Gaming Diary - Sinking Sands Carpet Quest
Posted by Split and Defiled [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on Wed, 18 Jul 2007 07:14:55 +0000

Jitter has been saving for a new mount. What I really wanted was either aMistrunner Jitter carpet

Mistrunner or


Nightmare, but it would leave me broke. So on hitting 47 I decided to go and do my Carpet of El`khazi Quest. It is a 4 part quest kiven to you by El`khazi the carpet vendor in SS. Me and another guildie, Ryuwo a 70 ‘Zerker duoed all of it upto the 4th quest (at this point I’d like to say thankyou to Ryuwo, without him I wouldnt have got as far i this game as I have already). On reaching the 4th part I called on another guildie a 52 Fury and his friend a 47 Manaburn Wizard, a 55 Wizard friend of mine and a guildie from my original EQ2 guild (Synergy) called Benjirii a 70 Monk. We wiped 5 times on the Djinn. First time his AoE hit the healers and casters and killed us stone dead. Four more wipes and I was ready to give up (the 2 tanks were mentoring to 55) so we tried on last time.

The wizzy’s hit the Djinn with everything incuding manaburn then the tanks when hell-for-leather on him, with the 2 healers out of AoE range and healing like crazy, we took the Djinn down in under 40 seconds and I got my Carpet.

Well I was told it couldnt be done with group level of 55 max, but we did and Jitter now has his carpet. I seriously do want one of the Mistrunner or Nightmare steeds, but i think that I will do the Warg quest next and get a Warg.Warg

 Maybe one day, when I have 19pp to spare I’ll buy Jitter a horsie as well, but for now I have my new Axminster Steed and I am happy.

Jitter carpet

A big thankyou for everyone who helped me.

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