Da Bloody Twenty - March 12
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On the week of WAAAGH!'s one year anniversary, what lies in store for our infamous top 20 countdown? Let us see:
  1. Welcome to the Community: Mommy Can I Play Warhammer?, Mmmmm Gud, Nazgum's Blog
  2. Podcast Roundup: Stonetroll Certified 21, GAFcast 15, WARP 26, WHA 6, CoTCast 23
  3. "Fight Club" @ Blame the Healer - I want you to gank me as hard as you can.
  4. "1.2 Patch Impressions" @ Confessions of a RvR Player - Acting! Now with voice!
  5. "WAR Zone Control and You" @ The Herald - Show us on the zone where he dominated you.
  6. "Kiss My Axe!" @ Portraits of WAR - Dwarf slayer... so dang CUTE!
  7. "Should There Be A Tier 5?" @ All Things Rob Wild - Simmer down, it's not what you think... and it might be a good idea.
  8. "Witch Hunter Feature" @ The Herald - The heretic must burn... with athlete's foot!
  9. "Starting Over... Again" @ Obsessive Focus - Wow, do I ever feel for these guildies. Good luck!
  10. "Bitter Rivals in the Rear View Mirror" @ Wizards & Wenches - When the lights go down, the RvR heats up
  11. "Depth in WAR" @ Mmmmm Gud - Diving into the kiddy pool of MMOs.
  12. "Definitive Guide To Armor Sets in WAR" @ Gaarawarr Gabs - Holy crud, this is the MOTHERLODE!
  13. "Dark Elf Quest Giver Flowchart" @ Wide Eyed Newb - Dark Elves. So selfless.
  14. "More Thoughts On Zone Domination In WAR" @ Hardcore Casual - What works, what doesn't, what I want for breakfast.
  15. "Seriously Bitter... Rivals?" @ Breakfast at War - Not everyone had such a good time with this patch/event...
  16. "State of the Game" @ The Herald - What lies in store for 1.3?
  17. "Rating the T4 RvR Lakes" @ Nazgum's Blog - How many kittens were killed in the making of this?
  18. "The State of the Latest 'State of the Game'" @ Dark Crag Dispatch - Break down!
  19. "The Darker Side of Zone Domination" @ Knights of the Feathered Hats - Force choke FTW!
  20. And just in case you missed them: WAAAGH!'s interview with Carrie Gouskos and Josh Drescher.

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