Kenner’s Megabug Gladiators. I had this on and the scorpion. My next holy grail purchase!

Nothing fancy. Just a lovely sky.

MMO screenshot #428: Faxion Online. Didn’t last, but had some neat ideas!

May 2nd, 2015 – Pecan Street Festival with Leala!
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 2 May 2015, 4:46 pm

How many of these did you have? I had the 4 on the far right, and some monsters. #DnD

The thing I kept thinking while watching the Kurt Cobain doc was “Before the internet, we played in bands.”

MMO screenshot #4927. Cannot remember this exactly, but think it closed down?

Ah, Gwendoline doth kicketh buttocks. YES.

Wow. Sounds so creepy and so fascinating at the same time!

Newest ep… we talk about making our in-game characters!

We’re discussing what inspires us when we make a character in game. I’m going with “pure survival ability.”

On Gamer Hangout, I mean. If someone else wants to chime in on the topic, lemme know! Recording in 10.

Free Comic Book day was pretty picked over, but we nabbed some pretty good ones!

I must have this. @pecanstreetfest

I love the weekend with @lealaturkey in Austin. Probably going to the 6th street art festival! @pecanstreetfest

In case you are curious about MUDs, check it: Achaea the MUD with Tecton the producer!

In better news, I’m about to watch Avengers with @lealaturkey !!! That makes me happy. 😸

Well, experiment over. On my way to the movies, this Windows Lumia 1520 just would not work. Cortana barely works. Back to ‘Droid.

Playing Achaea (MUD) live with Tecton! 5:00 pm EST!:

Going live with Achaea MUD right now!

Streaming Achaea (the MUD!) with developer Tecton at 5:00 PM EST, right here:

Anyone have a helpful guide on customizing the lower portion of your Twitch page? I need to purdy mine up.

Still one of my favorite MMOs. Always a guaranteed good time!

The first hour of the Priden, the new race in Allods Online! Live NOW!:

Live with Allods Online Priden race!

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