?Shut Up. We?re Talking?
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A big thank you to Darren at ‘Shut Up. We’re Talking’ podcast.

Shut Up. We're Talking

I listened to podcast number 5 last night and he has voted Split and Defiled blog of the week. ‘Shut Up. We’re Talking’ is one of the newer MMO / gaming podcasts, but its quality is superb and is now another ‘must listen’ on my weekly list of MMO / gaming podcasts that I download to my ipod. If you haven’t listened to it yet, get over to the ‘Shut Up. We’re Talking’ website, download it and give it a listen.

Darren is also known as The Common Sense Gamer and is long time blogger and commenter on the gaming world in general. If you haven’t read his blog, I suggest that you hop over to his site and have a read.

I cant mention ‘Shut Up. We’re Talking’ without mentioning Cuppy who used to be Darren’s co-presenter on the podcast. Cuppy sadly had to leave Shut Up. We’re Talkling as she landed, what I hope, is her dream job as Community Relations Manager with Areae Games. Cuppy also has her own blog, Cuppytalk , another fantastic insight into the world of games, anothermust read for avid gaming fans. Anyway, a big hi to Cuppy :)

Virgin Worlds 

Finally I wanted to say that ‘Shut Up. We’re Talking’ is part of the Virgin Worlds Collective. Which is a series of podcasts about gaming and MMOs, which Brent, who hosts the Virgin Worlds website and podcast has brought under one umbrella. The Virgin Worlds podcast was one of the first MMO podcasts that I listened to and I look forward to his weekly round-ups of the Massively Multiplayer gaming news, as his knowledge and insight of the gaming and especially the MMO industry is second to none. Go listen

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