Da Bloody Twenty - March 19
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Beware the ides of March... and the fury of a Dwarf mama who sees you blocking her beer. Here's this week's 20 most interesting, well-written or quirky articles about WAR... at least to me:
  1. Welcome to the Community: War Underground, Level 1 Human, Tank Wall, Sareini Does Gaming!, Karak-norn's Finest
  2. Podcast Roundup: WARP 27, Stonetroll Certified 22, NPNM 26
  3. "Jeff Hickman Interview" @ MMORPG - A candid, sometimes antagonistic interview... I liked it!
  4. "WARbander's Handbook v1.0" @ Level 1 Human - More info and guidance than you might ever need know about leading or being part of a warband.
  5. "Release The Hounds!" @ Tome of Knowledge - Aww, the poor squirrelies...
  6. "Revenge: Get It While It's Still Cold" @ Wizards & Wenches - C'mon, this is pretty darn funny stuff!
  7. "Introducing Character Profiles" @ The Herald - Now be yourself on the Realm War and official forums!
  8. "Tulane's State of the Game" @ Incoming Pull - A good breakdown of WAR's progress
  9. "Order Guide: Welcome Back Quests" @ Gaarawarr Guides - Is Kotter around?
  10. "Dude, Where's My Deity?" @ Echoes of Nonsense - Dude, look up!
  11. "The End of PvP" @ Reroller - I've long since stopped listening to Tobold, but feel free, man.
  12. "Black Orcs Shorter Than Choppas?" @ Mmmmm Gud - This is a TRAVESTY!
  13. "Chinese WAR is Doing Fine" @ Blame the Healer - Just in case you were worried.
  14. "State of the Zzz" @ Girl IRL - Nappy time!
  15. "Return of the WAR" @ Book of Grudges - Oh yeaaaah... this game is actually kinda good!
  16. "Hate of the Game's Address" @ WHA - A good idea, but it'll never happen.
  17. "Are You That Troublemaker?" @ Spinksville - How to make friends and influence people in your guild. Or not.
  18. "Call to Arms Interview" @ TTH - Jeff Hickman takes up the mohawk and talks about WAR's recent changes.
  19. "Too Much Of A Good Thing" @ The Homunculus - Stop giving us so many goodies, Mythic!
  20. "Zone Domination, Ostermark and Phoenix Throne" @ Nazgum's - If you like charts -- I mean, LIKE charts -- this might send you into a swoon.

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