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Set destination for STO launch .. warp 9 ..

Actually early access launch. I rerolled my "space ork (i.e. green orc)" Grimgar G Boso.. Engineer. Love the class. I had a few screen shots however when Tuesday arrived I uninstalled the beta client and reinstalled the release version from my Amazon order. And it delete all my screenshots. Not a big deal as it was teh saem stuff in my last post (open beata screen shots)

I hit (level 11) Lt. Commander and wa assigend a new ship. I shoose teh federation crusier as its an all around great ship.

And here is Lt. Cmdr Grin

Lt Cmdr on the bridge.

And the new ship .. the USS Aries:

Another bridge pic:

And to celebrate took a trip out to the Risa system (the vacation area in Star Trek) for little R and R:

Then took it out for a spin on some Orion raiders. With 2x engineering bridge officers and the the addition of the aft photon torp (nice!) .. this feels like a great ship for combat. Also for exploration and research. Look forward to a fun journey to full commander. No hurry .. lots to go see and do.


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