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This morning was a really weird morning for me in WAR... I logged onto my Slayer just to get the rest of my mail out of the inbox and to maybe do one or two rounds of cultivating/apothecary, just to clear out my bags a bit.

The next thing I know, it's an hour and a half later, and I'm late for work. Ahh!

So apparently, I've found a little bit of crack in WAR in the form of crafting. 1.2 was pretty kind to cultivating and apothecary, and I found the whole thing to be quite intuitive. Without looking up any guides, I figured it all out within ten minutes and got a factory production line of seeds and potions and dyes going. The first nine minutes were confusing, as you have to figure out that to get higher seeds, you have to keep growing lower level ones until you get the "You have a special moment" proc -- a phrase that conjures in my mind a "very special episode of Blossom".

Once that started to click, I organized my seeds into tiers -- level 1 seeds, level 25, level 50, etc. -- and then alternated between growing them, using them in potions, and harvesting them to get more seeds. Since you get about 2 or more seeds per harvest, and typically 2 plants from a growth, this is pretty easy to keep up. Right now I'm concentrating on four types of seeds: the HoT seeds, the straight-up healing seeds, strength seeds and "has a chance to make your potion better seeds".

I've also ended up with about 24 yellow dyes, which I guess will have to be my new favorite color or something.

I guess I'm kind of addicted to this now, because I really want to get back home tonight and see how fast and high I can get my seeds, cultivating and apothecary. Death can wait for another day.

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