Glad I edited that fart tweet.
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Glad I edited that fart tweet.

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I think ArchAge or RIFT might be perfect candidates for a new Immersion Project. *goes hmmmmm real loud*

I was sick for two days, so I spent 15$ at @halfpricebooks and now I feel better.

Aww. Batman. :(
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Aww. Batman.

Bad last couple days. Antibiotics for allergies actually fired off a weird UC-ish episode, but worse and different.

Well, either I have food poisoning or the UC is just acting like UC.

Dear weird outlet mall candy shop family: I just wanted a knock-off Goo-Goo Cluster. But, no, you had to “see the receipt again.”

There is a pace that people walk at that is only possible at an outlet mall.

Been really fun finally exploring places in Rift that I never did before. The worldness of MMOs still thrills me.

One of my favorite things to do is walk around an AT&T store, touching all of their tablets while going “Hmmm..I don’t know. Hmmmmm..”

Holy moly, poor Volge.
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Holy moly, poor Volge.

Speaking of gaming, I’ll be writing a “here’s what I’ve been doing” blog this week.

Everybody (me) is working for the weekend. Everybody (not me, I’m happily married) wants a new romance. *geetar*

I want to learn to speak Spanish. For all I know, the people who speak it are sharing amazing dragon adventure tips. That’s not fair!

At the allergy doc being reminded that — luckily — all of my lil ailments are not HUGE ailments. Poor people getting their allergy shots.

Going to celebrate all of these tests by going home, drinking a beer and destroying some aliens in Defiance.

Goals: Get better mods in Defiance, better clothes in RIFT, see how high I can stack in Trove and plant a farm in ArchAge.

Just bonded with an older dude over @TopoChicoUSA …the drink of royalty… who like water with a twist o’ lime.

Oil change. Breakfast. New jeans. Lazy day with Leala. Viddy games. My privileged state is not lost on me.

I started a new character in @ArcheAge so it’s like I am going back in time to make up for the first me who was like WHOA WHAT’S THAT THERE

my new job is fun they are all real nice and we play games and they have snacks

Yes. They have a day where snacks appear. I had a poptart one day.

OMG the best part about being my age is that I get to put this pic on all of my female friend’s Facebook posts.

I am supposed to be asleep because night shift, but holy moly RIFT’s wardrobe/customization…..

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