hell" gameplay sounded cool enough to experiment with, Auto Attacks were not as sexy.
  1. We definitely missed an opportunity with spectating doom bot matches. We weren't sure of how compelling of an experience it would be, so it stayed out of mind. Once shipped, it became clear that watching your friends get pounded was a big part of the fun.

Should we revisit this mode, we'll certainly want to make spectating games possible.

Do you have any plans to create a rotating cycle of game modes that switch out each week? Eg. Champion Free Week but with game modes instead.

This is something we've been considering. If there's a healthy way to do this, we'd like to give it a try!

What gave you the idea to make doom bots? Especially the idea to give doom bots random abilities and the factor, that they get stronger each time they die?

Where did Doom Bots come from? From a collaboration between our AI and the Featured Game Mode teams :) Once we shipped our updated AI, we wanted to explore a collaboration and see what was possible in a PvE space for League.

For the record, Doom Bots get one (2 bomb) or two (5 bomb) random Bonus Doom (randomized every time they spawn). Killing them never grants them more power; as designers, we don't want to put you in a position where not killing bots was a valid strategy.

I had a question: Where did the inspiration for the bush-doom abilities come from? Was it just there for epic, laughable fun, or was it to encourage vision warding? :3

May the supports be happy... ;-;

Having come off of implementing warding in bots, I was probably the one pushing most for some vision and brush related nightmares.
It's an aspect of the game that many players under appreciate and I wanted to create clear incentives for players to care about vision.

As such, Garen and Fiddlesticks can't spawn in locations were you have vision :P

Also, epic, laughable fun. Because Garen.

A large part of the draw to most contemporary videogames is the feeling of empowerment that the player experiences in taking on the persona of a character that can do far more than the person behind the screen can. In Doom Bots, it seems there was an attempt to take that power away from the player. I'd love to hear about the thought process that went into creating this mode in a way that doesn't frustrate players while still retaining the difficulty that seemed to be a core goal of this mode.

We were actually very conscious about NOT giving any extra power to players against Doom Bots. As a challenge, the goal is to overcome with only the tools you would normally have at your disposal. Any extra XP, gold, power, etc, would only cheapen players' sense of accomplishment when you eventually did beat the bots. It would just feel like charity. :/

I really hope you guys read the thread I linked to earlier which explains, in part, why the challenge of overcoming doom bots is not the most engaging, enjoyable type of challenge it could be on a deep game design level. Taking power away from the player leads to the cheesy tactics described by some players in that thread (aka split push to win, do anything but fight the bots). Spinning this off as 'well lots of players seem to be enjoying the mode' is a cop-out and a fallacy. The game has approximately 3.7 gazillion players, no one doubts that lots of games were played. Competitive players probably enjoyed the novelty of it, no doubt, but novelty for novelty's sake does not good game design make.

We are well aware that bots have a weakness to split push and that players in the know could capitalize on this to secure a win. That is why we took care to design 5 Bombs to be quite difficult but doable without cheese tactics. What is enjoyable and engaging is learning the patterns of the bots and overcoming them. The fallacy is believing that the only way to win is split push with your best most OP champ.

Another thing we do with all game modes is collect and crunch a ton of data around how players are engaging with the mode. This lets us compare the success of modes so that we can say with certainty whether players are enjoying the game and coming back or just trying it out and responding with a, "meh." So do not fear, it may be that this mode didn't scratch an itch for everyone, but we're confident it hasn't fallen flat either.

Hi! I have a few questions:

  • Doombots could clearly have been much harder, or much easier. How did you choose the difficulty you did, and what metrics did you use to make sure you were approaching your target?
  • At what point did you get the idea to have the three difficulty levels and bonus Dooms?
  • What Dooms did you reject for being too doomy?
  • What changes, if any, did you make to the AI for Doombots, and what were you trying achieve with these?
  • When was it decided to alter the lighting and sound for SR?

Hi! I have answers:

  • We focused on making these bots scarier, not necessarily more difficult. As for how we settled on the difficulties: playtests, playtests, playtests!

  • We knew we wanted Doom Bots to a fun experience for a large segment of our players, spanning a very disparate skill range; one-size-fits-all was not going to cut it. We ended up with 3 simply because it provided enough granularity without risking high queue times.

  • I don't think we shied away from anything too doomy per say, rather we scrapped ideas that didn't create new cool opportunities

  • See other red posts

  • We decided pretty early that normal SR was too bright for what this mode was turning into, really glad we managed to get our gloom on!

Ghostcrawler Big Talk Continuation

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

Ghostcrawler, you use the two terms "slap fight" and "binary" as if both were bad ways for fights to play out. But in my understanding any fight which has no possibility of a "binary" outcome has no tension in it, which is exactly what makes it a "slap fight". In other words there is no other way to stage a fight, no way to avoid the "slap fight"-"binary" dichotomy.

If you have some ideal in mind of a fight which is neither binary nor slappy please enlighten me, because I don't think it is possible.

I definitely think it's possible. Your definition seems to be that an encounter will always have a victor, but even if you accept that's true, you can have encounters whose outcome is not predictable from the onset.

By "binary" I mean a situation where a melee champ is trying to fight a ranged champ. The melee champ largely can't do any damage unless he closes with the ranged champ. So if the ranged champ can effectively kite, she's going to win the encounter. This means the tendency is to buff melee damage to really high levels. The logic works like this: if the ranged character is doing 100 damage all the time, and the melee character is doing 0 damage while being kited, then the melee character has to do 200 damage when in range in order to be even. That's the binary aspect -- if I effectively kite, you lose. If you ever close, you win. It's not that extreme in reality because some melee do have ranged attacks and gap closers with limited windows and duels occur on maps with structure and other players and so on.

By "slap fight" I mean a situation where two melee champs are wailing on each other. Maybe one pops a steroid or something, but largely it comes down to damage vs damage mitigation and less about the specific choices each player is making. I agree that how those encounters interact with laning and with other champions can affect the outcome in interesting ways. Several of you have also taken me to task for over simplifying melee duels as two dudes beating on each other with axes until one falls over. I acknowledge that's an exaggeration. It's just something I'm using as a shorthand for driving melee diversity and enhancing the distinctions between fighters and tanks or bruisers and divers or whatever categorizations we can come up with. (I further acknowledge several of you are completely happy with melee as they exist today, minus their interaction with ranged perhaps, and that feedback is also good for us to hear.)

Obviously, either of the two extremes are problematic, and we've seen them both in the past -- junglers shouldn't just farm all game with no interaction with laners but at the same time they shouldn't be nonstop ganking machines.

Either extreme is okay, so long as either doesn't become the only way to play. When there is only one way to play, that hurts strategic diversity, which risks making the game boring over enough time. Strategic options are what make game 500 feel different from game 499. Too often, jungling is kill creatures, get buffs and gold, go try and gank, repeat. That's fine as an option but it would be nice if you started some games thinking "I'm really going to focus on ganking this fight," and others (even with the same champion!) you thought "I'm going full carry this time." Swapping strategies in the middle of a game depending on what else is going on is even better.

BTW, I think it's a misconception that people don't want to see Mundo or Shyvana in an LCS game. I think what people don't want to see is Mundo and Shyvana in EVERY game. I think diversity in toplane is what people want to see in LCS, and less island-like, snowbally gameplay. I think the answer to this is probably in map design less than champion design.

Totally agree.

Maybe it's time to bring back league of bruisers since at least there the bruiser champs had a chance against ranged characters.

I get that a lot of you are saying you prefer "bruiser vs. bruiser" to "ranged dominates melee," but we don't think either encounter is a success. We'd rather fix the underlying problems than oscillate between the two. Fixing the underlying problems requires more than just buffing or nerfing stats or mana costs. We have to look at itemization. We have to make sure champions have strengths and weaknesses. We have to make sure all bruisers aren't interchangeable with regard to how they interact with other champs and the map. This is why the "melee problem" hasn't been solved yet, which I think was the initial question that launched this (pretty interesting TBH) discussion.

I feel like a lot of complaints about champion strength relative to others comes from the fact that most players in ranked refuse to experiment outside of the meta, and immediately get mad at and start giving heat to people who do pick these different champions

It's a problem for sure. It wasn't that long ago that Leblanc was the highest banned champ despite having lower winrates that many other champions. It could be that she was just so annoying to play against that it was worth the ban, but we suspect it was more that players felt like they would get grief for not banning her, since that was the conventional wisdom.

Most of the solutions here lie in the social space, which is really Lyte's purview, not mine, but part of the reason Team Builder has a leader is so you can establish "Is this a get our points and get out game, or can I try a crazy new strategy that isn't likely to work?" The best answer of all is to play with your actual friends, because they'll tolerate just about anything.

Usually this leads to "nerf x champion" instead of making other champions more viable or attractive. By nerfing a champion, you destroy their play and everything that makes them appealing.

I'd challenge this logic a little bit. If Lucian is dominant and you just buff Vayne, you get the same result than if you nerfed Lucian; you're just trading one for another. Now, if the two have different strengths and weaknesses such that the question doesn't just come down to who kills the enemy team the fastest, then the decision that gets more interesting. Using your example, if we just give MF a gap closer and more CC then it feels like an easier to solve problem of who has the best damage + gap closer + CC. If you have to choose over A+ gap closer with B+ CC or the reverse, then gameplay starts to have a bigger effect than just who has the best stats.

I agree champion diversity is important and as I said far, far above, not yet acceptable.

On the topic of Melees being "Balls of stats" vs melees that Riot considers healthy such as Renekton:

Olaf is pretty clearly an example of "Ball of stats". What does Jax count as in your view? What about melees like Wukong? Riven?

I don't think I have the bandwidth to give my two cents on every melee in the game, but let me call out Jax as a melee who doesn't have the ball of stats problem IMO. He's cooldown limited, which gives him some powerful moments but also opportunities for counterplay. Another melee can make decisions about when to engage or what abilities to use based on the state of Jax's cooldowns. Jax can make similar decisions. Once you're making decisions, the duel is much more interesting. He's the most healthy of the ones you mentioned, again IMO. We don't think the Jax solution works for every champion though or that just leads to all melee feeling the same.

So what Statikk said in the Q&A about the state of Garen..It's understandable that you guys want him to be an easier Champion for people to pick up and use, as he is a beginner Champion, but what's the actual difficulty in raising his Skill Cap? There are quite a few "Beginner Champions" that have low skill floors, but really high potential and skill caps i.e. Ryze, Warwick, Master Yi.

I'm not a fan of having "beginner champions." It does a disservice to players who really like that champion and feel like they can't have nice things because of players who might not even stick with the game. I'd say rather that there are aspects of Garen that are really popular (spin to win from brush) and we'd want to make sure to keep that in whatever work we did to him. I would have no problem raising his skill cap if we can keep those familiar aspects.

WoW was more balanced in TBC than it's ever been since. What he wanted to do was constantly change the game, the talents, and the champions to keep things fresh and attract new customers. Which led to the game being unbalanced and long-time customers getting frustrated and quitting with the changes.

BC was more balanced in a sense because there were fewer classes. Many specs were just not viable in either PvE or PvP and often both. It's much easier to balance a game with fewer classes. We could have a dozen champs in League, but many of us would probably get bored pretty quickly. What the class team did for WoW from LK and beyond was to make sure specs like Ret and Balance were something you could play beyond the leveling experience. It took some time and is not unlike trying to get all of the champs in League more competitive.

Changing any game constantly to attract new customers isn't really a sound business model IMO. True new players don't appreciate the changes anyway because they have nothing to compare it to. It is often the veterans who beg for game changes because they have played the most and get burned out if things feel stale. We change League for the veterans, but we still don't make arbitrary changes just to keep things fresh. We try to make strategic changes.

Lyte on Punishment Systems

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

@Lyte what do you think about the fact that intentionally feeding and trolling in ranked results in chat restrictions?

Chat restrictions wont stop them from trolling/feeding.

Can we have an update on your plans to stop that type of ****?

Intentional Feeding is going to be handled by a different system that was built just to detect intentional feeding.

Right now, sometimes Intentional Feeding gets hit with a Chat Restriction because they also were verbally abusive, but the overlap makes it confusing. We'll make it more clear in the future why you got a specific ban, and what behavior it was for.

Still seen worse [toxic persons] that have yet to be punished.

Systems are tuned to minimize false positives. This means that most of the players that are punished probably deserve it; however, there are players that deserve punishments but aren't punished yet.

As we improve the accuracy of systems, we can increase the thresholds so that the systems start aggressively searching for wider nets of players, but, we always want to ensure low false positive rates so that neutral or positive players are never affected by these systems.

How about that full chat log and not just selectively quoting?

That was the player's full chat log that game. We don't post other players chat because it's an invasion of their privacy.

Hey Lyte, I don't know that this is the proper place to ask this, I just noticed you were here and figured I would ask.

What do you think about the impact that having a chat restricted player on your team has, in regards to lowering your chances of victory? I realize that they would be even lower if that person was cussing your team out, but I was wondering if anyone ever thought of preventing chat restricted players from playing ranked during the duration of their restriction.

Again, sorry if this is a poor choice of location to ask you this.

Actually, we find that many players never chat at all and only use smart pings and perform pretty well. For a large number of players, chat restrictions actually increases their win rates, because being verbally abusive to teammates tends to make the team's performance spiral negatively.

We have considered restricting players from playing Ranked if they currently have a penalty, RiotSocrates should have more information about this in the future.

So Lyte... your goal right now is not to get systems in place that will ensure people get punished without a person ever looking at the file in stead of just trying to improve the efficiency of the system?

No, we're testing these systems today and manually reviewing them. When the new Tribunal launches, we can use these lessons with players reviewing them instead.

WIP Post

 Updated Minimap

Sona's New Ability Icons

New Profile Icon



Champion Changes


<table class="diff-table"> <tbody> <tr class="title"><th class="old-value">Old (Game PBE v598 / Air PBE v658)</th><th class="new-value">New (Game PBE v599 / Air PBE v658)</th></tr> <tr class="modified"> <td class="key" colspan="2">EliseFile: Elise.inibinKey: game_character_displayname_Elise</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="old-value">
Elise The Spider Queen
  • Damage: 50.5(+3 per level)
  • Health: 475(+80 per level)
  • Mana: 290(+50 per level)
  • Movement Speed: 335
  • Armor: 19.85(+3.35 per level)
  • Magic Resist: 30
  • Health Per 5 Sec: 4.7
  • Mana Per 5 Sec: 6.8
  • Range: 500
</td> <td class="new-value">
Elise The Spider Queen
  • Damage: 50.5(+3 per level)
  • Health: 475(+80 per level)
  • Mana: 290(+50 per level)
  • Movement Speed: 335
  • Armor: 19.85(+3.35 per level)
  • Magic Resist: 30
  • Health Per 5 Sec: 4.7
  • Mana Per 5 Sec: 6.8
  • Range: 550
</td> </tr> <tr class="modified"> <td class="key" colspan="2">Lee SinFile: LeeSin.inibinKey: game_character_displayname_LeeSin</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="old-value">
Lee Sin the Blind Monk
  • Damage: 59(+3.2 per level)
  • Health: 513(+85 per level)
  • Mana: 200
  • Movement Speed: 350
  • Armor: 23.7(+3.7 per level)
  • Magic Resist: 31.25(+1.25 per level)
  • Health Per 5 Sec: 6.25
  • Mana Per 5 Sec: 50
  • Range: 125
</td> <td class="new-value">
Lee Sin the Blind Monk
  • Damage: 59(+3.2 per level)
  • Health: 513(+85 per level)
  • Mana: 200
  • Movement Speed: 350
  • Armor: 23.7(+3.7 per level)
  • Magic Resist: 31.25(+1.25 per level)
  • Health Per 5 Sec: 8.25
  • Mana Per 5 Sec: 50
  • Range: 125
</td> </tr> <tr class="modified"> <td class="key" colspan="2">SonaFile: Sona.inibinKey: game_character_displayname_Sona</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="old-value">
Sona Maven of the Strings
  • Damage: 50(+3 per level)
  • Health: 450(+70 per level)
  • Mana: 310(+45 per level)
  • Movement Speed: 330
  • Armor: 18.3(+3.3 per level)
  • Magic Resist: 30
  • Health Per 5 Sec: 4.5
  • Mana Per 5 Sec: 7
  • Range: 550
</td> <td class="new-value">
Sona Maven of the Strings
  • Damage: 50(+3 per level)
  • Health: 430(+77 per level)
  • Mana: 310(+45 per level)
  • Movement Speed: 330
  • Armor: 18.3(+3.3 per level)
  • Magic Resist: 30
  • Health Per 5 Sec: 4.5
  • Mana Per 5 Sec: 7
  • Range: 550
</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

Lore No Lore changes in this Patch. Ability

<table class="diff-table"> <tbody> <tr class="title"><th class="old-value">Old (Game PBE v598 / Air PBE v658)</th><th class="new-value">New (Game PBE v599 / Air PBE v658)</th></tr> <tr class="modified"> <td class="key" colspan="2">EliseNeurotoxin / Venomous Bite [ Q ]File: EliseHumanQ.inibinKey: game_spell_displayname_EliseHumanQ</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="old-value">Deals magic damage equal to 40/75/110/145/180 plus 8% (+0.03*AP%) of the target's current Health. Max 50/75/100/125/150 bonus damage to monsters.<dl class="tooltip-cost tooltip-cost-type-mana"><dt>Cost</dt><dd>80/85/90/95/100 Mana</dd></dl><dl class="tooltip-range"><dt>Range</dt><dd>500 </dd></dl><dl class="tooltip-cooldown"><dt>Cooldown</dt><dd>6/6/6/6/6 Seconds</dd></dl></td> <td class="new-value">Deals magic damage equal to 40/75/110/145/180 plus 8% (+0.03*AP%) of the target's current Health. Max 50/75/100/125/150 bonus damage to monsters.<dl class="tooltip-cost tooltip-cost-type-mana"><dt>Cost</dt><dd>80/85/90/95/100 Mana</dd></dl><dl class="tooltip-range"><dt>Range</dt><dd>625 </dd></dl><dl class="tooltip-cooldown"><dt>Cooldown</dt><dd>6/6/6/6/6 Seconds</dd></dl></td> </tr> <tr class="modified"> <td class="key" colspan="2">YasuoWind Wall [ W ]File: YasuoWMovingWall.inibinKey: game_spell_displayname_YasuoWMovingWall</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="old-value">Passive: Dashing builds an extra <span class="abilities-effects">3/6/9/12/15 % of your maximum Flow.

Active: Creates a moving wall that blocks all enemy projectiles for 4 seconds.<dl class="tooltip-cost tooltip-cost-type-mana"><dt>Cost</dt><dd>No Cost</dd></dl><dl class="tooltip-range"><dt>Range</dt><dd>400</dd></dl><dl class="tooltip-cooldown"><dt>Cooldown</dt><dd>26/24/22/20/18 Seconds</dd></dl></td> <td class="new-value">Creates a moving wall that blocks all enemy projectiles for 4 seconds.<dl class="tooltip-cost tooltip-cost-type-mana"><dt>Cost</dt><dd>No Cost</dd></dl><dl class="tooltip-range"><dt>Range</dt><dd>400</dd></dl><dl class="tooltip-cooldown"><dt>Cooldown</dt><dd>26/24/22/20/18 Seconds</dd></dl></td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

Item No Item changes in this Patch.

Important: Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 7/22/2014 - Arcade Sona Changes, Ascension Files Datamining
Important: League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn

Patch Update - 07/21/2014

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

One bugfix and some documentation for Relic Shield, since we added it in with 4.12 but forgot to throw it into the patch notes. Enjoy!
Sorcerer's Shoes
BUGFIX Fixed a bug where upgrading Sorcerer's Shoes with the Homeguard enchantment granted double magic penetration

Relic Shield

CHEAPSKATE Relic Shield and its upgrades no longer work on Yorick ghouls and Zyra plants because giving your friends 5 gold isn't helping anyone

Doom Bots Q&A 7/23 2PM PST

Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source)

The team responsible for unleashing the doomiest bots ever is hosting a Q&A session, so come armed with your game mode questions and ideas! Oh, and if you have any horror stories about your slaughter at the hands of the Doom Bots, please share them! The team feeds on your tears.

Learn more about the Doom Bots of Doom here.

WIP Post

NOTE: The patch contains mostly bugfixes.

Arcade Sona Changes

Her hair looks different now.


Ascension Files Datamining

NOTE: Those files were withdrawn from PBE today, so i decided to do some roundup. Have in mind that those datamined values not necessarily are new, they could be hidden stats in other gamemodes too. I didn't list everything, only interesting files.

ASCENSION_Stats Values

  • Key: HeroStats*COMBAT_PLAYER_SCORE - It suggests that there's a combat score. Possibly the gamemode will be played on edited Dominion map (where such score system exist). There also other values like capture/neutalize assist, further confirming it.
  • Key: HeroStats*CONSUMABLES_PURCHASED - I don't remember any stat like this for any mode.
  • Key: HeroStats*ITEMS_PURCHASED - And this too.
  • Key: HeroStats*LONGEST_TIME_SPENT_LIVING - We have time spent dead, but not this.
  • Key: HeroStats*UNREAL_KILLS - Possibly it's legendary kill (next step after pentakill)
  • Key: HeroStats*TOTAL_TIME_CROWD_CONTROL_DEALT - Some sites noted this statistic, but it's still invisible to play
  • Key: HeroStats*WAS_AFK_AFTER_FAILED_SURRENDER - Very possible it's already in the game.

Additional Files

  • AscensionXerath.json
  • AscWardOwnedEncounter.json
  • AscWardNeutralEncounter.json

Champion Changes


  • Base Attack Damage is now 49 (down from 52) [Note: reverted from yesterday]


  • Power Chord [ Passive ] - Tooltip update: "[...]depending on what song Sona last activated." from "[...]depending on what song Sona is currently playing."

Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 7/22/2014
Posted by News [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 22 July 2014, 2:39 pm

WIP Post

NOTE: The patch contains many bugfixes, so there's very little today. I might have some news on the Ascension speculated game mode. Arcade Sona might have some updates, will check in game.

Champion Changes


  • Base Attack Damage is now 49 (down from 52) [Note: reverted from yesterday]


  • Power Chord [ Passive ] - Tooltip update: "[...]depending on what song Sona last activated." from "[...]depending on what song Sona is currently playing."

League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn
Posted by News [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 22 July 2014, 10:28 am

League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn

NOTE: Inside news you'll find additional wallpapers for champions from the side. They were protected with spoiler on original site.

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

Day breaks over a landscape consecrated by blood and steel. A battle begins as a new dawn rises.

Following A Twist of Fate, we created A New Dawn to explore fleshed-out champion interpretations and brutal team fights in ways they’ve never been seen before.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below for a look at how we tapped into character design, music, animation, and even classic Foley techniques to showcase some of your favorite champions slugging it out for blood, guts, and glory.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below for a look at how we tapped into character design, music, animation, and even classic Foley techniques to showcase some of your favorite champions slugging it out for blood, guts, and glory.

Behind the Scenes

Important: Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 7/21/2014 - Major Champion and Item Changes
UPDATE: Added a Lyte post about new banning system.

Statikk Q&A

Originally Posted by Riot (View Original Source)

NOTE: Posts by both players and Statikk are huge, i edited the questions so they won't take too much space. I've left small part about what they talked about. To read them all, check original source. Statikk's answers are untouched.

"Oldschool" mages such as Brand, Malzahar, Cassiopeia, Galio, Viktor or even the newest Vel'koz are pretty much nonexistent in middle lane, especially in competitve play. This has been the issue for years. Is there anything you guys are willing to do about that?


This is definitely an issue that we have struggled with a lot internally. We call this class of characters the "Immobile Mid-Lane Mages" and I 100% agree with your identification and breakdown of the problem.

I'm definitely on the same page with you when you say Mobility Creep is one of the largest contributors to this. As we've added more and more mobility to the champions in our game (for good reasons - mobile champions are really fun to play, create a lot of "outplay" moments, etc.), the Immobile Mid Mages have fallen off especially in the competitive scene.

The bottom line is that we have done a poor job of valuing Mobility as it relates to the amount of power it gives to a champion's kit. Champions with high mobility need to be paying a larger cost for having that strength, and this is obvious with examples like Kassadin, LeBlanc, or Lee Sin. Mobility is actually a tool that scales extremely well with player skill, pros are able to exploit both the strategic map mobility and tactical in-combat mobility to its fullest extent.

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