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Although roughly a half-billion people have given their impressions of the Slayer class by now, I have a gaggle of thoughts jumbling in my noggin, and instead of writing a coherent, progressive post full of paragraphs and proper punctuation, I thought I'd take the lazy man's way out and do a bulleted list. Lists! Stupendous!
  • By using Snorri's Spikes, the CE "keg beard", an eye patch and my Skaven cloak, Wotworks doesn't blend as much with others, a fact that can be both enjoyable and a bit embarrassing. Am I making too much a spectacle of this character, a "lookit all the shiny toys I got" thing? Perhaps. For a cherry on top I gave him "The Peculiar" title, which suits him to a tee.
  • By rank 10, Slayers aren't any more complicated to play than rank 1 -- it's a lot of button-mashing, usually between a very small set of skills. Looking ahead, I realize that most all of these skills are pure damage, so it's not like you're going to use them all in a fight or have to rearrange them for some special combo. You pick the type of damage you want to do according to your mastery path, you use the damage skills related to that, and you let most of the others fall by the wayside. It just doesn't make sense to use a lot of Trollslayer skills when you're Skavenslayer (my personal preference). Since I'm more used to playing complex characters -- hybrids, utility characters, etc. -- the single-minded focus of the Slayer goes against my playstyle. Yet it's still fun, in a simplistic way.
  • I've quickly developed a suicidal mindset with this class. It could be due in part to the Slayer lore, but there's really no option for this class to hang back and play it safe. You HAVE to run into combat, swinging away, and you WILL get killed. Repeatedly. Scores of times. That starts to make you even less afraid of death than before, so you don't mind leading the charge toward a host of enemy players around the flag. At least you can show them you aren't scared of their numbers.
  • I've gotten Wot's cultivating and apothecary up into the 120's, and have retired that for now, since the potions I'm making I won't be able to use for many levels. It's quite nice to have a selection of pots for battle, and I make liberal use of them. Healing pots in particular have saved my butt on more than one occasion.
  • T1 has been dominated by Slayer vs. Choppa action, to be sure, but there is a surprising chunk of folks who have used this opportunity of revitalized T1 action to roll up other careers.
  • Because most of the fights are Slayer vs. Choppa right now, there's going to be a lot of speculation concerning which class is better (at least at the early stages). From my experience, it's been more difficult for me to take down a Choppa than the other way around. I've heard complaints that Slayers are more overpowered and whatnot, and I'm not making a final judgment here, but... it just seems like the Choppa has a bit more survivability AND dps.
  • As for the RvR-Only Challenge, well, it is a challenge. I haven't hit the dreaded T2 yet, where people have told me it gets even worse, and I feel the drag of slow progression holding me back. When you're doing nothing but RvR, renown bars fill up waaaaay faster than XP bars, so I've seen a nearly full renown bar waiting on a 35% full XP bar to catch up more than once. I've developed a strategy for progression, which includes going between all three warcamps and getting every single RvR quest (and repeatable quest) I can get my hands on -- this is really cool when you're killing the enemy and your quest tracker is updating three or four quests simultaneously. My primary focus is on the RvR lakes for influence gear, and by rank 9 I had two lakes maxed out, with only Dwarflands to go. After that, it'll be non-top scenarios until T2 -- scenarios still giving far better XP than oRvR, and far more enjoyable to boot.

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