Crowfall: The Embargo Vault & Account Bank Explained
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The Embargo Vault & Account Bank Explained

The Crowfall KickStarter page has been updated with an FAQ that goes into some detail about the two main types of storage to which players will have access.

Skyforge: Ultimate Founder's Pack Giveaway #5
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Ultimate Founder has partnered with to give away five of their recently announced Skyforge Founder's Packs. These aren't the entry level packs, either! We've got five of the Wrath of the Gods Ultimate Edition packs today. Read on to learn how to enter for your chance to snag one!

General: PC Gaming to Dominate to the Tune of $35B by 2018
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PC Gaming to Dominate to the Tune of $35B by 2018

Those proclaiming the death of the PC may want to consider a new report that shows steady and dominating growth in PC gaming over the next three years. Open Gaming Alliance has released a detailed graph showing the growth of PC gaming from its current $26B to $35B by 2018. The growth is attributed heavily to the eSports movement popularized by games like League of Legends and Hearthstone, among many others.

General: The Pros & Cons of Free-to-Play
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The Pros & Cons of Free-to-Play

The traditional "pay wall" (pay a single price and play forever) or subscription (pay an up-front cost plus a monthly maintenance fee) models are every bit as valid and stable as free-to-play, but there are plusses and minuses to each of the models. To compare them, let's outline the pros and cons for free-to-play and discuss the others as we go.

General: The Blame Game
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The Blame Game

Normally I just find a way to blame players for the problems in the market, wait for the accusations of being "a dev kiss-ass" or "biased" (if that word is ever used correctly, I wouldn't know) or "a troll" and then move on to the next piece. The freelancer is just a handyman with words; we have to keep moving on to the next one and the next one so a little hate doesn't hurt us. This process is nothing new.

General: Storybricks Closing Down
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Storybricks Closing Down

A Tweet from the Storybricks team just cropped up on Twitter that indicates that the company is closing its doors. This comes quickly after last week's announcement by Daybreak Game Studio that it had severed ties with Storybricks for EverQuest Next.

Dragon Age: Inquisition: David Gaider Moves on to Unnamed Bioware Project
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David Gaider Moves on to Unnamed Bioware Project

Lead Writer of the Dragon Age series, David Gaider, has announced via Twitter that he is leaving the DA team and moving to the as-yet-unnamed Bioware project. Patrick Weekes, author of The Masked Empire and also a DAI team member, will take over the lead on the series from now on.

Elder Scrolls Online: v1.6 Goes Live, Paves Way for March 17th B2P Iteration
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v1.6 Goes Live, Paves Way for March 17th B2P Iteration

The massive 1.6.5 update has been applied to the Elder Scrolls Online servers and the game is back up and running. The patch brings several updated features and systems online as well as lays the groundwork for the March 17th update that will bring Tamriel Unlimited, the buy-to-play version of ESO, online. Tamriel Unlimited is slated for a March 17th deployment.

General: Nvidia Announces "Shield" Console
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Nvidia Announces "Shield" Console

Nvidia has announced the "Shield" console during this week's Game Developer's Conference. Shield will feature a "super computer" streaming cloud system called "Grid" that will constantly be updated with the latest games and PC quality gaming in the living room.

General: Windwalkers: A Transmedia Project Updates
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Windwalkers: A Transmedia Project Updates

The Windwalkers Kickstarter page has been updated with a pair of features designed to familiarize fans with the game based on the French post-apocalyptic novel "The Horde of the Counterwind" by Alain Damasio. The first is a video showing the team creating the game. In addition, the first chapter of "The Horde of the Counterwind" has been translated to English for the first time and is available for interested readers to check out.

General: The Daily Quest - What Kind of Preview Do You Trust?
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The Daily Quest - What Kind of Preview Do You Trust?

It's show season. That means we here at MMORPG will spend the next 6 months traveling and seeing dozens of games and writing or speaking about them here on the site. Inevitably, we'll see some great games, and plenty of bad ones too. But what kind of preview do YOU want to see, and what makes you trust one over another?

General: Paradise Never Announced - Reliving the Same 3 Days
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Paradise Never Announced - Reliving the Same 3 Days

Kitty Lambda Games and Devolver Digital have announced a new action RPG called Paradise Never. The game begins in 2027 and centers around a French island colony. Players relive the same three days over and over in an attempt to free the island from oppressors and to keep a band of friendlies together (and alive) through it all.

Final Fantasy XIV: Patches and Endgame Content
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 4 March 2015, 10:00 am

I'm still playing Final Fantasy XIV and I'm still trying to get my head around everything the endgame has to offer.  But, I wanted to mention how impressed I am with their patches.

Patch 2.51 just released last week.  In terms of Final Fantasy XIV patches it's a "minor" one.  A minor patch in any other MMO I've ever played would include some bug fixes and small balance tweaks.  This patch in FFXIV added the Gold Saucer.  It's an entirely new area of the game that is completely visually unique and has a bunch of new activities.  They added Triple Triad, a complete digital card game, along with things like Chocobo Racing and mini games scattered throughout the area.  This patch really impressed me.  It might be what convinces me to subscribe to this game.

I mean, they just add so much content per patch.  Every "major" patch has added new storyline quests as well as 3 or more new dungeons or encounters to run.  They make other MMOs look like amateurs.  And all of these are free patches, they haven't even had a real expansion yet.

When I hit 50 I got a little discouraged.  My friend Belghast told me to check out the patch trailers.  Each one shows off just how much content they've added for endgame characters.  I was impressed, and now that I've actually played through a lot of it I'm even more impressed by the sheer amount of content they've added.

This is why I've been able to devote so much time to endgame content and not feel the normal grind and boredom that typically accompanies MMO endgame.  I've probably played over 40 hours at endgame and I've never run the same dungeon twice.  I've never run a daily quest.  I've been max level for weeks and I've yet to re-run the same piece of endgame content.

Other MMOs I've played will only have a couple viable dungeons and pieces of content to run at any time.  It's easy to burn through all the content once in a few days, at which point you're stuck repeating it.  That is not the case in FFXIV.

And I'm still on my main class.  I haven't even started playing around with the other classes my character can access yet.

Final Fantasy Project Article List

Caveat Emptor
Posted by DDOcast - A DDO Podcast! [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 4 March 2015, 7:29 am

Posted in OurDDOSyndicated

You want Lost Motes. Not Motes of Night. Even if they look the same.

Media Link

Sony unveils four much-needed lenses for the full-frame A7-II camera
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We like Sony's full frame Alpha mirrorless A7-II and light-vacuuming A7s cameras, but the downside is a narrow range of full-frame lenses. It's now resolved the problem significantly with four new models, including a walk-around zoom and fast prime f...

Audi's latest Q7 SUV and R8 sports car are powered by electricity
Posted by Engadget RSS Feed [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 4 March 2015, 8:32 am
Audi has gone to this year's Geneva Motor Show with new versions of its Q7 SUV and R8 sports car in tow: electric-powered versions, that is. The new Q7 E-Tron Quattro looks very similar to the regular Q7, but it's actually a plug-in hybrid that has a...

Sling TV now includes AMC and IFC in its $20 cord-cutter package
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If you're still hearing arguments against cord cutting, your frenemies are probably saying that you can't watch Better Call Saul, Mad Men and Portlandia without resorting to piracy. Now that IFC and AMC are joining Sling TV's basic $20 a month "Best ...

Jay Z might not get his own Spotify rival after all
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Jay Z's purchase of Tidal, the streaming service with better audio quality than rivals like Spotify, is not a fait accompli after all. Over 10 percent of investors in Swedish owner Aspiro have rejected the bid, enough to block the sale. The minority ...

Relaxing with Runcible, the circular 'anti-smartphone' steeped in nostalgia
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The Runcible is both the strangest and most intriguing device that I've seen at Mobile World Congress this year. It offers many of the same capabilities as a smartphone, but it looks like a trinket you would find in a trendy vintage store. That's by ...

Game vs. improvised theater
Posted by Tobold's Blog [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 4 March 2015, 9:31 am
Sly Flourish has an interesting analysis of a PAX Acquisitions Incorporated D&D game. One player of that game clearly thinks inside the box, thinks in "game" terms, and during his turn performs the standard actions the rules allow his character to do. A second player thinks outside the box, thinks in terms of improvised theater performance, and uses his turn for a long series of spectacular actions. Unsurprisingly the first player is angry about that. Seen from the "game" side the actions of the second player are cheating, and the DM is perceived as playing favorites by allowing them. When in fact the DM would probably have allowed the first player to also do spectacular stuff, if he had only suggested it.

Both parts of a tabletop role-playing game can be a lot of fun: The game and the improvised theater. But any game is a social contract between the players, and tends to fail if during play it turns out that there was in fact no consent as to what exactly that contract contains. Unless you carefully select your players to make sure they all want exactly the same thing, the more common case is that you will have to compromise between the wishes of the different players. As pen & paper RPGs aren't symmetrical, one player (the DM) has far more power over the rules than the other players, it is up to the DM to look for what the players want and arrange that compromise.

In game terms a rules system which describes in much detail what players can do, and uses visual aids like maps and figurines to create consent about the current situation is inherently more fair than a theater of the mind system. The map and figurines tell the players exactly where they are and where the monsters are, and various rules and stats like the speed noted on their character sheet give a very clear and indisputable answer to the question of whether they can run this far or how hard they can hit this monster. The rules empower players, especially the less creative ones, but leave less room for decisions to the DM, and less room for creativity in combat for the players. In addition the DM needs to prepare more, create all those battle maps, provide all those figurines or tokens, know more rules, and generally "work" more.

RPG systems with less rules and more improvisation are often more fun for the DM and certain highly creative players. That is perfect if you have a group where everybody is very creative. But as soon as you have some "gamers" among your "role-players", the situation changes. Gamers tend to have a very strong sense of fairness, and nothing turns them off more quickly than any perceived unfairness of the game. A good DM can't allow one or few players to hog all the limelight. Between those who dislike the "mother may I?" gameplay where they can never be sure what their character is able to do, and those who dislike another player being far more effective because the DM allowed him to do some crazy stuff, the theater of the mind style of play has lots of pitfalls and dangers. A possible compromise is keeping the game part of combat under stricter rules, and allowing more creative freedom in the roleplaying outside combat.

In the PAX game an added problem is that part of the group started the game with that DM under 4th edition rules. Social contracts are unwritten and are established by custom and experience. I asked my group whether they wanted to switch from 4th edition to 5th edition and explained the difference, and they flat out refused to change, because they are more gamers than roleplayers. The PAX game is in part a Wizards of the Coast marketing action, and as such didn't have the choice of keeping the old system. But it is very clear that some players still play under the old social contract of the 4E rules, doing what the rules allow them to do, which then leads to conflicts with the new players who fully embrace the freer spirit of the 5th edition rules. Different systems suit different players, and I'm not sure if the PAX game ends up being such a good marketing for 5th edition as it was for 4th edition.
Tobold's Blog

Tesla warns Model S hacks could injure drivers and its brand
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Every year, all publicly traded US companies are required to notify investors of the unique risks to their business. Elon Musk's Tesla abides by the same rules, and so yesterday laid out an extensive list of factors that it believes could potentially...

Sims 4 Legacy Family – Day 2
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 4 March 2015, 7:19 am
Playing a Sims 4 legacy family is a pretty humbling experience. In the screenshot above you can see how Elizabeth started out, a single room with a bathtub, toilet, a cot, some pizza she ordered since she can’t cook, and her penguin TV (which she’s still using). She has the childish trait, so she requires … Continue reading Sims 4 Legacy Family – Day 2

Withings' sleep helper now uses Nest's thermostat to keep you cool
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Withings' Aura sleep systemcan only do so much to help you rest by itself. Wouldn't it be nice if it could keep the climate just right, too? It can now -- the Aura just got support for Nest's learning thermostat. When they're linked up, the Nest will...

Security flaw from the '90s leaves Apple and Android users open to attack
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A team of cryptographers have discovered that a security flaw from way back in the '90s still leaves users today vulnerable to cyberattacks. They've dubbed it "Factoring attack on RSA-EXPORT Key" or FREAK, and it renders everyone who uses Safari on M...

Bittorrent Sync Pro lets employees share folders from their PCs
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Bittorrent's done beta testing its cloud-alternative Sync tool, so it's now releasing not just the stable version, but also a Pro one for businesses. Sync 2.0 still lets you share folders saved on your computer using web links, but it also comes with...

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