Uhm, I really need to check into Allods more. There is a new race? Fawn people? http://t.co/CLqXC5yjUp

MMO screenshot #12,867: Watching a band play in Lord of the Rings Online. http://t.co/IIlzramJe5

In case you missed it! The first hour of Pirate101 with @lealaturkey ! https://t.co/PSeqRFSlSq

I would never recommend having your dog’s tail bit so you can shave it, but the results are a super cute puffy thing. http://t.co/kUrbCRBf2p

The first hour of Pirate101 live now! 6PM EST!: http://t.co/TeduZKxXJT

I’ll be making a new character and playing the first hour of @Pirate101 with @lealaturkey at 6 PM EST! Right here: http://t.co/id3HNOuQbL

The first hour of @RuneScape – 4:30 pm Eastern: http://t.co/Rm7CMc7aDM

Playing through the first hour of @RuneScape at 4:30 pm Eastern, right here: http://t.co/ym42G2cPKr http://t.co/vEcqwguoyT

If you missed my vid of the 1st hour of the new @funcom_anarchy tutorial, check it out here: https://t.co/b19puZPnII http://t.co/r4SsHxrJPm

Going live with the new newbie experience for @funcom_anarchy right now, right here: http://t.co/id3HNOdfkd

Indie, browser and odd MMOs!: http://t.co/kPaLJgT23u
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 23 April 2015, 9:24 pm
Indie, browser and odd MMOs!: http://t.co/kPaLJgT23u

I’m going to stream the new newbie area in Anarchy Online later. Around 9:30 pm EST, here: http://t.co/id3HNOuQbL

MMO screenshot #5830: Salem the MMO. Didn’t work out very well, but interesting. http://t.co/S6cWprUbIa

Migraine still took me out for most of the day. Will catch up this week.

Migraines knocked me out for a good part of the day, but excited to write up my @DefianceGame article!

Here’s my MMO/game shortcut folder with no titles. How many can you name? (some are obvious!) http://t.co/mFjQw6edvD

A new podcast from Gamer Hangout! YAY! Every two weeks. https://t.co/qNaTn0pIjv

Game of Thrones is always best with my fav character, Brienne. She kicked BUTTOCKSESES tonight.

Uh, well I got to download and open Elder Scrolls only to remember that I had a press test account… not a beta. So no go. lol

Old MMO screenshot #2905: @Vindictus http://t.co/7fsVfHBWYe

All I remember about the April 19th bombing was being woke up by a boom. Thought it was someone’s car bass. So surreal.

Er, woke up? Wokenened up? Wakenened?
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 19 April 2015, 12:56 pm
Er, woke up? Wokenened up? Wakenened?

I was in the Elder Scrolls beta, cannot figure out how try it again this weekend. Anyone have a link?

Going to record a new Gamer Hangout in a few! Doing audio podcasts now.

By the way, the Nokia Lumia rotation does not just pop up when I share. It stores them weird, but then you “fix” them and they’re still off.

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