Orca Gank
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The end of Konami’s Champions League partnership isn’t great for PES
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The battle between the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and FIFA franchises has raged on for years over which gave the superior soccer/football experience. But Konami's deal with the UEFA for a virtual Champions League mode in its games gave PES an edge over its rival. So today's announcement that the soccer organization is ending its 10-year partnership with Konami might be dire news for future PES titles.

Source: UEFA

Facebook is testing playable game ads so you can try before you buy
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If you've played any free-to-play mobile games recently, you'll be familiar with the playable ads that let you try a little bit of gameplay while waiting for the advertisement to time out. Google Play has been trying out its own "try before you buy" instant app concept with a handful of developers lately, too. Now Facebook is testing similar technology in playable ads on Facebook so that people can try out a game without installing it first.

MechWarrior 5 would like to show you how much you get to smash
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The summer of Mech, they’ll call this in years to come, when they’ve stopped caring about strict definitions of when a season is. Later this month we get Harebrained Schemes’ healthily-Kickstarted XCOM-meets-Mechwarrior affair Battletech, and then towards the end of 2018 we return to a first-person, real-time view of that big, stompy world, with MechWarrior […]

Premature Evaluation: Radical Heights
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Premature Evaluation is the weekly column in which we explore the wilds of early access. This week, Fraser’s trying to win prizes and also senselessly fight strangers in ’80s battle royale game show, Radical Heights. With Lawbreakers being left to fend for itself after failing to seduce enough players, Boss Key Productions has pivoted to […]

Super Mega Baseball 2 slides home on May 1st
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Hey batter batter batter swing batter ’em up Super Mega Baseball 2 will launch on May 1st, developers Metalhead Software announced today. The first one is a decent b-baller with more serious gameguts than its cartoony look might suggest, and the sequel will bring online multiplayer along with a new art style that makes players […]

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 descends into Ewok hell today
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When Dice announced the Night on Endor update for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 last week, you didn’t have to look far online to see would-be stormtrooper players proudly declaring their intent to mow down a thousand fuzzy little bear-folk. Today, their bravado puts them at the top of the teddy bears’ picnic menu. In the […]

Best DDR4 RAM 2018: Our top memory for gaming and buying guide
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Let’s face it, RAM isn’t the most exciting part of any PC build, but getting the right type, the right amount and the right speed can make a difference to how your system performs. Plus, the latest RAM even has RGB lighting. Here you’ll find our comprehensive guide to what to look for when buying […]

Alexa can help improve your ‘Call of Duty: WWII’ K/D ratio
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Amazon has been adding some pretty mainstream entertainment skills, like recapping NBA and NHL scores. But now you can ask the voice assistant how you did in your last Call of Duty: WWII match, too. The new skill, available in beta, will use AI and machine learning to give personalized tips to improve your play in, of course, a soldier-sounding voice.

Lineage II Roadmap 2018
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Dear players, We hope to help bring you many more fun and fruitful adventures across Aden this year. While we haven’t locked in all of our plans for 2018 with the development team yet, there are some noteworthy things...

Lovecraftian board game Mansions Of Madness coming to PC
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Fantasy Flight’s Lovecraftian board game Mansions Of Madness, which cardboard dad Rab Forence has praised so much in these pages, is getting a video game adaptation next year. Publishers Asmodee Digital yesterday announced Mansions Of Madness: Mother’s Embrace, which will send a team of investigators to investigate a spooky mansion, being waylaid by traps, monsters, […]

This Is The Police 2 introduces turn-based battles
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Woop woop! That’s the sound of This Is The Police 2. It’s rolling in here with a megaphone and a page from an old Argos catalogue held up like it’s a warrant. Damn pigs. Looks like they’re here to show off another trailer. What is it this time? Another look at the antagonistic and corrupt […]

Guinness Recognizes EVE Online for Million Dollar Battle
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I few years back I mocked Daybreak for hyping up an event to their community simply to be recognized by Guinness.  It was a staged publicity stunt. Not that that is so bad.  Lots of people do that.  What made my eyes roll was Daybreak

‘The Loss Levels’ is a game about shock, grief and powerlessness
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The Loss Levels isn't beautiful or challenging, competitive or replayable. It isn't even fun... But where other games inject you into an entirely fictional world, The Loss Levels plants you firmly in this one. Specifically, it puts the player in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena bombing last year, and tells the personal story of developer Dan Hett, who lost his brother in the terror attack that claimed 23 lives, including that of the bomber.

Source: Dan Hett (1), (2)

Oh joy! Peggle is free on Origin right now
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PopCap’s peg-pinging puzzler Peggle, a most joyous game, is free for keepsies right now on Origin. Yes, it has been free many times before. Yes, it does requires EA’s own store client. But if you’d scoff at more people getting to enjoy the joys of Peggle, buddy, you don’t deserve Peggle.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 rumours: no campaign, and a battle royale mode
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With a month to go until Activision start blabbing about Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, the last annual sequel in their mega-blockbuster shooter series, the rumour mill is filling in the space. According to whispers on the wind, Cod Blops 4 won’t have a traditional story campaign, scrapped because it wasn’t going to be […]

Leak reveals Microsoft's new Xbox Avatar system
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Microsoft's new Xbox Live avatars have been on the cards for a while now, with the company last year promising more diversity and customization. Now, a leaked video (allegedly from a former Microsoft designer and since removed from YouTube) has revealed what they'll look like, plus the editor interface that'll let you design your character.

Via: The Verge

Source: @IdleSloth1984 (Twitter)

The Morning After: IRS' payment system went down on tax day
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Hey, good morning! Happy hump day! An accidentally discovered enzyme can eat up plastic, and the IRS' online payment system went down at the worst possible moment: on tax day. We also have EMG wristbands that can type with your thoughts... at some point in the future, at least.

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3D-print your own RGB light bar with Ballistix’s new DDR4 RAM
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Just when you thought the pinnacle of RAM madness was chucking a load of LED lights into the mix, Crucial, or rather their gaming-orientated Ballistix division, have gone one step further. Say hello to the 3D-printable Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4 gaming RAM. That’s right. You can 3D-print your own light bar onto each 8GB […]

Will the real player, please stand up?
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I installed Eve on my Surface the other day. I then remembered why my last laptop, when I was playing Eve, was an Alienware gaming laptop. My Surface, wonderful creature that it is, runs Eve at such a tiny magnification that I squint to see it. I could

'Dark Souls’ on Switch delayed until summer
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If you were all set to re-experience Dark Souls Remastered on Nintendo's flagship console, you'll have a bit longer to wait. Originally slated to come out on May 25th, the Switch port of the infamously difficult game -- as well as its paired amiibo -- have been delayed until later this summer. Lucky for everyone else, the remaster is coming out on-time for PC, PS4 and Xbox One owners.

Via: Variety

Source: Dark Souls (Twitter)

1920’s mech RTS Iron Harvest is a Kickstarter success
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I’m not sure if I subscribe to the idea of ‘Kickstarter Fatigue’ being a thing, but it’s hard to deny the increasing difficulty faced by games finding their footing via crowdfunding lately. Iron Harvest, an ambitious RTS using the 1920+ setting (as seen in board game Scythe, based on the art of Jakub Różalski) has been a […]

All good things...
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Fear ye not. New beginnings are coming. And Z3R0's not dead, it's merely resting.

Overwatch launches 6v6 Competitive Elimination
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Blizzard have launched a 6v6 Competitive season for Overwatch‘s Elimination, the respawnless Arena mode where teams simply murder each other. What makes this interesting is that the season is running the Lockout variant of Elimination, where teams are blocked from picking characters they’ve already used to win a previous round. So sure, you might mash […]

Wot I Think: Lobotomy Corporation
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Lobotomy Corporation is an extremely simple game that’s also about as complicated as building a microwave from scratch. This supernatural research and containment sim straddles that treacherously thin line between brilliance and disaster, which is of course where all the most interesting games end up.

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