Beat Around the Boosh Arrives in New Eden
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The next of the Team Talos updates mentioned at EVE Vegas landed in New Eden today. (Team Talos overview and details were in this presentation.) This is another set of changes aimed at upsetting the current combat meta in order to make things more

Farming In Eve
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There are very few choices in Eve Online for which I have no respect. Most of the horrible game play choices that incur my derision are based around incidental contact and impact on other people's playing styles. In fact, for brief periods of time, I

Recommendation: Sounds of Eve
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Listen in to the comms bedded on a soft blanked of piano music. Visualized by the actual coordinates of the New Eden cluster.

Silhouettes Waiting for a Bridge
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Claiming Fire Hardened Mail
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While we were getting ourselves set for Shadowfang Keep, Skronk had asked if I have gotten Viniki very far along on Fire Hardened Mail quest, the warrior class you pick up at level 20.  I had to admit that, while I had grabbed it, I had not done anything

The Pearl Abyss Q3 2019 Investors Call
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On Friday (Thursday night in North America), Pearl Abyss held a conference call to discuss its earnings report for the third quarter. For EVE players, the idea of having a look at the possible financial ramifications of the game decisions made during the

Turbulente Zeiten
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 10 November 2019, 5:00 pm
Ja, scheiß die Wand an. Als hätteich es nicht schon im Urin gehabt. Nach CCP Guard dockt nun auch auch CCP Falcon seine Polaris Enigma Fregatte und quittiert nach sieben Jahren seinen Job bei CCP. Damit ist das Community-Team um einen weiteren DEV und

Dragon Found in the Thundering Steppes
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As I mentioned yesterday, as part of the EverQuest II 15th anniversary there is a dragon event going on.  Daybreak isn’t always good about indicating where events are taking place or how to join in, but this time the description seemed simple enough;

Fit Kitchen: Combat Interceptors
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Why oh why would you fly a combat interceptor in 2019?

Fifteen Years of EverQuest II
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Fifteen years ago EverQuest II went live.  I think the official date was some time yesterday, but like many things about the early history of the game, there are conflicting views.  Wikipedia puts the date as today. Holly too.  But others say

Avatars at Play
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EVE Aether Wars is Returning via Steam
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CCP and Hadean are back and eyeing another attempt at a world record as they test technology to enable huge multiplayer spaceships battles beyond the scale of what EVE Online has managed so far. I am still not sure about their plan to get to that world

1v1 #86 For Falcon
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Having lost CCP Guard earlier this year, we've now also lost CCP Falcon. I've already expressed my thoughts directly with Paul privately, so I thought that a special 1v1 in his honor would suffice publicly.Onward and upward.

CCP Falcon Leaves CCP
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Over on Reddit there was a “Where is CCP Falcon?” thread a week or so back.  He seemed to have gone very quiet.  CCP Dopamine had been handling a the web site updates since mid-October and at EVE Vegas he was the community team person speaking while

Lord Ekroz Salaf of Jabruan Becomes First Ammatar Raised to Imperial Nobility

Tanoo, Derelik – Celebrations erupted throughout the Ammatar Mandate today, after Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur declared that Governor Ekroz Salaf has been given the Holding of Jabruan Province on Eshtah II. Lord Governor Salaf, an ethnic Nefantar, will be the first native Ammatar Holder in the history of the Empire, despite a long history of high-ranking Ammatar acting as a caste of "petty nobility" within the Ammatar Mandate.

Lord Ardishapur made his surprise announcement during a public address made at a ceremonial reception on Tanoo II, originally scheduled to mark the induction of Lord Salaf into the Cross of the Sacred Throne Order by Empress Catiz I. In attendance at the reception was Lord Arrach Sarum, visiting to hold summit talks with Lord Ardishapur on co-operation between their neighboring dominions and Imperial Military Circuits.

The Ammatar Mandate has been moving over to a system of Imperial Holdings since YC111, when the late Lord Yonis Ardishapur began a reorganization of the region following the so-called "Elder War". As the previously quasi-independent hierarchy of Amarr nobles mixed with Ammatar elites has been steadily supplanted, concerns have grown in the Mandate that the Nefantar who stayed loyal as Ammatar would be reduced entirely to a servile class.

The unstable position of Ammatar elites since the Elder War, which saw a large number of prominent Nefantar leaders rebel and defect to the Minmatar Republic, had been significantly shored up by the appointment of Ekroz Salaf to the governorship of the Mandate by Lord Yonis Ardishapur in late YC111. The establishment of a native Ammatar as the Mandate's governor assuaged concerns among the Ammatar petty nobility that their lands and slaves would be confiscated from them. However, fears that the Elder War defections forever jeopardized the chances for Amarr-loyal Nefantar to rise to prominence have remained high. The elevation of Lord Salaf of Jabruan to the Imperial nobility will have all but erased remaining fears and concerns, and hence has evoked widespread celebrations in the Mandate.

Following several recent slave rebellions across the Empire, such as in the Kahah, Alkabsi, and Thebeka systems, a number of "purist" Holder families, many from the Kador and Khanid territories, have been increasingly vociferous in claiming that lords who are not True Amarr are unproven in their lineage and faith, and that they are of "subversive character". One prominent critic, Duke Alar Chakaid of Fabai, King Khanid III's own Plenipotentiary Representative to the Imperial Court, has called the Ardishapur Family's handling of the Ammatar "grossly lenient" and warned that "lesser races" in positions of power threaten the future of Amarr.

Observers of Amarr politics believe that the decision to ennoble Lord Salaf is a pointed rejection of this attitude. One experienced diplomat called the Scope's attention to the presence of Lord Sarum at the ceremonial reception, indicating that this, together with the high mark of favor conferred on Ekroz Salaf by Empress Catiz I, would make it "unthinkable to publicly question the ennoblement of Salaf". Lord Ardishapur's staff have dismissed questions from reporters suggesting that the establishment of House Salaf may be intended as a concession following the recent slave rebellions.


Lords Arim Ardishapur and Arrach Sarum Discuss Security of Amarr Empire and Amarr-Minmatar Warzone Situation

Consular Palace, Tanoo II – Personally co-chairing the first "Sword Marshals Council" held between the Ardishapur and Sarum Military Circuits, Lords Arim Ardishapur and Arrach Sarum are understood to have discussed a wide range of issues pertaining to their respective and neighboring demesnes and military circuits. Most notably, under the terms of the territorial and military reorganization ordered by Empress Catiz I, in line with her newly promulgated Pax e Kilizhi Do doctrine, the Ardishapur and Sarum Houses share responsibility for the Amarr-Minmatar militia warzone.

While the Sarum Military Circuit covers the largest swathe of warzone systems by far, the Ardishapur hold responsibility for a key sector of the conflict zone in the Heimatar region. The strategic position of the Ardishapur-controlled Ammatar Mandate also underlines the importance of close co-operation of forces under the command of the two Royal Heirs. A number of Imperial Navy staff officers, 24th Imperial Crusade commodores and chartered mercenary commanders allied to Houses Ardishapur and Sarum were in attendance at the council. Co-ordination of responses to yesterday's Seykal Clan raid against a HZO Refinery colony on Huola VI was confirmed to be an urgent addition to the agenda.

The two Sword Marshals have also let it be known that they discussed matters of internal security and stability across their dominions and the Amarr Empire in general. Lord Sarum has been pressing for reform of the Ministry of Internal Order and was joined in this call by Lord Ardishapur in a joint royal memorandum on internal security. Additionally, the Order of St. Tetrimon has acceded to a request by Lord Ardishapur that it place its powerful counter-insurgency strike fleets at the disposal of both Houses Ardishapur and Sarum for "anti-cultist operations".

In a public briefing hosted by Lord Qatib Olacar xer Sarum and Lord Governor Ekroz Salaf, it was further announced that House Ardishapur has converted the 1st Mandate Redemptionist Brigade of penal troops into a regular military formation. The troops of the new 19th Ammatar Consular Brigade, consisting of the 33rd Tanoo Guards Regiment and 14th Sasta Sappers & Miners, have been formally emancipated from their penal service and entered into the Ammatar military as freemen with 6-year terms of regular service to fulfil.

Also announced was the transfer from House Sarum's custody to the Ammatar Mandate of a number of criminals wanted for atrocities carried out during the so-called "Vindication Wars" with the Minmatar Republic. The notorious slaver Orlon Zashev featured prominently at the head of the list of transfers, putting paid to rumors that House Sarum had placed the fugitive in charge of alleged slave-taking operations being planned for Floseswin IV. The Scope's correspondent noted that Lord Olacar xer Sarum responded with "cold contempt" to questions about those rumors.

"I find it incredible that any loyal Amarr would waste a moment's consideration on obvious black propaganda being spread by the enemies of the Empire," said Lord xer Sarum. "Nobody has anything to fear from a full and complete reclaiming of any planet by House Sarum. Contrary to the lies told about the Amarr Empire, we are interested in building and renewing societies, not destroying them. As for the traitor and criminal Zashev, he has broken many of our most ancient laws, including the codes of righteous warfare. It is only right that his first punishments be for his heinous atrocities against Imperial subjects and civilians in the Ammatar Mandate."


In Other News

  • Chief Acassa Midular Calls Meeting of Sebiestor Tribe's Mikramurka Region Clans as Tundra Killings Reports Stoke Tensions
  • Intaki Assembly Renews Astral Mining Inc's Intaki System Astromining Franchise; Awards Communications Franchise to Semiotique Superluminal
  • Sarum Police Guards Investigating Seykal Clan Finances and Links to Organized Crime, Hijacker Gangs and Kidnapping Rings
  • Senator Suvio Bellaron Welcomes Return of Capital Punishment Abolition Bill to Senate Floor After Lengthy Committee Delays
  • Hyasyoda, Ishukone and Wiyrkomi Negotiators Meet Sanmatar Shakor to Discuss Opening of Matari Commodities Markets to Combine TNR Traders
  • Ammatar Customs Bureau and Molden Heath Regional Militia Officials Exchange Intelligence on Piracy and Smuggling at Kenobanala Border Fortress
  • Caille University: "Mannar Veterans Will be a Major and Influential Constituency in Election Held Against Backdrop of Triglavian Invasions"
  • Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa Corporations Seal Multi-Trillion ISK Package of Contracts to Fortify, Equip and Arm Caldari State Colony Defense Forces


Quote of the Day for WoW Classic Fans
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World of Warcraft® Classic drove the biggest quarterly increase to subscription plans in franchise history, in both the West and East. -Activision-Blizzard Q3 2019 earnings report WoW Classic brings another ray of sunshine. Given what SuperData told us

Galactic Hour News Roundup: Geopolitical Wrangling Edition
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 7 November 2019, 3:54 pm

The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings your roundup of the latest news from all across New Eden amidst continuing geopolitical wrangling over rights in the Caldari-Gallente and Amarr-Minmatar warzones.

Intaki Assembly "Considering All Options" as Ishukone and Mordu's Legion Formally Decline to Renew Shipping and Security Franchise

Intaki, Placid – After two weeks of relative peace on Intaki V, the Intaki Assembly has been meeting with representatives from the Gallente Federation, Ishukone Corporation and Mordu's Legion to discuss the tendering and transition period for the Intaki system's federal shipping and security franchise. While it has been much speculated on for months, Ishukone and the Legion have now formally given notice that they do not intend to seek renewal. The Intaki Assembly is understood to be be consulting with the Federal Administration over "stopgap measures" in the short term.

Ishukone Corporate Counsel Majima Umokka said, "The Ishukone Corporation has long regarded our involvement in the Intaki shipping and security franchise arrangements as a remnant of a period where many mistakes were made. Ishukone Corporation is proud to have worked with Mordu's Legion to shield the Intaki people from the excesses of the criminal Heth regime, and the brutal realities of warfare carried out by so-called 'emergency militias', but there comes a time for all enterprises to reach their natural conclusion. Now is that time for Ishukone, and our partners in Mordu's Legion, in the matter of the Intaki system S&S franchise."

This latest news has unsettled many on Intaki V, coming as it does so soon after an uneasy peace was established on the planet following the departure of an expeditionary force of mercenaries and corporate security troops led by Lai Dai Protection Service. There are many units belonging to various private military companies remaining on the surface, although most of these are allied to Ishukone, Mordu's Legion or the Intaki Assembly itself.

There is also a sizeable combined contingent of Federal Marines and Federal Defense Union troops present at the major cities of Lenoika and Navyii Akat. Additionally, talks are still ongoing between the Intaki Assembly, protest organizations and "rebel Intaki Militia" to achieve peaceful disarmament and political amnesty.


Amarr and Minmatar Authorities "Exercising Restraint and Caution" as More Troops Move to Staging Zones on Borders of Militia Warzone

Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD's Conflict Monitoring Secretariat has noted that both the Amarr Empire and the Minmatar Republic "are in actuality continuing to exercise restraint and considerable caution with respect to the Amarr-Minmatar CEMWPA Zone, contrary to the impression given by rhetoric on both sides." However, CONCORD monitors continue to be concerned by the steady build up of troops in key staging areas around the periphery of the Amarr-Minmatar warzone.

The Amarr Empire's House Sarum has reportedly moved large numbers of transport ships, troops and planetary operations materiel to bases in the Bleak Lands, with Gammel and Myyhera believed to be the main staging systems. Additionally, there are reports of significant military traffic and logistical operations being run out of the core House Sarum system of Alkabsi in the Domain region.

Sources on the Alkabsi V Sarum Family Logistic Support station have described significantly increased security measures and the imposition of "restricted zones" in normally low-security docks and cargo-handling facilities. One eye-witness has told the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that "huge numbers of Amarr mercenaries are staying in worker habitat units all over the station and there are slave-taker gangs sleeping on their ships in the restricted docks." Our source also repeated rumors that the infamous slaver Orlon Zashev has been commissioned by House Sarum to orchestrate the "Reclaiming of Floseswin IV."

Our exclusive source also revealed that: "The Shining Flame mercs are proper mentalists. This one time they held a 'naked bar' in the middle of Concourse Three, Blue Sector. You never seen anything like it, especially the business with the toilet paper!" Our source also commented that Order of St. Tetrimon troops are "big drinkers, proper tanks on them, but don't make trouble" and "the Red and Silver Hand's troops are very proper, very polite, but don't spend much, tight as a duck's arse, really."

The Minmatar Republic is also known to be moving significant special militia and ground-fighting troops into its own positions along the borders of the warzone, with Abudan and Amo serving as the focus of much of the open movements. It has also been reported that the Republic Command's Territorial Defense Guards, under Valklear General Kanth Filmir, have been working with the Republic Fleet and Tribal Liberation Force to support stabilization and security efforts in Minmatar-populated systems occupied by Amarr forces. Newly-appointed to his role as head of the Territorial Defense Guards, General Filmir is a veteran Minmatar warrior, formerly an admiral in the Republic Fleet and commandant of Molden Heath's regional defense militia.


In Other News

  • Inner Circle Remains Deadlocked on Yulai Convention and Accords "Loopholes" under Emergency Militia War Powers Act
  • Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir Briefing: "CONCORD Places a High Priority on Analyzing and Responding to Triglavian Stellar Manipulation"
  • Sebiestor Tribal Marshals Confirm Bodies Found in Remote Tundra of Mikramurka Region; Locals Claim "Six Corpses Found with Datapads"
  • Ammatar Governor Ekroz Salaf Awarded Cross of the Sacred Throne Order; Speculation that Imperial Favor Clears Way to Ennoblement
  • Potential Gallente Presidential Candidates Mulling Chances as Federal Elections Finance and Security Measures Pass in Senate
  • Lai Dai Corporation Announces Subcranial Nanocontroller Technology After Filing State Patents at Caldari Business Tribunal
  • Mind Clash Worlds Champion YC121 Nadia "Silver Bear" Tanaka Given Executive Reception at Hyasyoda Arcospire Pinnacle Suite
  • BREAKING: Minmatar Seykal Clan Forces Raid HZO Refinery Mineral Extraction and Processing Facility on Huola VI
  • BREAKING: Seykal Claim "Execution of Overseers, Recovery of Tribal Resources and Liberation of Slave Workers"
  • BREAKING: HZO Refinery Statement: "All Huola VI HZO Colony 3 Workers are Free Imperial Subjects from the Amarr Empire or Ammatar Mandate"
  • BREAKING: House Sarum Vows "Swift and Crushing Response to the Theft, Kidnappings and Murders of the Huola VI Outrage"


Comparing Four MMO Expansions
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 7 November 2019, 2:15 pm
I originally sat down to write about pre-orders being available for the next EverQuest II expansion, Blood of Luclin.  However, aside from the addition of the Friends & Family option, it isn’t all that different from the last few times I’ve

Please, Don't Kill Me
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 7 November 2019, 8:05 am
Another system. I've taken the gate and immediately start d-scanning, two in local, one is in an Incursus. Where is it? In a belt. I immediately warp to the belt, point the Incursus and start my deadly dance. From my perspective at this point everything

Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 7 November 2019, 12:30 am
In der letzten Woche konnten EVE Online Spieler beim Halloween Event "Trick or Treat" richtig absahnen. 100% Loot-Drop für PVP Kills hat sich besonders für diejenigen gelohnt, die im Abyss die Loot-Pinata geschlagen haben. Aber auch CCP hat mutmaßlich

Interdictor Crash Course
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 6 November 2019, 4:23 am
This is a little crash course that I originally wrote for my alliance' forums. It's no super deep theory crafting guide and rather focuses on mechanics and a summary of example-situations you mind find yourself in as an Interdictor pilot. All built on

Eagles Jumping Through
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 6 November 2019, 3:00 pm

Shadowfang Keep in WoW Classic
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 6 November 2019, 1:15 pm
As usual, our pace is slow, but we continue to go.  The weekend before last I was off to EVE Vegas and others in the instance group were down with the flu, but this past weekend we were all together and, if not in perfect health (Skronk was still

Is it Minas Morgul Yet?
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 5 November 2019, 4:15 pm
It is kind of a busy Tuesday.  On to my third post of the day. Back in September when Standing Stone Games announced the Minas Morgul expansion the target date for launch was October 29th.  That was last Tuesday, and it clearly did not come to pass. 

Back to the Drawing Board
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 5 November 2019, 11:09 am
Its amazing how quickly the meta shifts in Magic the Gathering. Just a little while ago I was celebrating getting to Platinum Standard Ranked with my mono black deck and now I'm getting beat around the face like no one's business, languishing in Gold 3

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